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  1. There was an endgame that was challenging - Railjack. The problem here is that you expect challenge to be "hard enemies", but you will also find that the meta becomes such that the enemies become easy to kill with the right stuff, and then we're back where we were (unless they really are too hard, in which case wails of "pls nerf" happen). But old Railjack, where you had to play with other people, and keep that ship going even if you were on some new players boat without the stuff you've gotten used to on your own ship. Oh yes, that made more sense. That was a challenge to keep it fl
  2. almost certainly legal issues would prevent that. But they could create a forum here with suggested text that DE could then cut and paste into the game after a quick vetting by DE staff, and the same people who create the wiki would no doubt create the in-game text too.
  3. Reactant is fine - do a Neo fissue and you'll have no problems collecting it. The problem comes with low level missions, the ones designed for low level players. When I was MR3, doing a lith fissure on Earth, I was there with my braton going dakkadakka and reactant was no problem to collect, Now I'm MR25, I do the mission and I see other MR25 players pressing 4 a couple of times and complaining "I pressed 4 twice now, why it not over already wanna collect loot". The problem is they just don't want to play the game. Understandable in some respects, but in others its not. DE wanted a p
  4. Rubbish. Kuva Liches have a freaking "tutorial" button at the bottom of the lich screen. Eidolons use the "DE-standard" method of telling you what to do - a guide, in this case Quill Onkko who doesn't hand-hold you but does give you bits of what would be really obscure info like getting a lure. Now the level of detail isn't enough here, and there is no in-game tutorial, or even in-game description of what to do (and I think this is a mistake, Onkoo could have a "what are Eidolons" chat option where he would tell you the basics), and many other areas (eg od Railjack would have been much be
  5. I'd put most of the old railjack in. Sure, there are plenty of technical limitations and issues you have to face - but that is the same with every mission, normal and new Corpus ones included. the addition of crew is the only part that makes sense - guns, turret changes, per-player energy and mods are all confusing when you think the RJ is no longer part of the game, its just the base model for the warframes to do their thing. Its sad really. At least the one RJ missions were pure, but the mix of ground and space battle worked beautifully (still do), so much much better than simply runnin
  6. When it came to the quest there's a major quest-stopping bug for me: To fire countermeasures you press "M4", I press this (currently mapped to secondary fire on weapon mode) and nothing happens. I've tried clearing the key bindings to defaults, same. Tried mapping a different key to secondary fire, nothing. Absolutely nothing works here, and I have no idea which command is being used so I can map a different key to it. I hear others have the same issue and managed to get past it with alternate keybindings, but none have an idea which key or command it being used. E
  7. I'll tell you one thing about the new void storm missions: FLASH! BANG! FLASHFLASH FLASH! FLASHHY BANG FLASH! I coulnd't see a thing half the time. And there seems to be soem mechanic where it does massive damage, I joined a squad on their RJ and before I could do anything there was a massive blast and I was on my ass with the "press x to revive" dialog showing. The stuff about reactant is confusing - whilst I read reactant drops (from ground troops) are shared, this didn't appear to work reliably, possibly because I joined one RJ where the host already had pi
  8. Is that people who sell them,. or people who say they sold them for that price?
  9. I would stick to playing on xbox. All gfx cards have gone up in price recently, supply and demand for the top end ones is ludicrous, and that's had a knock-on effect all the way down to cheaper ones. If you must get one, you need to know what power connectors you have, some cards need a 6-pin connector, some an 8-pin. Some need both or some combination of the 2 (its as complex as killing a lich!). So you need to know what you have. But its not even that easy - your Optiplex might not even be upgradable with a modern gfx card, those boxes are packed in with specially shaped components. The
  10. I can say.,... that its my favourite weapon... of all the glaives. Does that count? Its not much, considering how erm.. much I like glaives. Doesn't have much slash damage but it appears to perform very well against top-of-the-chart enemies (as I was levelling it up to get rid of it).
  11. I get it was a quest reward so should have been Ballas' sword, but it really needs to be blueprinted into an orokin catalyst-style addon that you can add to any weapon, guns included. But as with a lot of things, DE looks to melee only.
  12. Manyof the enemies atre not smart. Most, if not all, of the AI enemy units do not need any form of pathfinding beyond that of a roomba. Think of the butchers for example, they come at you once they notice you. That's it. The others may have AI twice as good as the roombas. In a corpus RJ mission, most of the crew can be contained within small areas, so there's even less need for pathfinding - they stay in their rooms and barely need to move at all.
  13. farming them? They're a syndicate purchase - just do normal stuff and buy one when you get too much standing. I think I have 5 spare right now.
  14. A weapon breaks system woudl be bad - you only have one melee weapons, so changing it out is not an option. So the self-repair is a means to mitigate this. However, there's no reaosn to go all fancy like this when you could just simply introduce a stamina system to melee attacks that would achieve the same result with less fuss. But of course, we coudl just remove combo entirely and achieve the result of less damage after increased usage of melee weapons. I still can't work out why you'd do more damage to something because you hit something else 5 seconds ago.
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