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  1. ..... i used Khora all the way through steel path kid. i know how khora works m8. learn to ask your question properly and then people can help you. cheers.
  2. believe it or not, its pretty dead. not in the sense that switch is, but they definitely dont have the playerbase that we PC Tenno enjoy. Rather unfortunate really,
  3. unfortunately Khora wont benefit from a status weapon of those types unless you have something like Growing Power and even then, it wont boost your whipclaw much. I suggest watching GHS's video on the million damage red crit whipclaw build. it will help you immensely. Good Luck
  4. sepfahn rivens are generally +Damage, +Crit/Status Chance, +Crit Damage/Status Duration, -Damage to Faction (this is an example negative since enemies are pretty much paper these days and you can just overload that stat with BR WW anyways) i forget the stats on the Hek, but pretty sure it would be Damage, Crit, reload, -whatever is negligible at best. while the base Hek is hot garbage with a 10% base Crit Chance, the Vaykor Variant has a 25% chance which is easier to build off of. Good Luck, and may Lootcifer grant you favor.
  5. i mean you could just idk link your steam account from your options menu.
  6. Build your regulators for fire rate, corrosive, crit, damage. You’ll melt them. and don’t shy away from anemic agility. You’ll be pumping out bullets so fast that you’ll pretty much never notice the -15% damage
  7. x27 is final endgame meta, however there is one other brace that is next in line. x23 is the “poor mans x27” decent crit and status boost. Aim for that. and while I’m here, Raplak (1) is gonna be your go to prism. Pinpoint precision, good damage.
  8. they edit in their griefs. its kinda old. i stg they live on the pc update subforum
  9. Id put in a support ticket. forums wont have the answer you seek
  10. Youve been getting one per hour? im getting 1 every 10-15 minutes and am annoyed at the amount of unsellable sets in my inventory
  11. need to be rank 3 with the Entrati, as well as having 5000 bonus standing, and 10 son tokens.
  12. yes, you can, however honestly from first glance and napkin math, theyre not standouts that would replace things that you would normally find on a build. they might be more niche than im thinking, but youre probably better off just sticking to standard fare of Blind Rage, Transient Fortitude, etc etc
  13. i mean the resource booster works on it, as do farming abilities from frames, so it only makes sense that the drop chance booster would.
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