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  1. Still no fix for the Galvanized Condition Overload mods on AoE weapons ... how long will this take, seriously? And Yareli seems to be abandoned already. Not that I would care, but this just perfectly shows the attitude of DE.
  2. Way too much for an underperforming weapon (if not the worst).
  3. Couldn't actually agree more, but then there are some "BUT MIH NEEDZ RIVUN" people having less than 20 and whining about these kind of changes. It is not impossible to actually program a stored procedure and a table for those who already own the 75% of their current available riven capacity and adding them to a table, which will result into letting those players have a reduced riven drop rate or removing the item entirely only for them and also adjusting matchmaking for those isn't a problem either, if DE did program their server modules correctly. But well, that is just a wish thinking as DE will, as always, take couple of years to even notice something. UI custom colors took more than 6 years, an alternative overlay map is not even in question (posted a thread about it back in 2019) and god knows how long it would take them to actually notice these kind of threads where "they could lose platinum", since you have to buy either slots if you are not the guy of selling/destroying riven mods / the other guys need plat to buy respective rivens from another player.
  4. Uhm, first question would be: Which operating system are you using? Win7? 8 / 8.1? 10? 32bit or 64bit? What is your hardware? Are you maintaining your drivers for GPU, DirectX and CPU? Running Nvidia or AMD? Using software performed graphical adjustments like forced 16x anisotropic filtering, any kind of super sampling, forced anti-aliasing, and so on? If yes to the last one, try to exclude the "Warframe.x64.exe" from the global adjustment rules. You can find it inside your game-installationfolder's location. Other than that, you can use the Support Deck for these kind of things: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/ Do not forget to include your *.log files to your ticket, which can be found at "C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Warframe".
  5. Frankly said, with all the conditions for maximum difficulty being met: If you own a Loki (with at least a proper setup for 20 seconds or more invisibility, or 30+ seconds + 175% power effi + energy siphon = self sustaining energy consumption/regen ratio) and a (Kuva) Brakk with the necessary damage mods, you are good to go soloing that stuff easily without sweating a single drop.
  6. Like everyone says, instead of fixing drones slow pokey hovering towards the destination of 800m away, you just have some nerfings in mind crippling the speed even further. There have been years to actually fix or alter this time wasting part, and yet this is another fail.
  7. Passive should stay as is and ability 4 beefing nidus up with massive damage reduction + healing + infinite stacks? So, constant ez pz immortality with bonus defense. Seems not thought-out, as this would even get boring after a while. I would rather play Loki and this way stay invulnerable due to other reasons.
  8. Same here. It is a pre-set angle and not reflecting the direction of the downward attack angle anymore. This used to be the first moments of the implementation of this method and was changed afterwards to the one we used to know.
  9. Probably Tencent wanting more cash, since they took over Digital Extremes (not only by 51%).
  10. Wow. Great. Event is not playable due to 4th stage bugging out: No Pod spawning at all. Fix your stuff, DE. Also, check your stuff before re-running it. People are wasting resources due to this nonsense.
  11. Try Miter + Augment on Limbo as your primary weapon. It is working wonders, paired with Rolling Guard. Nullifiers won't bother you ever again.
  12. Like they always did and still doing with anything out there, especially with weapons. Nerfing old ones to make newer content (or even older "fitting" ones) more attractive (and indirectly forcing players to get into Rivens for weapons on another side when nerfing them). They won't rework her, despite DE having made a great mistake by nerfing her back then. Some endurance runs I made in the past before her nerf were incredibly fun and enjoyable. Nowadays, I am barely using her. 60-360 minutes (back then) vs 20-40 minutes (Steel Path) today is just how it is for me. Not enjoyable.
  13. Well, since people explained some methods of using Limbo (with his Cataclysm augment + Mag's Pull ability working wonders, btw - infinite duration on Cataclysm method), I was cocky enough giving an alternative one, which was for me way easier to maintain during defense (and also any other) missions. Her 4th ability, Tornado, will also lift enemies up - a single Stropha charge shot will result into millions of damage, literally capping any enemy type's health bar there (except Nox due to ridiculous damage reduction, but still able to kill them easily). Also any kind of electricity weapon does a great job (Fulmin the best, imo).
  14. You have to combine Inaros and Ember. Since the answer has been delivered, people probably will get this joke.
  15. It is EU specific, yes. There are some general reminders (not laws...) that "playing for 45-60 minutes should be underlined with a break/pause of 15-30 minutes". I would also like to get rid of that message, but welp. It is DE afterall. They did took about 6 years to implement some UI features. Removing an automated string will probably take 3-5 years, who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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