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  1. You guys should have increased the min. mastery rank required for the Helminth system, and not only decreasing the requirements / doing adjustments, so people stop complaining about high costs on these kind of things, especially about the Bile stuff. I am at rank 10 helminth, didn't rush anything, did fed only green/craving-for resources (always non railjack ones) to jabba, and yet, I am still maxed at the nourish-meters and always ripping away 1 frame a day, while having resources to do this probably for another 3-4 years non stop. This was meant to be a "highly farmed no rea
  2. It's been promised to be added "early 2020" back in mid-fall 2019. We are almost getting past 2020. So ...
  3. Once again something got broken. Cannot subsume Oberon. The button is simply missing. And no, Smite is neither available to the system nor is it listed as locked in the system. This gets annoying.
  4. Quassus charge attacks STILL NOT taking any damage and speed mods like condition overload, berserker and so on into consideration. This STILL needs fixing. Stop prioritizing nerfing stuff.
  5. Nerfing Marked for Death to literally uselessness but not fixing other issues like that Quassus charge attacks not taking any equipped mods into consideration. Won't trigger berserker despite it critting, raw damage mods won't do anything in terms of damage increase, condition overload doesn't work, yadda yadda. Typical DE move.
  6. Episode 14 of the 25th season. Aired 16th of March 2014. So ... Nora is a carbon copy. Same calm acting, same narration, same face-behavior and not showing that at all.
  7. Happens, and only on major releases. Don't only take the high stakes into consideration but also the immediate and quite depressive-run for the entire loop till the next major update. https://steamdb.info/app/230410/graphs/ Warframe is a game of a dying horse. You see it twitch, but it's helpless, if it doesn't get any watter (or content in this terminology).
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