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  1. *handsrubbing* shall we begin? First of all ... why? Why that age restriction on youtube? Most of us are uploading gameplay clips to yt (be thankful, that we are actually uploading free commercial stuff for your company, while not paying us NOR DEDICATED SERVERS FOR ALMOST A DECADE!), and marking them as "not for children" anyways, yet there is no need to use an youtube account to view those clips. Change this. No one is going to register an accout just for your upload. Most of the new abilities are just trash. Be honest with yourself. Who did the concept and who designed them? No one needs them, as there are many frames (one at least) which does the exact same and is way better than that. Some of them won't even profit from those (e.g. sacrificing shields to gain armor - inaros and such "hello? sup bro? forgotten me?"), others won't bother with them at all. Golden Instinct could be so much better, instead, its a one-time-profit thing and becomes useless after finding said things. Literally wastes an ability slot for something mediocre without longevity in a mission. Add the rare crates into it, the simaris target (those floating markers are a pain to read, like your waypointer, for years!), and the stuff people already mentioned. Not going to beat the dead horse, as you won't listen anyways. Lets get to the backstabbing part of this idea: Seriously? Are you really incapable of running a simple json SQL query to retrieve used/subsumes frames on the account and grand those literally wasted helminth XP after inserting the module? Is this really this hard for you guys? An IF-condition with an UPDATE-statement afterwards, when requirements met. If this is really the thing, hire some capable employees for this, as you have the money for it, we all know that. Most of us vets have had already subsumes most if not all frames already (me including to the worse one), and you are just literally saying "go waste your resources, force waste your resources, you have no rights to hold on them anymore". Secondly, most of us were asking for a vote-4-kick option for years. But nah, DE and most toxic fanatics were like "ABUSE! THEY WILL ABUSE IIIIITTTT" - calm down. I got insulted and made a joke of asking for this feature, like many others probably, too. And now, I am thinking like "this is how vote-4-kick 2.0 looks like? not being invited in the first instance - a prevention is better than a cure afterwards?", I guess you are getting my sarcasm. We are getting a way worse "option" to leave players behind, because someone of your concept/dev-team thought, lets make some RNG powercreep, because we won't make the buggers to rework all the frames, which have being not touched ever since their release. No, instead, we do a bandaid nerf/buff, like the melee and primary/secondary stuff, with a very bad ratio: nerfing melee by 200%, buffing firearms by 25-50%-ish. Totally justified! Way to go, DE. Way to go. You know, we are the playerbase, if we are not applicable to your "new-tenno-experience" (new players joining to this game), just say it outright. At the end, we are the ones recommending your game to others, as you are not doing any kind of commercial stuff, as this is too expensive for your guts, I imagine. I've never saw an ad of you guys running in television/internet or whatever in 3 different countries. You don't want to satisfy the longtime players (us vets) and literally backstabbing into and onto our progression (subsume progression for instance) and yet doing stuff like this already ahead of its time. Soon or sooner we will leave, who else will stay? The beginners? I doubt so.
  2. It has been this bad for more than 5 years by now. Cloth stuff (mostly noticable on syandanas) look like a brick of thick rubber or other odd material. Black color ranges literally eliminating metal reflection and other kind of effects (like light diffusion and such), the dual hitbox to make cloth actually float above the actual frame mesh is beyond common sense as most of the clipping and glitches from 2013, 14 and 15 do still exist, and the bad quality the color (modern and legacy) received makes me not to buy them at all. I am still sticking to those 7-8 which I bought early in the beginning. @DE This is not how you bind customers to your game. When the quality doesn't match, you won't have people buying stuff.
  3. And I was like "ok, wait? 5 navs from hacking and 20 required for the mission + RNG on top to farm trinity (which was way easier to farm back in 2013 and such? no thanks. not going to waste my time, just because my helminth is hungry". Gladly I didn't waste those resources, since no one seems to be refunded. n1.
  4. This would be actually a great idea, yet we are talking about RNG-Lords DE. Who are doing some inception shizzle level of RNG behind RNG which is on another layer of RNG.
  5. How many times I had to count how often this damn ability misses its target, as the hitbox to pinpoint accuracy usage is way too intense. If that is not already an issue, your sentinel will surely fook up this ability, as it will kill your enemy of choice faster than your Chakram is able to reach the enemy. So a little bit of speed increase on this ability would also be welcomed. Sentinel with Verglas be like: Aiming and throwing a bit offset, and you will waste the entire potential of this ability - and you are also wasting energy. Not cool on Blind Rage builds. Give it, the initial (non charge) throw, a seeking function, like the glaives in this game have while charing and throwing them towards an enemy. They do slightly alter the curve towards the enemy if not even quite heavily where you can see the trajectory bending towards the enemy.
  6. Who thought that farming the coins and going to the void, beating the mission there and leaving it, to get a chance to spawn a Corpus Larvling was a good idea, if someone is out for a specific weapon and not getting it at all, but wasting a zenith coin after each other in this process without any satisfying results? This needs to be changed, completely!
  7. "Free drops", they ain't free, as always.
  8. Ivara has already a hefty penalty: Her movement speed has been tuned down a lot, while using Prowl. As I've mentioned already, people are able to jump + hold RMB + dodge to bypass that penalty. Bullet jumping won't change anything what already exists, and that is the fact, that you can do that parkour action, which is way more effective than a simple bulletjump (even without prowl being active) and chaining a dodge right after. And for the others, you cannot really compare them to each other, as Loki is more a durable invisible type with trickery abilities (CCing with radial disarm, for example, or luring enemies to a specific point), where ash is more the assassination type and less stealth (yet I use him with a great duration based build for +18s invisibility and using him even more than Loki (which is still my most used frame)) but more damage. The other one you seemed to miss is octavia, and her invisibility is not tied to a timer per se, more to the tick you use her. Her efficiency is better than on Ivara's Prowl, as it won't consume any energy when casting her ability - as you are able to gain twice the invisibility duration within a single cast after each other - which has an effective duration of around +120s, can be refreshed nonstop (coptering around) and has e.g. in game modes like disruption an edge over every other frame with the modifier "energy vampire" and the overall eximus energy leecher types. Oh and yea, her scaling Mallet damage is beating ... literally everything in the game. All of them, btw, can replenish energy by zenurik or anything else (even EV from Trinity). Ivara needs energy orbs (or health orbs with equilibrium, but that is a waste in slots). Ivara needs the bullet jump, if she wants to be a good stealth with also good mobility, which doesn't mean, she needs to be fast, but she needs to be agile. A sitting duck, as she is, needs to either get a mod for higher jump heights (forgot the name, it was a sentinel mod) or simply needs an helminth ability to get to higher grounds, as her Dashwire won't do the trick, as this ability has a max angle to be attached on. There are lots of spy chambers, which are not harmonizing with her ability kit in this regards, and those tilesets may be updated to bigger rooms with higher ceilings, as many other newly updated grineer and corpus tilesets are showing. So, yea, it is not easy to justify it by simply saying "others have XYZ, Ivara is better", as she still needs changes to her kit. Hell, even Wisp can be a better spy frame, when bunny jumping around like a maniac and using will-o-wisp, which can bypass lasers and whatnot without being noticed, teleporting around like Loki with decoy + ST ... and they still have no movement speed penalties. I guess you get the point.
  9. I don't actually get, why we got this ability combination removed. It was convenient jumping up to higher levels or into any kind of higher spotted areas, but it got "fixed", for whatever reason. The thing is, bullet jumping is not faster than rolling/dodging forward, not even as near effective as jumping, holding RMB and rolling forward. So, why we simply don't put it back where it belongs, hm?
  10. When equipment morphing? Using some arcane helmets on warframes with deluxe skins are messing up the entire fashion frame.
  11. Have fun with the many Üs and Ös. Ürüm dürüm Ammö Drüm.
  12. @[DE]Rebecca@[DE]SteveCould someone of you explain us, why the spawn system of the fish is bugged as hell since the release of PoE? I always suspected something not working, as throwing out a bait not spawning ANYTHING was not enough, no, when you simply use your spear (be it the one from PoE, Fortuna or CD), fish won't spawn at all! On the other hand, while switching back to my weapons, everything keeps spawning as usual, if they ever want to spawn, as some area loadings (when entering the open world) are somewhat skipping the spawn logic of fish? As they never spawn, no matter what - with or without a bait - and this bug still exists since the beginning. This cannot be intentional. Make a loop or a check for the function, if it even has been initialized by the system or not! This needs fixing. It is so stupid how many baits people are wasting for a mechanic which is clearly not working. I am tired about farming for fish-mats. It is just no fun. Have some more. Recordings from PoE initial release and few months later: https://imgur.com/N1rDHta https://imgur.com/VyBKDNt https://imgur.com/0Cg7Y1G https://imgur.com/fScFand
  13. Funny, how DE is not addressing this issue for months. So much for "we listen to the community", right. The 1%, which are doing free-commercial on youtube, are founders or however related to Digital Extremes, those are the ones being listened to.
  14. The all-time-excuse for "No vote for kick" thing gets onto my nerves. I have had never bad experiences with this system in any MMORPG or whatsoever "toxic" game. The "trade-off" for having the system, that some individuals, in this case snowflakes, rage-voting someone out won't mean that the system is bad overall. It is like hating all the germans because someone from austria thought "yea, lets #*!% this world up, I will raise nazis and such". I just don't get this excuse about not including the vote system. It is plain simple: effective, when not abused. When its being abused, just report that player via zendesk, that is it. The support would have at least a lift-off from all these afk-griefing-leeching player reports and players could actually force leeching tards to actually play the damn game instead of idling either at an AI-dead spot or simply limboing the crap out of their farming session. Either DE adds better countermeasurements, as avoiding the afk-flag by simply running a stupid 100ms-500ms delay macro with w + s + jump will never do the trick and nothing will ever change. Even if you run 10 rounds with someone who kept afk for 95% of the time, he simply needs to run around for the last 30 seconds and pick at least a single item up ... and he won't be flagged as an afk-user and will get the rewards at the end of the mission. This is simply not enough. Enough of the AFK leechers, where most of them are even rude and insulting.
  15. Wait, daily standing should be increased ... why am I still seeing my MR29 limit as before? You could have at least updated the current daily limit standing table by a simple SQL query ...
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