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  1. Are there any plans for fixing tools -> melee -> primary/secondary instead of tools -> melee -> tools? It's frustrating to have to use melee to kill something real quick with melee during mining/conservation/fishing/scanning only to be sent back to weapons and having to pull that weapon out again.
  2. Damage being split between the initial hit and the delayed explosion makes the gun very unreliable especially during forward momentum situations (which is most of the game). Making the explosions instant or buffing the initial damage to even 80% of the vanilla version would balance it out better, hell even a secondary mode that toggles between this mode and then non-explosive bolts would be a better qol change. Yes, it technically DOES proc status twice but that is very situational, so there really isn't any point except for the aoe spread.
  3. Agreed. For people that think it's hard work, you guys are objectively wrong. The drops only show how much luck a person has, not hard work, perseverance, or whatever epeen measurement you guys think it's measured against. Being able to buy it (store, arb, or nightwave) or trade it (more on this later) is the REAL show of effort, players have to either spend plat, which is either earned through real life work or grinding parts for trades, doing arbitration or doing nightwave objectives, people can't just be lucky and show up to rot C and get it, while others, like me, spend HOURS UPON HOURS without getting it. Bleeding body is the proper way to earn these, everyone spends the same amount of rotational work, EARN currency, and spend the same amount of that currency to get them. All of that work based off someone's own pace. Being able to get these after the first time makes trading absolutely necessary. Getting it any number of subsequent times means getting NOTHING on rotation C, being able to trade them for plats, just like most every reward (like the very cosmetic, pay attention now, peculiar mods), will mean getting something again. Why should it be a punishment to earn these twice, especially when it's such a S#&$ dice roll? Also for the dude that said "if it had bearing on gameplay mechanics", what are you on? The store has been offering cosmetics that don't "alter gameplay mechanics" since the very beginning, having it inaccessible to players that don't have time to grind but available in store just means lucky people and people who have plats have that advantage.
  4. Bought the digital ticket and wasn't able to sit and watch some stream because HOLIDAY WEEKEND WITH MY FAMILY and all. This really should have been bundled with the digital ticket regardless of watching the streams or not; people without the pass can earn it by watching.
  5. What's up with the select reward UI not having how much owned right away? And an "at a glance" visual indicator for vaulted relics? The icon is already in the game, can superimpose it on the relic icon. Pretty please?
  6. It's definitely not the same amount of effort. I run a solo clan with the intent of helping newbies along and then letting them go, so they can find larger and more active clans and alliances, and aside from the Hema research, everything is doable because it doesn't involve having to do a two or three hour long single session mission. Research, extra 0 on the mutagen sample, is a much easier task to undertake. The magnitude of effort involved is much larger when it comes to solo (or sub-five) clans.
  7. Wait, wait, wait. So based off of people wanting to maximize farming to get a very rare mod (Growing Power) that requires scan farming plants on certain times of the day. A whole team composition was nerfed for everything else? Poor heavy handed decision.
  8. Self damage needs to be based off the baseline damage of the weapon (+damage percent mods), so while it's still risky, it won't be a instant kill regardless of damage reduction. It will also make much more powerful weapons riskier to be careless with.
  9. The problem with the rivens is that it doesn't just promote lower tier weapons but completely devalues an optional mod (that people usually work hard for) for higher tiered weapons WITHOUT actually solving the glaring problem of power creep. Buffing unpopular weapon dispositions until affected weapons are popular without nerfing the dispo for higher tier weapons will yield similar results while at the same time not S#&$ting on people's potential hard work and plats. For example, Weapon A has 100 performance points (pp) and is very popular while Weapon B has 80 performance points but isn't as popular. Performance points is basically how that weapon behaves both in damage and the way it handles, which is what rivens are used to either bolster or patch up (slow reloads, higher crit, more damage, multi). With the current system, both having similar 3 disposition rivens, and an inverse proportionate performance and popularity ratio, four disposition change steps: Weapon A + riven = 160 performance -> 140 performance -> 120 performance -> 100 performance Weapon B + riven = 80 performance -> 100 performance -> 120 performance -> 140 performance The result is basically just nerfing A's ability and will most likely result in just stopping around the middle section. This means a loss of plat for some people, which is also possibly DE's bottomline. On the other hand, buffing disposition of underperforming weapons will result in the same base line performances. Same scenario but no nerfs: Weapon A + riven = 160 performance -> 160 performance -> 160 performance -> 160 performance -> 160 performance Weapon B + riven = 80 performance -> 100 performance -> 120 performance -> 140 performance -> 160 performance They pretty much end up in the same space without trampling on anyone's hard earned or luckily obtained rivens.
  10. So after some extensive testing with the change to destroying orb armor; it's just ok but it also funnels people into... you guessed it... META frames and teams! Sarpa being able to destroy armor changed all that, allowing even frames you'd never see in a boss fight because they don't have ridiculous buffs actually have the ability to fight the boss. It was possible to run it solo with Nekros, Saryn, Nyx, Excal, and others. Instead, the clear cut better choice is Chroma P and other similar frames. "But... But it only adds one minute more when I do it with Chroma!" Exactly! The actual armored portion of the fight is like 25-33 percent of the fight, being able to destroy armor only eases that portion, while it greatly helps frames without damage buffs, it was OVERKILL with frames that do have buffs, making it LESS of a factor in that portion. Taking away armor strip just shuts out non-meta frames, overall reducing build diversity.
  11. OR how about respawning it's armor out of certain phases or maybe even allow armor reduction while its shields are down? Something... Armor Reduction is a big part of Warframe, why make an exception here?
  12. Viper disposition nerfed Kraken disposition no change Sonicor disposition buffed What?
  13. Viper disposition going down means about 5-10% changes in stats. Why are heavily unused and underperforming weapons even nerfed?
  14. Is there going to be a cool bundle with cool warframe decals and maybe some extra skins/plat?
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