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  1. Yes completely separate computers No I already did all of that
  2. Well then I don't know what's affecting me, my girlfriend and I watched the stream together and she got parts but I did not get anything.
  3. Is only the receiver being given out? I did not receive any parts even after re-linking my twitch account :(
  4. Darvo is currently selling a furax, and it shows as having 499 pieces owned in my inventory. I don't think this would be physically possible, let alone recommended to anybody. I own 1 copy of the furax wraith and don't own a furax, I do not know if that is affecting this bug in any way.
  5. Repeater clip fails to proc when equipped on bubonico Is this a bug or is this mod just not designed to work on this gun, despite it being able to be equipped?
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