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  1. https://youtu.be/93J01jnFMQI Here is our Clan Obstacle Course, generally called “Akio's cellar” among the members. It is brightly lit in the demo, but original lights were so dim one can hardly see a thing pass few meters, making it an even less pleasant place to be in. There is a bit of a history behind this Obstacle Course. Originally Akio (“Akio_san” in game) made a jumping puzzle Obstacle Course just for fun and for other clanmates to test their warframe movement control. He asked me to test it… and well I abused the living hell out of it with 0 finesse and 100% cheese. He tried to fix it, but time after time I found more ways to cheese my way to the finish line. This continued to a point when he took entire weekend off to completely rebuild the jumping puzzle into something new. Something dark and twisted. Something that is now called (in hushed whispers) only as “Akio's cellar”. Something nobody in their right mind will wish to try themselves. PS It is Akio's passthrough in the video. So if he wins anything in this contest, please give the prize to him (Akio_san) and not me.
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