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  1. Ok, so I just need to hold on to it until I've played more of the warframes before I decide. I do tend to play Revenant the most, but I also like Inaros P, Nova P, Xaku, Titania, and Ivara. I use my Nidus for making specters. In a day or so my Altas P, Titania P, Ivara P and Mesa P. will finish building.
  2. I've only been playing for about 2 1/2 months now and only have the one Umbra Forma. Since this is extremely rare I don't want to waste it. Is it better to use on a warframe or weapon? Which warframe or weapon would be best to use it on?
  3. Me too, because that makes it seem like there's a stream happening now.
  4. That explains why I don't get notifications. It sucks that us new players won't get a chance at those giveaways unless we spend all our time watching the channel instead of playing.
  5. I can't log in. The game keeps saying to run the launcher for the update even though I already have three times, after installing the updates and optimizing the download cache. Edit: The problem cleared up after restarting Steam and relaunching the launcher again. This time it found three more small updates, probably the hotfixes. Now I can log in normally.
  6. I'm fairly new to the game, having only played for just over a month now. So far my favorite warframe is Revenant, primarily for his #1. As I understand it from watching the reveal, for most warframes it's the #1 ability that gets absorbed. As soon as I can get the blueprints to build a 2nd Revenant, I would totally use his #1 to replace the #3 on my Inaros prime.
  7. I got the e-mail prompt and entered mine, but haven't received the e-mail yet.
  8. I've been playing for about a month. When I started watching the Work from Home streams on Twitch there was a prize given out to a Twitch viewer and a Mixer viewer. Now that ya'll no longer stream on Mixer only one person gets a prize for each drawing instead of two people. Why aren't ya'll drawing 2 names for Twitch now that you're only streaming on Twitch?
  9. I finally got the Athodai. I now have all the drops. Thanks DE.
  10. I just got my Hydroid Prime, but I still haven't received my hand cannon. Did the trivia stream not count for the hand cannon?
  11. 8 hours later and still no hydroid prime or athodai.
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