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  1. The wise Wukong prime, in tradition to all masters the glorious mustache of his ancestors. Just zoom on in https://photos.app.goo.gl/uGx1h8Nh4NVggBei7e
  2. This week alone i lost 6 forma when trying to set polarity to warframe. Each time i went to set a forma 1 out of 3 formas did this, would not allow me to select a polarity , it instead skipped that phase and set it as 0 polarity selected and reset my lvl to unranked without ever allowing me a polarity choice, that's formas over 35 platinum wasted, and 3 made via bp wasted, i submitted tickets got 0 responses!!!! This is on XBOX ONE, I DON'T MIND 1 OR 2 LOSSES, BUT 6 AND NO FIX TO ME I'M A LITTLE UPSET OF THAT OCCURING and the expense loss and waste of time rebuilding when it wouldnt allow me t
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