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  1. All you can do is put in all your details. Said I was watching on the phone app, and all the other stuff.
  2. Ive been around for years and an error in the system is more likely than anything intentional. I am going to submit a polite ticket and hope for the best.
  3. didnt check yet today, but hadnt as of 10 pm cst last night.
  4. I probably need to buy five to ten BPs next time I am in my dojo so when this comes up I dont have to run to the dojo lol.
  5. Ill be around at some point tonight after 9 pm CST. My clan has the BP. No payment expected but if you happen to some junk rivens or prime parts I wouldnt say no lol.
  6. Fond memories of feeling like every weapon was equipped at exactly the same time as I melee...
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