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  1. 8 hours ago, SignatureChewy said:

    For context, here's a few quotes from the Tennocon gameplay reveal:

    Loid- "Now you face an existential threat. If the heart stops beating, the wellspring of your power dies with it".

    Mother- "It pumps the arteries of 'the here' and the void. The Entrati family have maintained it for an age, but it's breaking down..."

    The void is something of a parallel dimension, and The Heart of Deimos is likely responsible for anchoring it to our own dimension. If the Void is like a river flowing past our dimension, the Heart is like a dam constricting its flow and establishing a reservoir for us to utilize. Whenever the Tenno use their void powers, it's like we're dipping a straw into that pool of void energy and siphoning a little bit. If the dam blows, the reservoir depletes, and we no longer have a pool to drink from. Not only would the Tenno be unable to use their powers, anything that uses void energy would cease functioning as well (warframe abilities, railjack jump drives, etc.). Anything stuck in the void, such as the ancient Orokin towers, would likely be "washed away" so to speak and become inaccessible. It's possible that we're already feeling the effects of the Heart's disrepair in the void fissures, which could be considered "leaks" in the dam forcing things back into our dimension as it collapses.



    This was pretty much my exact takeaway as well.

    A goofy alternative/extra twist that went through my mind would be that rather than everything that hooks into the Void just getting zilched, the Void instead/also consumes/supersedes the base reality the events and actions of Warframe take place in with a universe-eating cataclysm. This could tenuously be tied to the Duviri and Quills shenanigans, with that being an pivotal event in... whatever is going on there.

    Bonus points if it's a double-twist and that Void-superseding-"our"-reality event is actually desirable or necessary for "Duviri-plane-to-our-plane" interactions to occur.

  2. 1 hour ago, Hixlysss said:

    have to ask...are the base melee mods, like Fury, Pressure Point, Spoil Strike even, or the ones I'm most curious/eager about...True Steel and Melee Prowess...going to be touched on at all with this update? I mean you're adjusting how the current 'meta' mods like BLood rush affect crit chance, is there any chance that True Steel will get a buff to help compensate for the reduction to Blood Rush? Or a buff to Melee Prowess to give us more options beyond using the dual stat elemental mods? Or even just changing *how* these mods apply their bonuses(like making additive perhaps?) would suffice, imo.

    I too have the same general concerns on this point, but I suspect we won't see any changes to that aspect of the basic modding meta until there's a general-to-total overhaul of the modding system in general, which would amount to a complete rebalance of more-or-less every single weapon in the game.

    Not that I don't want that - I really, really do - I just don't see it happening just yet.

  3. 9 hours ago, DoomFruit said:

    Watching this and reminding myself of the old days tells me that whoever made the current melee system had huge nostalgia for release Warframe. Melee combos lock you in place and twirl around like a maniac, but if both you and the enemies moved slower (as in this video), and if primed fury or berserker didn't exist, then they might actually work. Especially for when there were fewer enemies with relatively more hitpoints.

    And yes, I know, they're using level 5 unmodded Mk1 Bratons along with unranked ability mods with no stat modifier mods (eg. streamline, continuity). I remember well the enormous power boost you got from equipping Piercing Hit on your rifle for that lovely armour-ignoring AP damage type.

    I can't help but wonder how I'd do in that mission with that gear, but with my current knowledge of the game - most of all coptering, the universal fact that headshots are better, sprint-jumping or coptering into a slide is a great way to maintain speed while not spending stamina, use more rolls to avoid fire and reposition yourself.


    And now I want to go back and play old Warframe again. I did like it. I liked it enough to put the star next to my picture on the left. Sure, it'll take some getting used to having stamina again, and I can see the effects of not having sentinel plus vacuum, but the old game had nicer atmosphere, prettier effects in some cases and a more careful balance (no corrupted or primed mods, shields weren't ignored by every single faction, toxic or disruptor ancients were genuinely terrifying).

    EDIT: and I also miss the fact that enemies split into several parts and went flying in random directions when killed. And the melee system, which is still superior to what we have now (both normal and charge strikes were very fluid to pull off, each weapon had its own animation set which added some wonderful variety and distinction). And the taiko drums - still my favourite soundtrack, only March of the Moa comes close and the music volume is way too low at this point for me to hear it.

    Oh, and the UI. So much cleaner back then, both in the game and the menus. So much easier to do things in the menu, and again with the atmosphere there - your squad kneeling around a faint hologram of the solar system with that ominous chanting in the background.

    Oh man, this really says it all at least as well as I ever could have. I do earnestly love the game we have now, but I'd do damned near anything to have an optional 2013-2014 era Warframe server to bum around in every so often.

  4. So, as of patch 22.13.4, this bug has... changed. It's still present, in that damage values at the very least are wrong/altered while in Razorwing, but now it's Proc-ing the correct status effects. It appears as though certain Elemental mods that were being deactivated before are now functioning, but not every mod is kicking in - it appears the attack-speed mods get turned off as well as some (all? I'm not sure) of the straight-damage mods. Melee Range mods also appear to be working now, though it's hard to be sure.

    It's definite progress, though it's still not completely fixed yet. I'll try to get some footage uploaded to show how it's changed.

    EDIT: Hokay, Melee Range is definitely still being removed. Kind of iffy to determine, but it's happening.

    EDIT Mk.II: And some footage of it in action -


  5. The only Passives you have active at any time are the ones that are unlocked and activated on your Primary School, plus any Waybounds you have unlocked and activated. Passives unlocked on your non-Primary school only become active if/when you make that School your Primary.

    EDIT: By way of example - say you have unlocked (and presumably activated) the nodes for Zenurik's Energy-Dash, Naramon's melee-affinity-range, and Madurai's Elemental Damage. If you set Madurai as your Primary School, you will not gain the melee-affinity-range or Energy-Dash benefits - unless you set one of those as your Primary School, in which case you gain that benefit but lose the Elemental Damage. Waybound Passives are special in that they can be used with ANY school once you have that Waybound maxed.

    So, say you've maxed out Madurai's Amp Energy Regen Waybound Passive - if you now set Zenurik as your Primary School, you'll be able to activate that Amp Energy Regen Waybound Passive. You still won't have Madurai's Elemental Damage, but you'll have their Amp Energy Regen. Each School has 2 Waybound Passives, all of which are related to the Operator.

  6. Removing the Trials/Raids is a mistake.

    I don't have very many under my belt, it's true. No, their rewards are not especially inspiring, due in no small part to the One-Per-Day limitations and the hassles of getting into a group. However, the Trials are the only activities in game that allow such a large number of players to cooperate and challenge themselves to a singular goal - nothing else in Warframe does this. While it seems like such a small, highly-specific thing to remove, its disappearance will be felt VERY strongly, even by people less-accomplished in the fine art of Trials runs such as myself. Trials are the closest thing to an "Endgame" that Warframe possesses - not because of high-end rewards, but because of the high-end challenge of executing difficult tasks as a large group in synchronicity. Again, absolutely nothing else in game comes close - certainly not Eidolons.

    Instead of the blanket removal of a unique and challenging game-mode, why not make the more onerous aspects of getting Trials runs going less obnoxious? Use Eidolons dropping Arcanes as an ADJUNCT to running Trials, not a replacement - because let's face it, they are NOT an adequate replacement for the Trials, by their very nature. You can't run Eidolon groups in a party of 8, now can you?

    I acknowledge that this'll almost certainly be buried in the flood of posts and the points will have already been raised, but I feel I need to at least TRY to keep you fine folks at Digital Extremes from making what I perceive as a very large mistake with pretty dire long-reaching consequences. The mention and comparison to the Solar Rails of the Dark Sector Conflicts is the lemon-juice encrusted knife between the ribs - some additional self reflection on that point should be in order.

  7. There seems to be a bug related to the Zenistar's thrown Puck dealing dramatically reduced damage (and speed, as well as possible other contributing problems) while you are in Razorwing mode:

    I'm not sure what the underlying cause is; best guess is that it's got something to do with the scaling (damage and otherwise) associated with Archwing in the Plains. I'd need to be able to test Archwing stuff in the Simulacrum to verify that for certain, though.

    I have tested this with the various other "Exalted" abilities on other frames (Excal, Valkyr, Wukong, Mesa, Ivara) and everything works as-normal for the Zenistar.

    It is also worth noting that I was able to observe a similar effect for the Caustacyst (albeit not quite as dramatic), so it may be an issue for "Thrown" melee weapons in general - this would be tricky to test though, since the timing is very tight (really small window to pop into Wingmode between the toss and damage being dealt; would be all but impossible to test for Gunblades). I can try to snag some footage of that if needed. I can also try throwing the puck then hopping into Archwing in the Plains, though that won't be as controlled.

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