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  1. i never said i don't to play with other , i said i don't want to feel forced to play with other i don't know and on a pc i don't to play with (but i do play with irl friends of mine ) and yes i can solo eidolon and about everything so... ? i don't understand on the first sentence you call me "casual" on the next you call me "hardcore" make your choice xD then you said i'am less "dedicated" man... not doing the braindead farm doesn't mean you are less "dedicated" it might be possible that i have higher mastery rank and mods etc.. than you but you say that because i like to "solo" or "duo
  2. mauvais forum tu devrais aller poster sur ceux-là vu que là où tu te trouves c'est en anglais / wrong forum you should go to these ones: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/143-discussion-générale/ https://forums.warframe.com/forum/144-retour-sur-la-bêta/
  3. yes you are, you seem one again like a egotistical person thinking only of himself and not for the game as a whole. you weren't penalized, penalized would have been being banned or something else for having used so much what devs considered as bug exploit. but to you anyone that didn't use that bug exploiting way of farming which is very boring to anyone is a "casual".....well many have way more playtime than you , but just don't want to do that braindead way of farming. Anyway you can call anyone a "casual" if they don't play the way you do , you can continue to play the victim and the
  4. well , we do sometime in sabotage mission explode some whole place.. and kill millions of corpus and grineer that just did their work be it from self defense or not (sometime there is grineer simply repairing ship or things for example as they are holding repairing tool as a weapon in order to try to survive against us, and we still kill them) so as a character, we aren't very clean, and tenno and our own character could very often be considered as "jerk" by every faction in the game xD
  5. more option that you can turn on and off (or slide to decide how much of it you want) is always welcome so +1 to your idea :p and i do think too that some frame's size makes aiming a bit more tedious. especially some deluxe skin like chroma's. (if im remembering right)
  6. why would i NEED to play on a support i don't want to with people i don't want to get more than 10 SE / hour ? Why would enjoying the game be exactly the same way that you do? (also i say "enjoy" but , seriously we know it's not "fun" for you , you just get more SE out of it , it's not "enjoyable" or "fun") Why can't we simply play with the frame of our choice and with a buddy of our choice and on the support of our choice without needing it to be with 4 people ON PC only and with the braindead "khora X3 + speedva" meta ? why should 95% players be penalized like that and feel forced to p
  7. group....on nintendo switch ? you are dreaming man xD most people never play SE on Nintendo switch. (and probably not on xbox either , maybe on playstation a little) And i don't want to focibly invite people to my clan or to join another clan for that (for the very few players that are doing that) Also, to me the amount of kuva obtainable through khora meta was wayyyy overboard. It's like people getting used to have booster X100 through an exploit and complaining after that for not being able to continue even though they did for months. and yes , allowing the meta farm simply forc
  8. well , i can't really pity you. I mean khora farming was indeed out of balance. (the number of SE obtained from it and khora itself for allowing it) and on console with 1 to 2 hours even with khora i coudln't even get 20 SE on solo let alone the 70 you think are a "low amount" (in my case i never had that many, but then again on console the enemy count is way lower) . so being sure to get SE now is a blessing in my case as i sometime didn't even got 10 as a solo player in 1 hour. And for once we , on console , can get a decent amount of SE even in solo and we don't have to forcibly pl
  9. personally i do use sentinel with a weapon equiped but simply without any mod to make it use the weapon on the sentinel build itself. (it require a mod usually to make them attack) so that i can still benefit from the mod set effect. But true, if it weren't for that, i wouldn't be doing that in the first place and i would let my sentinels or any kind of pet attack to their leisure.
  10. well to be fair , any good reward would feel like being punished for not spamming with khora squad like a no-brainer for hunting SE. Though , yea , 10 forma for 75 SE is way too much forma for that low price xD 3 forma for 75 SE feel atleast more "normal". But then again, i do not know yet the rate of SE as i haven't tried the acolytes farming yet.
  11. I like the idea. To add to this idea, what about getting some kind of "reward points" from it if we help other players ? Obviously not anything too great of a reward. But for example some kind of "buddy tenno syndicate" where the only way to get points for it would be to actually help others players. And with those points we could buy some sigil or logo for the avatar, railjack or our warframe. (no need to be actual syandana or plates etc.... it would only make this sytem feel mandatory for any fashion framers , and feeling forced to help due to that isn't a good way since it wouldn't b
  12. not for 150 SE , but personally i would like 30K endo , it helps greatly in making additional umbra mod or corrupted mods that are not "max rank" for build that don't allow to have all the mods at max rank.
  13. it's actually a percentage of a percentage so it's doesn't work like you think it does and gives a bit less than you think it does, though affinity from party member does gives quiet an amount it's still less than actually doing the killing yourself. But it's a bit late (living in france) and i'am about to go to sleep. Eitherway , killing yourself more things net you more affinity actually (and yes even more the case with naramon , though it's not mandatory) Also it makes the waves obviously quicker instead of leeching and increase the ratio time/affinity. Though yea even if killing t
  14. naramon only increase it , it's not mandatory by any means , killing with a melee weapons (or any aoe weapons) would still net you way more affinity than leeching. Also it doesn't solve the problem , soloing would still be doable. and if the "evenly distributed affinity" is only a squad thing (even if there's no reason that would be the case) , people would simply spam their 4th abilities and afk , such gameplay , much wow. You don't even have to use spore with saryn , simply max range and efficiency and spam the ult ability every 3 seconds , the defense round is done in a few minutes...
  15. actually no , the fastest way is to do the kills yourself.... you only get a parts of your teamates affinity gains. If you get your own affinity gain it's even faster. Hence the naramon melee kills. You don't get much only if you rely solely on your abilities. (and even faster with stealth kill but it's more of a equinox or ivara or loki thing on solo) but then again , it wasn't about roleplay and once again you didn't read the huge problem that would come up if abilities would actually spread affinity evenly to all your equipment. There would be no more squad at all for affinity
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