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  1. Leave the arcane helmets as they are and don't input them back to the loot table. They are relics of the past and should stay like that. As for fairness, those who bought the Blueprint (and probably built it already - as a hording crab as they are to profit from it after the helm is once again unavailable), should be refunded the materials for it. Just for once, be and play fair and stop trying to be "best buddies". Some mistakes require you to say "No", and yet, you ain't fixing your stuff. If it is about nerfing things, that one works though, amIright? Regardless of how many f
  2. I am sure that the image makes it as clear as possible. Even in no way misunderstandable.
  3. We want some answers about the Lich-System. Will it be removed or not?!
  4. Those wings will 100% look like rubber-plastic mix, like everything else in this game. Not eager to get those, as those aren't even fitting the warframe Theme. More like AION or Lineage2, but not Warframe.
  5. What is actually going on with these additions to the game and getting ignored afterwards by the dev team? This is horrendously lazy, if we take into consideration for how long glaives got their buffing. I am running a glaive prime and xoris with each one using either the quick return and rebound volatile version of that kind. Both are failing to do any kind of damage to enemies when exploding them even directly into their face. The usual charge attack and explosion trigger when hitting a surface around the enemy in very close proximity will also not trigger the effect nor do an
  6. As simple as that. No explosion at the end, no damage, no area of effect, nothing. Was working before. Needs to be fixed asap.
  7. Defection (in this case) and Infested Salvage are probably the worst and mostly unwanted gamemodes in this entire game. Not just having barely any squad running these type of missions (even when there are some items to get as of invasions or alert related stuff), no, it is also about the bugs which are hell a lot annoying. In this example, the AI got stuck right at the spawn area for more than 5 minutes. His 2 other team mates made it, while he kept running against the railing (probably of the bad mesh hitbox design since 2014, eh?) and the infested wasn't
  8. Still no fix towards the Lavos' elemental-type on the cycle being completely useless (because it gets blocked/greyed out) when adding a subsumed ability to any of Lavos' respective vanilla abilities.
  9. Got myself the Khora (Urushu) Bundle, thought like "oh, could make my quite ... "unusual" looking infested kitty ... look a bit better". Well, whats the issue? It is not declared as "This skin is only applicable on NON-INFESTED Kavats." Where is this important note, DE? This was about my 2th return of a Deluxe Bundle Set due to you guys missing the point of being more detailed in declaration and product placement. There was that thing with Wisp, that her animations not being fully "there" with her floating idle- AND walking- AND dodging animations (it isn't hard at a
  10. ^ Title, missing for years now. No Blueprints linking possible. Game needs a Blueprint-Linkable feature. This is just unnecessary struggle at the trading chat.
  11. Why is this even a thing?! We get a time based cooldown but also getting the elemental on the respective ability slot button removed/blocked? QA didn't do a great job over here. Refund the players their resources about the waste in this case, if you are not willing to change this, as compensating away any elemental just for another utility ability is way beyond acceptance.
  12. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. No plat trade = no gross increase for the company. As more platinum is going out of stock, the more people are willing to buy. And no, it has nothing to do with "player friendly business". Who ever thinks that has absolutely no clue about economics and profit increase on a F2P model.
  13. When will DE fix this issue? Even the newest frame (Lavos) has this issue. When using a certain ability set, it will reset the toggled spint function every time. Applies to frames like Revenant's Disco Fever Ability (Danse Macabre), Lavos' Silver Surfer Ability (Vial Rush), Hildryn's Copter Mode Ability (Aegis Storm) and probably more, which I cannot recall. This needs to get fixed. Shouldn't be hard to change or add a simple revert function to an existing action or class execution if (ability != 1 ) //not active anymore { toggleSprint(): } return(what
  14. That is not true. I personally never got near the 2200 cells / 22000 score marker with a great squad, where almost everyone was cleaning the room off the sentients. The maximum I got so far were at round about 2170 cells. Doing this solo, having a bit less points than that, but gaining an immense relaxing gameplay while doing this solo, just for the cost of 1000 points / 100 cells is more than a fair deal.
  15. Solo is better = Yes. I can definitely say that, running solo with a simple melee bonedaddy + hildryn (for energy, always floating around somewhere outside of the "aura-range") makes things a lot better. You won't have a particle flustercuck around your screen (most of the people use horrid bright energy colors for their voidrig and such ...). You won't face the extreme amount of enemies. You will have a max of 3 beacons (instead of 9? or 12?). It will be much easier. Edit: PLUS you can pause the game ... that is the best advantage ever! :D About the nerf, it probably went under the radar
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