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  1. just want to create this myself. True end game of this game, bug fishing. Some how catch 5.
  2. OMG you need to think, not mindlessly push all buttons. Sadge that warframe full of power creeps lovers. But srly Warframe is probably the only game where there are no cooldowns.
  3. The game has 500 different types of weapons, companions, 43 frames, and with the release of a new mech, and the imminent release of the lich of the corps, there will be an even greater need for forma. Perhaps earlier, when there were less than 10 frames and 50 weapons, it made sense, now a day for one forma is a shock. I suggest either removing the blueprint, or reducing the crafting time to at least 6 hours, or more opportunities to get a forma with baunty, for example, or make an uncommon forma from relics not a blueprint. So many ideas, but no opportunities. Thanks for attention.
  4. In an ideal world, there should be an event every month. For example, like in an weeb casino.
  5. 100% ,I don't even use the first mech in open locations, and I don't even intend to lvl up the second
  6. I just try the weapons that are in the game, and delete the ones I don't like. Where is the rush?
  7. four minutes a day for three weapons at maximum level, plus a relic reward. Yes waste of time)
  8. Hello forum. I've been playing Warframe for 4 months (27 mr, yes I'm braindead). 1.Recently began to notice a lot of people began to remember the good old days. And although I understand that nastalgia changes reality, but still. What in your opinion has changed over the years. The game is already 7+ years old. When was the heyday and why exactly did this happen? 2.Now why am I start playing and my expirience. I'm tired of Dota 2 and the toxic community and I love science fiction. So i tried warframe. Honestly, if it weren't for the random guy(now he is my friend), I wouldn't have la
  9. 1.Maroo 2.Teshin 3.Tyl Regor 4.Baro Ki'Teer 5.Ordis
  10. i dont know how, but they need make any pvp_pvpve playeble. I think they need make overwatch like gamemodes. A separate mode where mods and weapons are separately set by de themselves. Or even better make it like moba aka Smite like or Paragon (RIP)
  11. i dont care, never use this mechs anyway. And it looks like those who use them pump much more forms. If it weren't for the moronic mastery rang system, no one would be pissed off
  12. I don't think that warframe can be made much more difficult in normal missions(i hope it can and will), the game is originally built on the idea of power fantasy. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I have been using 6 forma ignis for last 2 months . I don't even need to aim. This week I played desteny 2 for the first time, and I would not say that the game is difficult. It just requires you to press buttons and not play with one hand in your pants. And I want it to be in the warframe as well, so that each mission makes you focus at least 70%. And not to open lith relics against level 5 enemi
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