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  1. If you mean since OV, then yes. Else no! It became much worse when that arrived and has not improved since. There is some troll-level monkeying going on at DE. People who should not be touching stuff are indeed changing things. Testing is not done properly (opening a single map and typing in your devcheat to trigger completion, then looking for green on a door or chunk-junction: not enough). Feedback is being ignored. Probably because it looks right in a superficial devcheat "test" (see above), so 'the users are lying, /ignore'. It seems the regular/old marking, the way it us
  2. *mostly* the lower end Ryzen models. Ryzen 3c/6t models made to compete with intel i3 2c/4t and 4c/4t models. There is a large amount of them. It's not nearly as obscure as you may think. Intel even made a 6c/6t i5 (9400F is one of them) to punch back against some of that.
  3. Download 'autohotkey'. Set up keybind that simulates 'e'-spam. Hope you don't get banned for "3rd party software". to add: there was a time when you could buy 'after market' controllers and joysticks that had a hardware switch for autorepeat of button presses. A concept bourne from terrible game designs that rewarded insane button spam.
  4. That's kinda offtopic to bring up here. But I agree, that screen could use a 'undo' or back button. Or at least a 'equip' button to verify the color choices. Maybe a 'you are leaving the appearance screen without confirming the changes, do you want to keep or discard?' Not that I am that vain or anything lol, because the colour choice really are a "hint", something that gets blended with the other layers and existing base colors. E.g. black does not mean black, it means black + whatever was under it. On Heliocor that means that full black (from saturated palette) makes purple handle.
  5. PC. PC is just the extended test guineapig for console builds because there is next to extra fee or approval process from "partners" on PC. 2x double nat is a bit exaggerated. Your isp does 'Carrier grade NAT' which is mostly transparent if it set up correctly. So you have a setup with: local nat (you) - carrier level nat (ISP) - local nat (friends). With unknown firewall and router settings at both endpoints. That is only really a problem if your isp does carrier grade nat in a wrong way (either they are bad at it or/and they are severely abusing their customers). TBF this will not
  6. Agree. But it's not just the mechs. Something is rotten at DE. Not been here all that long, but began noticing when they did the corpus revamp. Just to pull one example from that, i'd have dropped the game at the Jackal on venus if it had been like that when I had to do get past it. What a BS fight to throw at new players.
  7. Not seen any Amber Stars in regular missions since OV (29.6.0) arrived. That or they are exceedingly rare. Feels very much like a regression of the same problem we had when Deimos arrived. Cyan Stars still drop from containers and lockers. If this is the new rule, to coerce people to interact more with deimos to get numbers up for that, then step up and say so and apologize for it being omitted from patchnotes. Just don't expect us to believe it was a "mistake" the first time (deimos) and now again with orphix. Having a look at your droptable page, not sure what to say. Ac
  8. Exactly. Event affinity booster (on PC). Guess it is just to give it to the other platforms as well - since they dont have the event /w booster.
  9. I should probably ask this on players-helping-players, but does anyone by now have a updated guide for this that *just works*. The above is too vague imo, too much "1) click claim 2) profit". Just want clear directions to get this on my existing warframe account (PC, standalone (non-steam, non-epic)). Only getting it on a new account at 'eos/egs' is not what I am looking for. I've read the comments about copying over to fool the 'egs' downloader to save some download effort, so I do not need those details repeated. It would be sad if this is also one of those "but not for you" th
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