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  1. Yesterday I was like "Oh nice, an Ayatan statue just laying out in the open." Lich stole. Lich went on to need the only requiem I didn't have in stock. Lich will die so freaking hard this afternoon... after I farm the missing requiem...
  2. That's one of the things people don't think about with glitches and stuff, you never know if you are part of a pattern or That One Poor Tenno.
  3. Didn't they say it was going to be a rare drop in the Veil now? It won't be removed from the game just the market. He will still have 50 of them.
  4. When regular dead is insufficient. Yeah I was kicking myself, because I was "What a weird hand gesture." Then realized it had folded the finger down to show it was definitely its.
  5. I hadn't seen that the stealth farm was a thing but knew something was up when I kept getting into game with multiple Ivaras lol... also explains why guy was upset when I was slapping enemies around...
  6. I do this all the time. Collect some normal style games, take a break form Warframe and FF14, come back when something gets me excited to play again.
  7. Yeah I didn't notice that and was trying to grind out all these repairs and I could of greatly improved my effectiveness gradually with the researched gear... lesson learned lol.
  8. We got boarded, my weapons weren't up to snuff, I swallowed 11 enemies and jumped out an airlock.
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