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  1. Title is straightforward as they come, but here is more details. When excal umbra AI is active, it uses marked for death when there are no targets visible/alive in area, if enemies are in area, the ability effect gets added to a target, but no stun or damage transfer happens. Not sure if this is the case with other helminth abilities on excal umbra but it might be worth the test, would do it personally but bile is hard enough to come by to waste it on testing if single frame AI can use the abilities or not. Though if anyone wants to try feel free to post results here.
  2. Title says it all, it has been this way since launch, over 6 of my clanmates, 10+ friends all have this issue, so I guess its fair for me to say this is global issue. No need to give any directions on how to recreate this issue, the title says it all. Please fix, the xp rates on deimos are abysmal as they are even on steelpath bounties, And 2 units not giving xp surely does not help the issue.
  3. First of all i have to commend you for your very thorough comment, But I also need to clear some misconceptions that you clearly have, And I do apologize for not segmenting this reply the same way you did, but by the looks of it you're no stranger to warframe forums so I could comfortably bet money that you have seen worse. 1st Yes you can reach mr 15 in 2 weeks, but I gave a very lax timetable for someone who is interested in leveling their mr rank, but not to the point of grinding so hard that the cooldown between rank tests is the only thing holding them down. 2
  4. So with the latest dev workshop notes it has been said that the Helminth chrysalis system requires mastery rank 8 to access instead of mastery rank 15. And now before anyone gets the wrong idea, this isn't a post about elitism and hating new players. This change makes no sense whatsoever, how many mr 8 players are in a position to start tossing large amounts of ''spare'' resources for leveling Helminth or making spare warframes for subsuming, DE clearly doesn't know that you can reach mr 8 less than 2 weeks, if someone helps you out a little with missions. Or bette
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