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  1. no. The only option will be Vey Hek. "I bet you would like some life support... MAGGOTS DONT GET LIFE SUPPORT." *mission failed*
  2. Not really. You still have the BP as your reward. You aren't at the whims of Baro. Hell, I forgot my clan got it until someone found an old post where I said to just DM if you want one. Id honestly rather have someone know they can get it from Baro then have to search around from a rando to ask and hope that someone sees their message AND wants to take the time to trade it to them. Also PS4 Tenno if you need one just look for me I am usually on in the evenings, but dropping me a message in here we can set up something.
  3. That's what I don't get. I will sometimes grind out for something but if I get that burn out feeling I just stop and do other things.
  4. I don't know if anyone at DE can give you the answers you want. I can promise you even if people on the community team know the answer that they are not in a position to do so. Imagine if you would the lawyers, every good company has them, have told DE it is either against the contract or against their best interests to disclose any contract/negotiation information. They just won't do it. The lawyers job is to tell them what is best for the health of the company and its legal standing, so DE management is going to take their advice even if they wish they could do otherwise. Another possibility it isn't even DE's legal telling them they can not share certain details. Steam, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all involved and they each have armies of lawyers dictating terms. This is of course giving everyone involved the benefit of the doubt. I can not imagine a scenario that involves withholding paid content for no reason whatsoever that doesn't attribute some sort of negative thing, so I just roll with it. Can absolutely understand other Tenno's frustration, but we also gotta realize DE at the end of the day has to deal with all sorts of backend stuff we will never get to see. Unless they hire us >.> of course then we couldn't tell anyone...
  5. It more has to do with these skins are built through Steam (who gets a cut) by users (who get a cut) and ported to Consoles (3 different companies with different contract obligations who want their cut). None of the contract issues are ever gong to be discussed with the general public (us). So no amount of anger or frustration is going to change that someone has to work behind the scenes, whom you will probably never see or hear from, to navigate all these contracts as quickly as possible. It isn't white knighting to point out that they would literally have no reason, financial or otherwise, to withhold a product they could sale unless there are contractual issues. I am not saying stop asking, that is the right thing to do, but also understand that being angry at them is not going to speed up the process. The only thing you will ever get is progress updates as they get them. It would not make any sense to delay putting out a product they could sale unless there was a reason for it that was beyond their control.
  6. I put a recommendation in the feedback forum that they should include a progress bar that gives a better Idea of how much total they need, and the average amount per week they need to achieve max rank. Part of the problem, if you dig down on the complaints, is people didn't understand they didn't need to kill themselves to max out.
  7. We may eventually. Orokin Dig Site is part of the collapsed orbital device. Maybe an entrance...
  8. I always thought it was the moment you started to imagine @[DE]Steve or @[DE]Rebecca were actively choosing what drops you get from a key/relic. Tenno: This is my last radiant key! I have to get the rare drop this time! Steve: TENNO SKOOM!!! *hits giant red button* Tenno: COMMON DROP!!! NOOOOOO!
  9. Volume would probably be one problem. DE isn't the biggest company and I am not in anyway knowledgeable about what kinda infrastructure it would take to put in place a server farm big enough to handle the player base. You can always try directing the enquiry @[DE]Steve and hoping he notices lol. The last I heard there were no plans for dedicated servers but you never know if a new cost effective tech option comes out plans could change. We would all love to see an end to the dreaded host migration of DOOOOOOOM!
  10. I have been looking at a lot of the complaints related to Nightwave and was wondering if a better progression bar may help people see how much effort they need to put in and when they can skip a goal they find particularly unpleasant. It seems a lot of people were complaining they felt the need to do every single weekly act, when in reality if you were averaging 25k points a week (over 12 weeks, it was 30k over 10 weeks) you would hit max rank. If you know what your weekly target was you could plan a little better on how you were going to play on a given week. It could be as simple as putting a points needed counter vs. points remaining counter. Assuming the you have 12 week (43k per week to achieve rank 30 (300k rep), a simple bar showing what you need to average and what your current average is would allow people to adjust accordingly how much and when they play so they don't feel obligated to play every single week, or at the least not obligated to do every single mission in a given week. this week for example has 3 long mission runs for all the 5k rep missions. If someone got 40k last week, they could skip all 3 5k missions this week and still be hitting there average weekly goal of 25k.
  11. Ordis isn't a fan of the Kubrows or Kavats… how is he gonna feel about a freaking thumper?
  12. Id also like to think that PS4/PS5 will still be able to do cross play on games that come out on both systems. Especially in those first early adoption years. Its honestly going to determine if I get it at launch or wait. If I can't play games with my friends who aren't upgrading, getting a ps5 wont be as appealing.
  13. I only ran into him once but didn't his eye (weak point) glow like something out of a sci fi horror movie?
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