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  1. For the -status chance one, there's room for argument imo since if you're using it on the telos akbolto with its base status chance of 29% then yeah, it's less than desirable but on the akbolto prime (base status of 14%) it's almost negligible. Since I personally prefer the akbolto prime, I think the real value of the riven is closer to 3.5k - 4k (and seeing inferior rivens listed on riven.market at 4000 seems to support my assessment) but I recognize that's my opinion. For the -zoom one, I actually have it listed at 2200, not 2700.
  2. It's not. Fire rate is worthless, actually. You really are far too stubborn for someone who is just plain ignorant. Relax.
  3. Umm thanks for proving my point? You do realize that not a single one of the rivens in those screenshots is comparable to the ones I have listed, right? Why don't you take a look around the forums and see how much rivens with crit/crit dmg/multi/dmg on 3 stats and an acceptable negative are going for? Lol who's upset? I'm just laughing at how oblivious you are and how, instead of fixing the gaps in your knowledge, you try to double down and make yourself look even sillier.
  4. LOL. okay, I'm going to educate you on how to ACTUALLY arrive at a ballpark estimate of riven prices. for starters, you could look at the sites that you yourself linked and actually look closely enough to see that on riven.market, the only akbolto rivens with similar stats are actually priced at 4000p and up, and several of those are actually worse than the one I'm selling (-corpus neg instead of status chance). not sure what rivens with "similar or identical stats" you were looking at, but they're sure as hell not any of the ones that are actually listed. also, just checked wftrader and the s
  5. ah not really sure what you mean, except that the prices are a good 500 - 1000p lower than they should be?
  6. Just looking to free up some space fast and have some reserve plat. Price: 2700 Price: 2200 Price: 2000 Price: 1900 Price: 1800 TOP-TIER RIVENS: Price: 700 Price: 700
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