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  1. Satisfied with the explanation , she turn to him. "That is rather fascinating, although is your co-worker alright? He appears to be injured." She gives the injured man another lookover.
  2. "...Hello?" she looks at it, rather confused her vulpaphyla remains close, but avoids getting too near.
  3. She peers behind the drone, attempting to figure out the issue. Unsatisfied, she walks ahead of the drone look around.
  4. Unfortunately no, because you see colours through the companion tab in your Arsenal.
  5. She silently follows the drone, wondering where exactly they're going. The architecture is familiar, although she cannot place why.
  6. Apologies for ghosting, my modem died *facepalm*
  7. *Obligatory raise of hand to validate you* I'm AEST, and it's difficult to get up at 5am on weekends to do things. I'm sure alot of other people agree with the sentiment.
  8. Nope, won't happen for a long while. Consoles don't want their customers to transfer to other competitors. (E.g why Sony originally didn't allow cross-platform for Fortnite). They want to add some kind of cross-account (Just progression mostly) but it's sadly not just up to them.
  9. Ikr, my Platinum is screaming for the night hunter pair
  10. She notices the Wisp and reciprocates the greeting. It was lovely to see a fellow Tenno around. She gave a nod to her frame, a compliment. Her Vulpaphyla too glances at Vydraixenne, detecting a somewhat familiar smell. She absorbs her words, keeping quiet. She chooses to examine every nook and cranny of the hallways, this information will prove useful for navigation later.
  11. Sorry I'm Australian so I'm AEST, about 8 hours after you're online usually. I'll be on holidays next week, so I'll get up extra early to reply on stuff.
  12. She nods at the confirmation of security. She also notes the Corpus and Tenno as she smirks at the man's words. "A rather complex system you have here. It must take tremendous resources to maintain." Her vulpaphyla obediently slinks behind her, monitoring the environment. She phases into her frame again, disappearing into it. It keeps pace with the drone, observing the regal aesthetic.
  13. "Thank you, Caretaker." She turns to her vulpaphyla and back to the drone. "It's okay if you want him muzzled, I understand. I'll make sure he's on his best behavior as well."
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