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  1. 22 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Hey all,

    Just a heads up that we have temporarily disabled Twitch x Warframe account linking. We had significant traffic issues on our side (big day for Warframe, eh?) and are ruling out all issues before we re-enable.

    We will absolutely be reviewing all Twitch related campaign dates to make sure no one misses out.

    Much love as we work away on this crazy day <3

    When we re-enable we'll let you know!

    Can you give everyone the rewards for logging in within a certain time period instead? I'm not a fan of Twitch. You know they embed their ads in streams now? I can't even adblock that so I stopped supporting that platform.

  2. Starting to agree.


    There's always the argument of ''they need to get paid to'' but come on, 2 almost impossible to get stances that drop from enemies found in one node? That's verging on ridiculous.

    For the sake of balancing the interests of the two parties, players shouldn't even consider how DE is going to make money. We should just voice our concerns as players and not try to be DE's treasurers and DE should worry about their business and their game. When the player base starts thinking on the side of DE then we slowly tip the scales towards their interests over ours and bad design decisions that should be challenged and critiqued get a pass. And a game with no critique isn't going to improve.

  3. Grind? No.

    RNG? Yes.

    I think you're right. It's not so much the grind but the REAL problem is RNG. I wouldn't mind grinding if I knew what I was working towards. The uncertainty coupled with the let down that RNG so often dishes out is unbearable.


    What if it was a token system instead? Void gives tokens to purchase the part you want?


    Not that exactly, but that concept. That is an acceptable grind.

  4. Crappy though it may be, and how bad it feels now, you'll come to realise that it wasn't love if something as simple as you playing a game came between you.

    Still a better love story than Twilight btw ;)

    And I LIKE Twilight, book AND film!

    omg I loved that series! Even though the movies were embarrassing to watch, with all of Kirsten Stewart's painful acting, I cried during the last movie when I thought Carlyle died.

  5. In my honest opinion, if a friendship ceased over a digital game... it isnt worth keeping :/


    Sorry it happened thought.  

    She was someone that I liked and she liked me too for the most part. She came over one day and we were watching some movies together. I wanted her to get into Warframe with me so we could be one of those cute couples that play together. Seeing how Warframe is my favorite game I started with that.

    After about an hour she gave up and said it was too grindy. I explained that's how it was at first especially for newbs. She then got angry at me for calling her a newb but I meant it as someone who is new. I told her that and she said that I was stupid for putting so much time into some stupid game.

    I have a brother who isn't all there in the head and she's aware. She said that what I was doing every day was paramount to insanity; playing this game over and over and expecting some reward that had a small chance of occuring. She jokingly started calling me mental which made me angry.

    Then she got angry because I was being too serious. I told her this was getting out of hand and that I didn't want her to play Warframe if she didn't want to. That wasn't good though because I guess I hurt her feelings. She started crying, saying that if we're fighting now over a stupid game just imagine what'd it'd be like if we actually started dating. 

    She got up to leave and I tried to make amends. At that moment I noticed a nitain extract alert had just come up and completely out of the blue I said, " Oh, sweet!" 

    She said, "OMFG, look at you! Literally just forgot about me for some stupid f*cking thing in your game. You're really just a dweeb." Then she stormed out of my room.

    I was actually torn at what to do. I figured she wasn't too upset really, cuz it was all just a game and she might've just been play fighting even though both our feelings were hurt. So I let her walk away and I did the alert mission.

    Later that week when I caught up to her she said she was going to the movies with Jason, a guy from my class. I was stunned and asked if we were over? She replied, "I honestly expected you to chase after me but you just played that f*cking game. I want someone who thinks I'm more important than that."

    I tried desperately to explain that I didn't think she was that upset about it which is why I thought it best to just let her walk off some steam but she wouldn't listen. I cried that night. I really liked her. I think it was even love...

  6. having an amazing circle of supportive friends to play and enjoy the game with makes the game enjoyable to me, even through the grind and i haaate grinding 

    if i didnt have my friends playing with me i would not have kept playing past day 3 honestly 

    My friend said it wasn't worth it and ditched me. Guess we weren't that great of buddies as I thought. Warframe killed my friendship.

  7. No. If the grind was reduced, we'd get everything quicker. Meaning we'd run out of things to do halfway between updates. I'd rather not see that happen to another game. #COUGHDESTINYCOUGH

    So you wouldn't be happier if freaking Wukong BP was one less Nitain Extract or something was, like, 10 Ferrite cheaper? Literally no changes need to be made to this games grind?

  8. I think people are way too much accostumed to have Everything in the moment they see it. 

    Yes , you will have nezha in 1 or 2 weeks. It's new content, I know u die to try it, but if u want something instantly there is a way (market) and don't tell me that "only those who pay for pl" cause if you have not 300~ pl till now there could be only 3 reasons : or you are lazy (in this case it's totaly your fault) or you are not capable of sell ( your incapacity), or you are a new player (so there are still many frames to try before Nezha).


    So keep calm and wait, you will not die if you don't find all nezha parts instantly, moreover those parts will be permanent in sorties and are tradable in market, so is not a matter of " if you will have" but "when you will have".

    Be patient. 

    There are two types of responses to "There's too much grind."


    1. There's too much grind. I agree.

    2. You're all impatient.


    So far, it appears the majority are type 1 people thus something needs to be done.

  9. There are 8 replies of blind sheep until someone finally speaks sense.

    It's a free game. If you want to moan about a grind filled game, go buy The Taken King DLC for Destiny. It's worse, and costs £70.

    Moaning about the grind in a game that has no mandatory costs is as ridiculous as moaning about a sale at your local supermarket is.

    I wonder if it's even possible, with sanity intact, to play this game without a single platinum purchase. I think that's a true test of F2P.

  10. Sometimes I wish that every poster that cries about grind in this game somehow gets a glitch in their account giving them every item for nothing.

    I don't want that and those who share the sentiment that the grind is too much probably don't want that either. We want to sweat a little but we'd like the goal to be within reasonable reach with reasonable effort with reasonable rewards for the time we put in.

  11. flustering on having to rely on weight drop tables and blessings from RNG.


    The "daily grind"  includes currently:


    Sortie missions.  3.  Usually takes 20 minutes or more

    Syndicate missions 3.  From "not worth doing interception" to "breezy Exterminate".  has officaly reached "I don't got time for that"

    Simarus Daily target 4 missions... really sucks if there are in the void, or hard to get area. "I dont have time for that"

    LoR raid, Jordas raid.


    From what I guess, that is minimum 12 missions taking about an hour (not counting raids) and that assumes you solo them as it is near impossible to find someone to do them with you.


    For the sorties I did all but one, including the one today before the update. "We are starting it early, so those that did sortie have to wait longer... YOUR WELCOME"  For my rewards I got

    3 different lens.. all after the Greater lens market crash


    5 Dera Vandal barrels, 1 Dera Vandal BP

    4 Karak Wraith BPs, 1 wraith Stock.


    Thankfully i was able to trade the Karak BPs to actually build the damn thing.


    And lets not forget my 42 spy missions to get all the parts for Ivara.  as if this post I still have 46 hours left before I can use the frame.


    Yes.. it is killing the game.  badly

    A small pet peeve but there's no way Sorties take 20 min. to finish as a single survival mission is about 15-20 min.

  12. Every game needs RNG or some form of 'grind'. You can't expect to have things handed to you.

    I don't expect it handed to me and I've had my fair share of grind to get my stuff to reach MR 19. Like anything in life there can be an excess. Warframe's grind is excessive in it's grind and rng which is frustrating. The majority of the community agree on this hence the overwhelming negative sentiment about the grind.

  13. Every time I try to get people to play this game with me.  When they saw all the cool stuff to get in the game, they asked "how to get this or that!" 


    It kills me every time I had to be as positive about it as I can, yet it doesn't change the reality.  Pay with plat or prepare to grind, there are no middle ground.  That's fact.  Whether you enjoy the grind or not, it is always a turn off for people who just started the game.  They're not even fully on board with the game and yet it teases with the grind you'll have to do to get what you want. 


    The slogan for this game should be "Warfarm - Ninja grinds".


    Try explaining to new players they have to always check out for alerts to get Vauban, or nitain to get Wukong.  Not even that, try explaining the method to get any other Warframe that isn't the lineup from 2013.  

    I tried to get my friend into Warframe. He didn't last long. Can confirm the grind killed him.

  14. I'd say it isn't. The sheer number of players running sorties and the fact that Nezha parts are tradeable will make it easy to obtain.

    You miss the overall picture that spans more than just Nezha. Besides, saying "It's tradeable" doesn't solve anything. Most of the items in the game are tradeable yet the overwhelming grind exists. 

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