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  1. The sortie hijack in naaman on Europa didn't end when the vehicle reached the end. The treads just kept spinning and there was no extraction
  2. I have killed the profit taker well over 100 times and critical focus still hasn't dropped. What kind of bs rng is this?
  3. I just did a steel path incursion mobile defense as Vauban prime. Bastille works, but when I tried activating the vortex directly he would throw a tether orb instead.
  4. I shouldn't have to run a bounty dozens of times to complete one vanilla weapon
  5. In the corpus ship levels there are stationary invisible moas shooting that can only be killed by melee attacks. They reappear when killed.
  6. I've run the lvl 2 Orokin vault and cleanse the vault bounties more times than I can count, but the Arum Spinosa rivet will not drop.
  7. The trophies for Deimos are still locked for me
  8. Once I reach the Corpus pillar the exterminate goal doesn't pop up. I can keep killng enemies and there is no objective so I have to abort. Its happened more than once
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