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  1. get yourself a brand new weapon, and level it up a little bit. Take a note of the MR points from your profile before and after, and only if it doesn't change contact support. Best is to take a screenshot before and after, with the weapon MR shown too. Support will appreciate that. The new primes are out and about, the strum prime is fun, the magnus... anyway, plenty others. There's a fair few in the market or dojo that you haven't mastered either if you're at MR 21. Buy one, build it, play with it. Check the MR points change. If it does, then you've just not bee diligent enough with mastering up to 30 (or 40 for lich weapons) all the others. In that case, check your codex and master them all.
  2. You could just tell us what the mission is. It makes things easier instead of being all mysterious and vague. Anyway, the answer is not clear as they are both grindfests. The Gravimag requires much standing with SU and then standing with VS, and these both require a lot of awkward-to-get drops. First those debt bonds, medical ones cause a lot of anguish and the rarer ones even more so (though I imagine you don't hear as much because people just give up). After that you need toroids, and lots of them to level up VS *plus* the gravimag components that are also a source of much anguish. Search the forums for "atmo systems are impossible to get" or "why do medical debt bonds never drop". Necramechs are eaiser then, standing is easy peasy to get, you just need the part drops from dead necramechs in the iso vaults. This is not as easy as you think, though a decent build can make it very easy, for a lower level player, its hard. much hard. And then you get a chance at the drops, 3.4% for the engines and pod. You will only need to level up to level 2 to get the BP to get a mech with Necraloid, and the requirements drop from the easy level iso vaults so it's not as bad. The mech is much more useful than the gravimag. By far. Stick a grattler on one and you can blast away on the open worlds. Gravimag is not su much fun, loading animation is slow and then you're stuck with it until you un-equip it. Its more a nuisance than a help. If you have both gravimag and mech, You will use the mech every time unless you have a very special need. So my answer would be: Mech. If you're doing Orphix, then you need a mech anyway. To get a mech, I used Nezha a lot with a fulmin. Do the easy vault, blast its arms off and then use the semi mode to blast its weak point. Once its arms are gone, it will headbutt you, you can run behind it while it resets itself giving you plenty of time to dakka away. Big hits are damage capped IIRC so fast fire works much better. Others say ignis wraith works as it has AoE damage effect, and of course archguns work like the grattler work well too. Slow the mech with gloom or put it to sleep with Nora's landing craft charges help too.
  3. You only want to play for 1 hour a day, at friday and weekends only? Be careful what you wish for.
  4. Not even the loid optional mission is required (and is slow). Most of the isolation vaults have a big room stuffed full of resource crates, but you have to unlock the door by shooting a reactive crystal (or several) with operator. eg The room with 3 spinning circles, zap 4 crystals around the outside of the device and they will align to form a portal to a room with much stuffs. The flat area at the top of an infested spiral staircase (that's usually the location of a 'defend the area' task) has a set of big double doors, shoot the crystal above the doors on the balcony and it unlocks, lots of stuff in there.
  5. Defence missions have failed before now - stalker can one-shot the defence objective if you're unlucky, and I've seen missions where everyone runs off killing and forgets to defend the target, one enemy can take it out quite easily if nobody notices to stop them. How to make exterminate or capture work? Stealth options perhaps - get noticed, fail. Or, the make it easier, get noticed and you have a few seconds to kill all nearby. You lose a rotation reward level for each time you're noticed - so you can do the whole thing and ghet RotC, be noticed twice and get RotA. if they turn on the alarms then you fail completely and enemies will go to turn on the alarms with more urgency. Exterminate could also be changed to "kill 3 high profile targets" and there's a time limit for each to escape, rot rewards based on how many of them you get. Which should please the speedboys while being a challenge for newer players. An alternative for capture - forget the "teleport target thing", instead they turn blue and you have to escort them out like a rescue hostage instead. Only they do not teleport to catch up with you any more, they only move to the extraction if you're nearby (to prod them with a bayonet), a bit like a hijack mission. Every time you go too far away from them, they turn around and run and you lose a rotation reward level too each time. 3rd time, they get away. If you make defence type missions reward according to damage take, you will encourage Limbo or Frost to do those missions and they'll be just as easy as before. You could have multiple defence objectives though, rather than the ones that move location. Or get rid of the shield on them so they slowly get whittled away by the enemy unless you really defend them. You'll encourage nuking if (say) interception varies on enemy %, nuke everything will be the go-to game. However, you could do interception lke volatile - you have to keep the enemy message transmission within bounds for Lotus to intercept and decrypt it rather than just kill everything as soon as they show up.
  6. Honestly for this test any frame will do fine. You just need to walk just behind the laser as it moves in front of you, shooting things. If you need to stop to aim, you can easily run to catch up with the laser as long as you don't take too long. Take a good long-range rifle that can easily blast the enemies. Ultimately this is a test of being able to walk and chew gum at the same time 😮 MR30 was easy with Wukong. The issue with the test is that people think its a survival test, and it isn't. Forget collecting the life support - splat the trashmobs with an AoE weapon to get the drops but primarily focus on killing the targets instead, you'll pick up the life support as you go. The biggest problem (for me at least) is that once you kill a wave of targets you have to activate the towers, and of course, some of them are far away on a floating platform almost too far to jump unless you get it spot on, or have special frame parkour power or whatever - frankly screw that. Cloud walk to them. That's why I used Wukong.
  7. Yes, so what is the address of that email. Type it in, that's your email address that also is used for login. You think warframe sends emails to ruffuswm@myemail.com and it magically transmutes to ruffuswm@steam.com? It doesn't. Email sent from DE to you will be the same email you have used for steam and all the other games. Go to your steam account and look at what that email address is. Steam does not do email forwarding. And even those places that do, usually put the original recipient as part of a x-envelope header anyway.
  8. When you get the email, look at the header, the "To:" part? Or go to your Steam account and check the email address listed there.
  9. Its not, I used to level up all the other archwing weapons and I think I have 6 copies of Dual Rounds now. They drop, they're not common (about as common as, say, Condition Overload) but they drop. Run more missions you will get one without even noticing. The interception mission on Uranus is good for this, can be boring sometimes, can be fun at others - I never figured out why the enemy spawns were so different, but when there are lots of them, its fun.
  10. TBH Its a gimmick on the diplos - aim, target, pop, enemy goes "ow, what was that". And then you have to do it all over again, its fun but useless. On the Ogris though... ho boy :)
  11. I can't see anything wrong with it. Its a reasonably meaty blam, nothing like the tenet tetra's scraping sound or the Kuva Hek's "chink". Video at the right time, in between his constant jibber jabber.
  12. So really you want the Tenet Diplos alt fire added as an augment, not the Envoy's laser guidance.
  13. No, trade chat is not easilyt filtered. I have WTB on usually, and its still full of people "WTS <list of rivens> WTB junk". Trade chat would remain valid for all the prime and riven stuff that's going on, but the other stuff that never seems to be traded there anyway would suddenly be replaceable.
  14. Yes, because you can build rifle or pistol from them, they couldn't be put in the normal riven groups. Hence I suggested rolling all zaw, hound, and whatever other module weapons into their own category. No rivens for kitguns and zaws at all - kinda makes sense as they have all those special arcanes instead, but its too late now.
  15. I recognise that DE has thought a little about the grind for new weapons and parts and has made many of the new stuff tradable in an attempt to reduce grind times somewhat. However, trading is still a bad place, full of riven merchants spamming away and any part that's worth few plat is ignored by most as not worth their time or ignored as requests in trade chat disappear under a torrent of "WTB trash riven 1p WTS riven 1000p". Not only that it allows to bypass gameplay and just buy what you want which I think is not the intention behind treading non-prime parts, All understandable, but I think there is a way to improve this to fix the major problem that is the RNG. That's being able to swap compatible parts with an NPC, and Darvo was made for this. At the moment, you can run several missions and if the RNG smiles at you, get a component drop. You just need to repeat the mission many, many times to get the RNG to drop the other parts too. But often the RNG will drop you the part you already have (think of Lich weapons, you can run a larvling, and they have the same thing you already have, so repeat, and repeat, and repeat) If Darvo would swap component parts then the RNG drop can be mitigated. You still have to play the mission, still have to suffer the RNG deciding to drop anything, but at least you will no longer be stuck holding 4 carmine penta blueprints and not have any barrel, receiver or stock! The same applies to all component parts that drop with an equal drop chance from equal level missions (so no swapping a Harrow Chassis for a Harrow Systems, or any prime parts) I think this would be a good QoL update that would allow for significantly less grind without impacting the game or missions or drop tables.
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