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  1. We got boarded, my weapons weren't up to snuff, I swallowed 11 enemies and jumped out an airlock.
  2. I've gotten 3 drops (2 heads, 1 handle), and have fought him a dozen plus times. Luckier than most on the spawns, unlucky on the drops. Last time I ran into him with a single other rando and it involved me chasing the Wolf around for 10 minutes while the rando tried not to die. The Wolf hated him with a single minded passion.
  3. On ‎2015‎-‎10‎-‎02 at 2:37 AM, Larcetosus said: Copy that from the earlier link. It has been around for a long time and I forgot to look it up years ago lol. Its rather important lore wise... I feel like I have failed in my task of studying the lore.
  4. I foresee it being a limited list, like you won't be able to pick a weapon until a weapon prize would be normally offered. The first one was like 150 or 200 days and then every so many days after that. I think when the weapon prize would drop youll get to pick which one you want. I doubt youll be able to pick the nice stuff back to back.
  5. Wasn't the thing Steve put out there just like the current system only you get to select your next 50 day reward?
  6. It was what popped into my head but the question is are they going to go primary, secondary, or both?
  7. as the Sun set and the horizon was emblazoned gold, the clouds formed to before us a message from the heavens: SOONtm
  8. Now, if I were DE, I would destroy a relay just to mess with people's heads lol. "It's rigged!" *distant explosion, Vey Hek Laughter* "dang..."
  9. I have to ask how you guys know for sure there is auto drain. I hear lots of things but if I don't see the data with my own eyes I tend to take it with a grain of salt.
  10. Plus, for the veteran players you have the log in weapons now. Everyone can get them eventually sure, but those in the log in sigils serve the function the OP is talking about for me. Marks of long term progress. I never will get upset when other players get a shot at event weapons or anything like that. The delay between event and general release is pretty freaking long too...
  11. That is the point isn't it. These are rewards for players who have been with the game for a long time. They specifically aren't for new players. It isn't like they are randomly distributed or anything, anyone can get them given enough time.
  12. This all started when I was reading that the Europa wreckage was a single ship lol. It was a little piece of lore I had missed and made me think about the ship sizes.
  13. Well that explains why I couldn't find it lol. I thought they had released a corpus one, but it could be fan made. I was hoping for some regular old canon lore lol.
  14. I have been able to track down some stuff showing the scaling on the different Corpus ships, but not much on the grineer. Does anyone have a list of the known Grineer and Corpus ships and their comparative scales? I don't know why but this has just lodged in my brain and I am super curious about it. Also what about the tenno craft comparison (landing craft, orbiter, dojo etc.)
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