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  1. Her powers are illusion based because she's a trickster, a Harlequin. Her whole lore is about her laughing at pain, adhering to duty and wrecking her enemies. Nothing about it is actually her ability to make illusions, those are just part of her act, literally only 1 of her entire kit. Forgive the Harlequin warframe for having Harlequin skins.
  2. Being on console, I can't even get the skin right now which sucks. But why does Mirage Delux not have a bundle when every other one in the whole game does?? Did they really rush it that hard that they won't even bother with a bundle? I've been waiting for a delux bundle for my main for so long! Look what Zephyr got! The skin is perfect, the kind of image I imagine for Mirage (except the floppy head things I thought were meant to be horns). Where's the rest of Oneiro DE?!
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