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  1. Since you guys erased my previous comment for providing feedback, I'll say it again. Start fixing bugs that are 6 years old instead of ones nobody runs into.
  2. Grinding for an arcane in an event is still earning it. Don't blow my comment out of the water by acting like I want a freebie, I want ALTERNATIVE ways to farm an arcane, and I'm not going to buy one or do eidolons.
  3. They take 60 hydrolyst captures to get each energize, meaning it takes over 1000 captures for the average Rank 5 arcane. They need to be more commonplace in the game.
  4. Would've liked arcanes for the event..it took me 30 seconds to turn in my 1700 coins i already had. Simulacrum also constantly "mission complete"s and softlocks your game until you can relog. Melee weapons constantly swap to the wrong hand and when swung animates all wonky. One certain ESO map constantly spawns player under the floor. Nullifiers will sometimes be immune to all damage even when their bubble is depleted, this is active until their bubble reopens, then they can be killed again. Having your gear wheel open or actively modifying warframe appearance when a mission starts will remove all items from your gear wheel and reset your warframe's appearance. Blocking too much with melee will bug you out and you will no longer be able to block. The "auto swap on empty" toggle in options does nothing and whether or not its on or off, the weapon you are using will ALWAYS swap upon being empty. This is only a handful of bugs i've listed, and theres hundreds more you guys haven't fixed, despite years of asking for fixes. would also greatly appreciate a toggle for wings, as I would like mine always visible, even in combat.
  5. Took you guys way too long, too bad I quit. Good luck on your game. Be better developers, instead of ones that ignore the playerbase. Bye. Forever.
  6. Yall are awfully quiet. The Galvanized Condition Overload mods still don't affect projectiles and the on kill thing should be changed to on hit. Why does melee, which is already a lot stronger than guns, just have the Condition effect passively while guns, which are weaker, have to get kills first?
  7. So no more much needed yareli buffs? No letting use use rifles on kdrives?
  8. Please let us use rifles on kdrives. Her blades need to be affected by range, her ult needs level based scaling, her 1 also should do more damage than it currently does. Bugs: Her abilities wont show while on the kdrive, sometimes. Her kdrive will sometimes disappear for no reason. Vacuum often stops working while on her kdrive. Yareli also needs more buffs than that. Also hitting laser doors shouldn't kick us off our kdrive.
  9. Ditto. She has no scaling. These buffs wont do much.
  10. Please let us use primaries on a kdrive too. Pistols are weak and not fun to use, especially on a kdrive.
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