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  1. The Sergeant requires a rework - time for sarge to become a group take-down, him and his 3 clone/holo buddies that really don't want to be fought, so run away from you like a capture target who's had too many energy drinks. You have to chase them down, the holos are easy to kill but sarge has a few tricks to survive. The corpus ship has a lot of space to get through after all. But there's a problem - all the boss battles are roughly the same, get in quickj, kill the boss quick, get out and check your loot reards screen for that warframe part you've been farming for. Swear loudly at
  2. I think your initial reaction is correct - adding more power to a problem caused by having more power isn't going to solve the underlying problem.
  3. I've always said that matchmaking needs some love. Like open world bounties - they should be more of a notice board of players about to enter the world and attempt a mission, and other players can add their names to the roster. Such would allow MR ranking or some other criteria to be used to separate players by skill, and would also allow players to wait for a full squad. Sure, this is a rough concept and the implementation would have to be easy and accesible, but it would make a huge difference. Its possible such could be used for other missions - I never want to attempt solo interceptions, R
  4. DE is not owned by Tencent. They don't care about your old playters. They care about the money. The money comes from new players, and a good rotation of new guys coming in, buying some prime access pack, levelling up to be mid-tier and then leaving (hopefully to return in a year or two to buy another pack) is all part of the business model. The old players who have everything are a cost - new content is required for them, and that costs a lot of money, money that the old players never contribute because they already have the plat from sales, or the equipment to grind for the new content anyway
  5. Worse - someone telling you you are a noob or lame or useless because you don't already know the mechanics, haven't already got the equipment and skills, and haven't cheesed it and got to extraction in 2 minutes flat. Ultimately co-op works if the players are roughly equal or matched better. When its randoms clunked together, its a mess. The open world bounties are already evidence of that.
  6. I suppose you have to understand what the game is today - its a "grab the loot, repeat" game. The enemies are simply an inconvenience to obtaining the drops, and if you made them hard to kill, players would complain. (rightly IMHO - if you force players to run the same mission 30+ times to get all the drops via fixed RNG percentages, then making that mission quite difficult is going to kill the game. And DE is never going to make those drops happen in 4 runs!) But we also have the steel path "hard mode" and a heap of mods that are almost designed for it - things like CO and WW and BR are
  7. maybe its because "hard mode" only applies to guns, and its "slightly difficult mode" for melee. Nerf melee (or all those myriad of multipliers) has to happen. Of course, the other issue is that they don't want hard mode at all, they want every mode to be cheesably easy because its a looter game. The shooting is an annoyance getting in the way of the repetitive missions you have to run over and over to get the parts or loot required.
  8. TBH I did most junctions with Excalibur - press 4, hit a lot with the shiny. Mostly works, though some were trickier than others. IIRC I opened every junction with Excal and his sword, just out of principle, even though I stopped using him for the later planets. But as the OP was writing several years ago, maybe the OP meleee option wasn't available to him. Now why are all these threads getting necro'd so often recently?
  9. I was thinking about weapon damage - and one thing struck me, that the IPS damage system is a right old mess. Nobody wants anything other than slash damage, and then only for procs! I read (or maybe watched) a guy talk of a god-tier riven he had that was -100% impact, and this was "god tier" because less impact meant more slash procs. That's just bizarre territory. and then we know the issues around armour scaling. So I had a quick think what could be done. One thing that annoys me about armour is that its a hidden mechanic. Shields - you get to see a blue bar, but armour "just is". So le
  10. No, a balance pass should be made that addresses status procs entirely, and their multiplier effect on other mods. Part of the problem is not that you can apply a proc on someone, its because that proc can then be exploited to create insane multiples of damage. The proc itself isn't a problem, the damage tiers aren't a problem. The combinations (and probably the effects of the procs themselves - slash bypassing armour for example, or the old IPS being good against shields/armour/flesh when only slash counts nowadays) is. That's what they should be addressing.
  11. I use the filter - typically I put "WTB" as the filter text because that's how to find people who are looking for something - what the trade chat should be about. But I don't care for random junk people are trying to offload, or the relic scammers trying to grab 100 vaulted relics for 10p. Unfortunately you then get loads of posts saying "WTS x, y, z, riven this, riven that, etc" with "WTB x relic" at the end just to make their awful bot-posted sales scams appear to people who really don't care.
  12. They did "fix" a companion problem: by making the new ones immortal. 🤣 A companion update is sorely needed, along with a re-look at sentinel weapon damage as they're obsolete given the constant buffing of all other damage over time, the inability to put link mods on sentinels and other inconsistencies (not that I think link mods are any good, they should have better standalone health/armour/shield boosters). At the same time the should fix a few problems such as moas falling through the floor. An update is needed.
  13. wat are we on? Melee 2.0 or Melee 3.0 now? DE introduces new mods all the time, look at the wiki and it'll tell you when each was added, they love mod suggestions.
  14. Railjack would like to differ, Mind you, even after reading the wiki, players new to RJ still don't know what to do.
  15. I'm actually OK with heavy attacks, trade speed and an animation for extra damage. That's OK, that's a realistic decision the player makes whether to do one type of damage or another, with disadvantages to it in exchange for an advantage. (ie attack speed v damage boost). All combat should be more skill based, or trade-off based. Eg. we already have enemy weakpoints - that can be reflected in weapons, an large impact weapon does average damage all round (eg shotguns and some large projectile weapons), but a pin-point accurate one does less damage to armoured areas, but extra for weak
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