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  1. i prefer this challenge rather than the fortuna perfect capture one which i NEVER do.
  2. speaking of riven that doesn't exist , does a riven for plague akwin even exist ? because it seem to me that it's not the case. (im not speaking about rng but if it exist or not entirely)
  3. if they are quick (capture , mobile , spy , rescue , assassination ) and / or have to do with nightwave sure. But if they are defense, disruption , defection or one specific boss which is : ambulas , i usually avoid them. 20 to 30min for an anasa isn't worth it to me.
  4. i don't think it's that much of a problem personally. It's better than making more and more new topics on one single matter everytime.
  5. acolyte + permanent death (if solo) combo seems a bit harsh but hey why not , i mean it could make them an actual threat. Because currently even if one's would die to them in regular SP, they would say "meh i can still revive 6 time". Now players might actually try to fight them differently than simply face tank them as you have to avoid death at all cost in arbitration, especially solo.
  6. true , if sprinting was toggled on directly instead of being "off" when you start a mission it would be nice , especially on consoles. Why ? simply because as someone said previously , it would free up a button on the controller and dear lord we are missing quiet a bit of those , there's some things i had to "sacrifice" because i didn't had enough buttons on my pro controller of all thing for warframe, i even had to sacrifice the "marker" you use to mark an item or a target. And i bet , incoming major udates will make another thing mandatory , making it even harder on console's controlle
  7. oh ok thanks for the info ^^ though i don't know where the statistics tab is exactly on this website (but maybe you meant ingame, in which case i can't see since i don't play on pc anyway i can only see profil of tenno from the same platform , atleast in-game, but it's not like i cared forum-wise since whatever our playtime is , a fellow tenno is a fellow tenno nothing less , nothing more) But yea as i was saying , even if one or the other had more playtime than the other , i still fail to see how it is even relevant on the matter of an event :/ but indeed , true i do hope that everyt
  8. 1 ) how do you know he doesn't have more playtime than you ? have you seen his profile or something to be so sure ? and why does playtime even matter in the first place ? 2) try sounding a bit less "im better than all of you combined" first before talking about fair criticism. 3) people simply argue that the time spent on such event you want would impact upcoming update release date or even content , which is a fair argument and even a fact. Stop being so self-righteous.
  9. i too won't take the cherub palette due to the price. i can't be bothered doing 3h of profit taker simply for a palette that is similar to others i already have ^^"
  10. Not a huge fan of the idea , there's already too much effect on screen in squad... But if that were to happen, i'd rather have two distinct type of ephemera : Wings and aura which you can select one of each. Since i believe you made this post because you couldn't put the wings + charged ephemera for example. Two auras at the same time would be overkill , some aura , like the nezha's access one is already way too much visible in game in my opinion.
  11. Thx for your answer , though it does seems weird to me in most instance. I mean , the quest i quoted as an example is an optional quest, that doesn't give any kind of progress and as far as rewards are concerned , all replayable quests simply don't give the rewards once again.
  12. i think it has been asked a few times in the past without real answer on the matter but why can't we redo some quests ? there's plenty of them we can redo , like the sacrifice , the first one etc.... But we can't re-do many other, like for example one many players would like to re-do : Sands of inaros. Even buying another sand of inaros key doesn't allow you to re-do it. but i think it could be nice to, especially since there's a few codex entry you can only get there (if i would take that example : like the golems : tomb guardian , tomb protectors etc....) Of course, like every
  13. aside from the limbo way to destroy easily every items around or the nekros / khora way of farming in survival a good way would be to : - spam the lowest capture mission in the void and check quickly the room that is glued to the extraction point. (there is a rather high chance for it to have argon crystal and since the mission can be done in 1 min , you'll get a higher chance than regular farm on survival i think that way while also farming some lith relics at the same time) - make your sentinel die a few times while it has the "spare parts" mod in the void. - do some vault in deimo
  14. im on console aswell. though i don't use trade chat , i only use warframe market. That being said , even at MR 30 , there's still tons of items you can build : be it new frames , new weapons or other frame/weapons you haven't built properly before. though im maybe a special case , i build to max LOT of weapons, not merely the one i use a lot.
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