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  1. In game, it's people's choice to talk to the devs and give feedbacks. Honestly, your idea to install section for feedbacks on the liset isn't necessary. The windows are open and it's on the silent players if they don't talk and be seemingly nonchalant even if they are not. Devstreams every two weeks alone is more communication attempts from the devs and for the ones who don't participate in the discussion, it's their fault. Just like how voting works. Participate in the first place or don't expect the gov't people to come for you directly on your front door.
  2. I did the same thing for people to see, with different intention. I just want this to stop but I also know it is not effective at all. But knowing that, I wanted the ideas of people other than attention-wh0res by becoming sorta like it. I think it wasn't a bad idea.
  3. That's true. I'm aware that in the very point of my thread does contribute to the rants. I was being emotional there too. People QQ with the nullifiers and the rants are getting pretty lame. I do realize it's not so simple. But it's so pathetic that people never learned with the viver situation. I also never learn by joining this never ending rants, but it is not my power to control people's heed, as people just go to the posts that are so provocative and controversial, when no one is doing an actual constructive feedback on contents in the right section.
  4. That would require the community to change. But when it involves the community that is human, there is no real solution. I was frustrated in the cycle we go through in discussions.
  5. I haven't talked a lot here so I wouldn't learn about that, consider me as a noob forumer. But it's saddening how it loops with emotional feedbacks and that leads nowhere too.
  6. Yeah I do realize it does belong in feedback, but sometimes I just want it here to make people see more. I could be wrong, but most people come to GD a lot of their times in the forums.
  7. I've been seeing a lot of flames in General Discussion, ever since the Viver shenanigans happened. Surely on that hotfix to cripple excal and mag were dumb, but let's get real here. General Discussion is not for all discussions. It's so damn obvious to say it, but there are feedback category for a reason. Honestly, I was busy in real life that I couldn't 'exploit' the viver node before change. But I was browsing the forums - mainly GD - and could see how DE was getting smashed by the community for their mistake (which was so obvious that they were going to revert that change, because it wa
  8. Ah, I noticed a lot of people like to leave it default. Wanted to see some creativity in colors though :(
  9. Ever since the Proto-Armor skin was out, I found it quite hard to find the color scheme that fits my style. So, how do you color your Proto-Armor skin? Share it in this thread! P.S. Also share your favorite color(s) and pallette(s)! :D
  10. The most recently added weapon that competes with the top tier weapons is Synoid Gammacor from Sepalon Suda syndicate. Ton of dmg. Edit: well, someone beat me to telling it, so I'll say one more. Dragon Nikana with Blind Justice stance is THE hardest hitting melee at least in slash dmg. Berserker build viable.
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