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  1. Is the haptic feedback is gonna be tweaked and improved in the future? I feels it needs a bit of tuning in order to be great! Just wanted to know if you guys have plans to keep tweaking and improving this feature.
  2. This. Just this, this would improve the visual concept of voidstorms by 100 times. It also something really easy to implement since its already on the Tempestarii Railjack. Please DE, take notes, the current Visual FX looks a bit cheap compared to that demo shown in 2019.
  3. I think that PS5 controller vibration should be tonned down quite a bit, I had to turn it off completly because it's really annoying and too intense. Also, I don't think the ps5 have haptic rumble? I dunno, other game's ps5 controller rumble feel quite better. Just some feedback for DE, great update nontheless.
  4. I'm not recieving any tier 3 rewards, I maxed my full avionics grid. Any thoughts?
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