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  1. Fantastic Spot on review - could not agree more with his major points
  2. And that's not what I am asking for. I am saying that they need to just make the game. This insistence on gimmicks or that the game should have perpetual feature creep makes no sense. Warframe doesn't need to be Star Citizen. And it's basically an incomplete game. DE has acknowledged this. Just because it's technically released doesn't make it a whole game or a complete product. DE made out the original intentions to be that they were going to push the game towards a finished solid base game and they've lost sight of that. EDIT: And especially as a released product I definitely get to
  3. SAME. What I said 3 years ago And playing other games gave me alot of perspective on my experience from playing Warframe and really highlighted its major core flaws. Digital Extremes keeps adding and focusing on gimmicks. They keep making things that having nothing to do with the core gameplay. They keep adding new things and don't spend nearly enough time integrating that content or polishing it. This has left the game in a very broken state. I like Railjack because it fixes Archwing and brings focus back to Space Ninja Tile Set gameplay - but the Necramechs? What does
  4. Not all games do this. ESO has great horizontal progression but it has a solid foundation to build off of - Warframe doesn't
  5. Yeah Bungie recognizes that loot screw up ngl, but they're taking steps already to address that issue. Such as bring ing back gear from seasons and hiring more people to make more loot. It still has a solid foundation that it can build on and it's way easier for them to make these course corrections in comparison to Warframe.
  6. I could not agree more. DE needs to make solid decisions. Pick a direction and stick with it
  7. All in all this goes to my point. Warframe needs to start from the ground up to get a solid foundation, for the long term health of the game.
  8. Or maybe don't fix what ain't broke If they want to make changes for the long term health of the game then stop adding half-finished features. Stop creating castle ruins and focus on creating a solid foundation. Halo innovates but it sticks to the core of the game. The new Doom games innovate but they focus on the core aspect of what made Doom great.
  9. Nobody is asking for perfection. They're asking for something resembling a complete and polished product instead of a perpetual petri dish. Experimentation is great as it does lead to evolution but if it constantly leads to unfinished features that don't get updated for years, or it leads to feature creep then it's a problem. It's ambition far outweighing ability to execute it, partially due to a lack of focus. Warframe is older and is still in this state of unfinished features and lack of polish. Not exactly a good argument for quality. Also most games that have those "mono
  10. NOTE: I am not bashing on the game, developers, or community. This is my honest and genuine feedback in retrospect of my experiences from my time playing Warframe. The Post I love the art, I love the universe, I love the concepts, and I really enjoy the central the gameplay. Speaking as someone who played back in 2013 and financially supported the game for some time; This is why I had an on-off again relationship with the game back to Plains of Eidolon and eventually decided to take a long break from the game for almost the past 3 years. (To clarify: I have hopped on every
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