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  1. I think this is the case, what breaks prowl is noise - mainly noise from a heavy landing. which doesn't work at all for alarms and those kuva scanners, and is hopelessly hopeless when it comes to stealthily trying to sneak up on a kavat to scan it.
  2. so a gas proc wakes them, then each damage tick procs toxin which puts them to sleep again, and again and again.
  3. You hav eimpact and puncture the wrong way round, and the idea of a single toxin proc puttign the target to sleep is laughable especially when your 6m gas clouds proc toxin too!
  4. Unfortunately that is a linear design. The Grineer missions are far, far better as they are "do what you like when you like". I wish , dearly, that corpus RJ was like the grineer, then they'd be fun.
  5. saddest post - the guy cannot put the game down because its is desgned to keep you playing, but he obviously wants to, but those reward-centres in the lizard parts of his brain are stopping him, so he needs an external influence to finally kick this habit. Your comment forgets that there are many charities and organisations all set up to help people with addiction issues, so this is not an isolated case. And for Warframe as an addictive game, well 😆 https://www.ukat.co.uk/gaming-addiction/
  6. and also uses up a mod slot that, in a melee weapon, will be used for extra damage. So melee has an addition bonus to the bonuses it already enjoys. This is the root problem - and its all down to the RNG. We run those miossions fast (even ones that should be done slowly, like low-level fissures and murmurs) because the chances of you getting the reward you wanted can be infuriatingly low. This could be solved with the "RNG mercy" system where you never get the same drop twice, or much reduced chance of the same drop so players don't need to run it so many times. But then the probl
  7. This event, which is a bit of fun, has the best reward of all. Spend some nakak pearls to buy a beach ball. Put it in your orbiter, and your pet will play with it. That makes my day every time I enter the orbiter to see this ball flying through the air with a happy kubrow chasing it.
  8. There's a lot to be said for that - the standard star chart had to be level 1 enemies on Earth and level 30 on Sedna in order to make a progression players could work with, as they get better the enemies did too. But once you have completed the star chart like that, that "new player" progression should disappear and be replaced with enemies all of the same same level (I'd say 50 BTW - more than Sedna but not steel path level) and all players who have reached this point can then focus n being better themselves rather than trying to level their way through it. Bene there, done that, next ch
  9. Amen. WF is a game of "level up" constantly. Once you run out of things to level, or acquire to level, then there is little else. Look at all the threads that say the reward is the ony aspect that matters - hence speedrunning through missions so fast you even fail to get the rewards! Survival is not populart because of the loop, its popular because its easy to keep going and collect loot, and reward every 5 minutes. People don't play those missions for fun, they play them to cheese it, nuke it, and collect the stuff. Same reason i find defence is the most popular for me - the enemy comes
  10. Ots not a conspiracy theory that DE runs a free-to-play game, and as a result has to implement the addictive gamblingesque content in order to persuade people to part with their cash. The game would fold overnight if the money stopped flowing in, the devs, deisgners, managers all need to be paid.
  11. Anytime you want it gone, just recruit for murmurs in chat, plenty of players need them and will help you out. And you get a kuva weapon out of it.
  12. Lets not forget the spawning of a lich to get a weapon, when you've got most of them, you run Cassini to tget the larvling only to find they have yet another Kuva Kraken. Repeat... I would say the number of murmurs required need to be reduced, as the RNG sometimes means the lich will not show up mission after mission. Alternatively, the controlled nodes should remain lit even after you complete them, too often I have been down to 2 controlled mission nodes praying the lich shows up rather than have to run the spy or defection one.
  13. I don;t know, but i do know that i have seen corrupted spawn, they do their arms int heair thing, and then they die immediately afterwards, with no reactant drop. So as I'm told they drop 1 reactant for every 3 corrupted, I assume there is a brief time between turning corrupted and being considered corrupted by the game (what with network time etc for the host to inform the clients that these guys are now reactan.. oh, they're dead). It wouldn't surprise me at all. The onl;y other explanation is that corrupted drop randomly, but that would not be right as every so often you'd get 0 reacta
  14. TBH I would not like to be forced to change loadout for different factions - and places like the void with corrupted would make your proposal of buffs unworkable. Instead I would focus on efficiency of killing with different loadouts. Similar to how the in-game descriptions say "impact, good v shields" should not mean its useless against armour, just not nearly as good against armour. I tried something like this a while back, imagining shields to have total damage reduction after a small absorption, and armour the opposite, absorbing a small amount of damage, so that small fast firing wea
  15. I have a feeling your problem is the animation and noise of it. Other frames do exactly the same thing, spammed away, nuking enemies all over the place and you don't complain about them. You might have a valid complaint there, and her animations could be less fireballs from the sky (on a corpus space ship with low ceilings, hmm) and instead become more pillars of fire, that are quieter. But I feel you're on a loser asking for that as there's only cost in it for DE.
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