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  1. I wrote that I don't play solo, you write about gunners. For me, there is no such aspect as crew at all. I won't even try to write here anymore. People on reddit are much smarter. close this pls, and never see you again
  2. For me as a player who doesn't play solo, crew is never used. And this is sad, since the idea itself is cool, especially as a fan of the first mass effect. Let's move on to new game modes, especially defense. I think when you DE talked about defense in space, that's not what we wanted. Make a normal defense mode, where each tenno is on his railjack, with his own unique team and build. Endless mission on space ships. You wanted everyone to feel the significance , not just the host. I have now farmed a new guard and a penta. And playing defense and exterminate after flying a minute before
  3. so i had max railjack, and now i need 10+mil to max it again, sadge. Agree i hate this
  4. i playd d2 as well, was ok. pvp is garbage tho. After new addon. its difrent games tho.
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