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  1. Ah ok and hopefully I’ll get some platinum to get her
  2. I think I know why twitch was acting up and the drop not working there was an event on fortnite for galactus
  3. I didn’t get today’s drop after watching the entire stream
  4. Its twitch prime not the normal one to get the stuf i don't have twitch prime just twitch
  5. I got everything except the dex dakra weapon if there’s some players that don’t have it then what’s the point of given the skin out
  6. All I got was fireworks and I don’t understand why is it in the market for credits no Basmu
  7. DE fix your drops for livestream missed the 10 am drop needs others need that teaset
  8. I got nither of those I feel like they should change the time cause it’s not helping on who’s watching the livestream to get those free scenes
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