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  1. Agreed. For people that think it's hard work, you guys are objectively wrong. The drops only show how much luck a person has, not hard work, perseverance, or whatever epeen measurement you guys think it's measured against. Being able to buy it (store, arb, or nightwave) or trade it (more on this later) is the REAL show of effort, players have to either spend plat, which is either earned through real life work or grinding parts for trades, doing arbitration or doing nightwave objectives, people can't just be lucky and show up to rot C and get it, while others, like me, spend HOURS UPO
  2. There's an underlying mechanic to the Exploiter orb fight that seems to be based off of how many Coolant Raknoids have spawned, how many coolants they've dropped, and how many fractures there are. One problem involves Raknoids spawning in weird areas that can't normally be reached but they still run the "drain health to cool down orb" script, mainly off screen and drop a canister once dead. In some instances, the Orb might head closer to the edges of the flat "battle ground", causing the mobile spawn points to move to places that are normally out of reach, such as the large geographic arc
  3. Check out the Orokin blues, they have that energy style blue. Good grays and golds too.
  4. A slight outline would work, they also should allow the selection of vanilla or primed Shadows since all black vanilla is the best. On a separate note; the outlines on the friendly eximii should be changed to a green or at least something not red.
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