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  1. After 20 or so essence is in a tight area on the next steel essence drop suddenly the 21 essence turn to one…this is not good as you would know you only get 2x per 5ish minute in a survival. This just really puts me in the mood to leave WF entirely since the only reason I do steel path or arbitration’s is for the kuva rewards because the ways that we can get kuva isn’t fun and is very limited. Unless your in a requiem fissure in the kuva fortress in Tabeuni then that’s the only way to get scaled reworks it isn’t much but after 40min in you get 750 kuva per capsule…it isn’t much of an increase but it’s an increase at least. Maybe we need more ways for kuva that give higher end more experienced player a ride for there money going in a endurance run like we use to have in mot.
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