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  1. 22 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Hey all,

    Just a heads up that we have temporarily disabled Twitch x Warframe account linking. We had significant traffic issues on our side (big day for Warframe, eh?) and are ruling out all issues before we re-enable.

    We will absolutely be reviewing all Twitch related campaign dates to make sure no one misses out.

    Much love as we work away on this crazy day <3

    When we re-enable we'll let you know!

    Can you give everyone the rewards for logging in within a certain time period instead? I'm not a fan of Twitch. You know they embed their ads in streams now? I can't even adblock that so I stopped supporting that platform.

  2. So, two or three said Hema cost was fine and Steve listens to those few instead and leaves it as is? They say then they won't release a weapon with such a huge sticker shock. So you won't change the cost but admit it might be too much???? Ugh, 2017, the year Warframe starts sinking although it started before that really with Nitain, Kuva, Argon Crystals, Oxium, and the general march towards Korean grind. I used to play everyday. Now it's like twice a week because I'm so sick of the grind. DE doesn't appreciate my time they just want it.

  3. 4 minutes ago, N64Gamefreak said:

    When I swing my Galatine Prime against an unalerted enemy, why is that enemy alerted 0.1s before the blade makes contact?  Aren't melee attacks supposed to be silent?

    I could hear it if it was that close and swinging at me. Hasn't anyone ever swung a bat at you while you were unaware?

  4. Kuva, syndicate rep, oxium, argon crystals, ferrite, detonite injectors, detonite ampules, neural sensors, alloy plate, credits, circuits, control modules, cryotic, morphics, neurodes, gallium, nano spores, orokin cell, plastids, polymer bundles, rubedo, salvage, tellurium, nav coordinates, Lephantis nav coordinates, Mutalist Alad V coordinates, and void relics are the resources/currency we have to farm and keep track of. Coupled with RNG I think we're reaching critical mass of just how much stuff is in this game and unnecessarily so. It's rather difficult to try and help my friends who are thoroughly confused as new players. Too much system clutter!

  5. 1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Yup! We want to get it better set up on Rifles first before we expand, which is why they have had such a limited release so far.

    I don't want an expansion of Riven mods. I think the whole mod system and mods, power creep, damage, enemy scaling, and weapons in general need to be looked at. Those are the real underlying issues. I look at Riven mods and I see a band-aid solution that introduces further unnecessary systems clutter.

  6. If DE didn't make trash weapons then we wouldn't need a whole system to make them useful. Riven mods seem like a band-aid solution to the actual problem that DE makes some weapons obviously weaker than others. It's the power creep problem that has been building over time. Do away with Riven mods and look at how and what DE releases in general. I see this as unnecessary system clutter. My friends, as new players, are already confused as hell with what there is. 

    Riven needs to go and a look at damage, enemy scaling, enemy difficulty, and weapon stats/enhancement, needs to be addressed to fix the meta and unused weapon issue.

  7. 4 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Hi all!

    There will be no Devstream #83 this Friday - we are moving it to next week (November 18). This move has been made in anticipation of The War Within release this week and the conclusion that it'd be a much more informative stream once everyone has had time to play the Update and we've had time to sleep and get reactions.

    However.... we do have a very big Stream day lined up Friday instead... stay tuned!


    My heart wells with joy with the thought that you exist. 

  8. 2 hours ago, [DE]Taylor said:

    Changes are an ongoing process! On top of producing new content and working on U19, our developers have a lot on their plate for these QoL updates and only so much manpower. We absolutely appreciate all of the feedback that our players provide, and we are so grateful to our community for taking the time to help us make Warframe better.

    I understand why you're feeling what you're feeling, but there are so many members with differing opinions and different priorities that accommodating your guys' suggestions and requests takes time. I hope you understand! :)

    Warframe seems to be doing very well for itself, even gaining a recent momentum of mainstream attention from streamers, players, and media outlets. Maybe DE should expand and grow it's workforce?

  9. Starting to agree.


    There's always the argument of ''they need to get paid to'' but come on, 2 almost impossible to get stances that drop from enemies found in one node? That's verging on ridiculous.

    For the sake of balancing the interests of the two parties, players shouldn't even consider how DE is going to make money. We should just voice our concerns as players and not try to be DE's treasurers and DE should worry about their business and their game. When the player base starts thinking on the side of DE then we slowly tip the scales towards their interests over ours and bad design decisions that should be challenged and critiqued get a pass. And a game with no critique isn't going to improve.

  10. Grind? No.

    RNG? Yes.

    I think you're right. It's not so much the grind but the REAL problem is RNG. I wouldn't mind grinding if I knew what I was working towards. The uncertainty coupled with the let down that RNG so often dishes out is unbearable.


    What if it was a token system instead? Void gives tokens to purchase the part you want?


    Not that exactly, but that concept. That is an acceptable grind.

  11. Crappy though it may be, and how bad it feels now, you'll come to realise that it wasn't love if something as simple as you playing a game came between you.

    Still a better love story than Twilight btw ;)

    And I LIKE Twilight, book AND film!

    omg I loved that series! Even though the movies were embarrassing to watch, with all of Kirsten Stewart's painful acting, I cried during the last movie when I thought Carlyle died.

  12. In my honest opinion, if a friendship ceased over a digital game... it isnt worth keeping :/


    Sorry it happened thought.  

    She was someone that I liked and she liked me too for the most part. She came over one day and we were watching some movies together. I wanted her to get into Warframe with me so we could be one of those cute couples that play together. Seeing how Warframe is my favorite game I started with that.

    After about an hour she gave up and said it was too grindy. I explained that's how it was at first especially for newbs. She then got angry at me for calling her a newb but I meant it as someone who is new. I told her that and she said that I was stupid for putting so much time into some stupid game.

    I have a brother who isn't all there in the head and she's aware. She said that what I was doing every day was paramount to insanity; playing this game over and over and expecting some reward that had a small chance of occuring. She jokingly started calling me mental which made me angry.

    Then she got angry because I was being too serious. I told her this was getting out of hand and that I didn't want her to play Warframe if she didn't want to. That wasn't good though because I guess I hurt her feelings. She started crying, saying that if we're fighting now over a stupid game just imagine what'd it'd be like if we actually started dating. 

    She got up to leave and I tried to make amends. At that moment I noticed a nitain extract alert had just come up and completely out of the blue I said, " Oh, sweet!" 

    She said, "OMFG, look at you! Literally just forgot about me for some stupid f*cking thing in your game. You're really just a dweeb." Then she stormed out of my room.

    I was actually torn at what to do. I figured she wasn't too upset really, cuz it was all just a game and she might've just been play fighting even though both our feelings were hurt. So I let her walk away and I did the alert mission.

    Later that week when I caught up to her she said she was going to the movies with Jason, a guy from my class. I was stunned and asked if we were over? She replied, "I honestly expected you to chase after me but you just played that f*cking game. I want someone who thinks I'm more important than that."

    I tried desperately to explain that I didn't think she was that upset about it which is why I thought it best to just let her walk off some steam but she wouldn't listen. I cried that night. I really liked her. I think it was even love...

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