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  1. Uhm.. Except the 8-12m 50k bleed explosion that likely happens it's like a rifle, yes.
  2. And then you use the Tenet Envoy. You can do pinpoint faceshots even with HC.
  3. Replace serration with galvanized chamber, vile acceleration with hammer shot and rime rounds with primed cryo rounds. Stacking damage without a lot of damage types don't do that much and primary merciless will eventually be a nice replacement for serration.
  4. Since I don't want to cheese them (actually they feel like bosses and the fights are fun) I use mainly ember. Heat dots disable her shield regen, immolations DR keeps me alive. As for weapons I use kuva ogris for some viral procs, ceti lacera for some magnetic and then dependent on her weakness either pyrana prime or if she is slash immune, tombfinger.
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