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  1. Kuva Jat Kitagg needs to be a thing besides the weapon has never received a good upgrade or weapon variant upgrade..... would be nice to have something different...
  2. LMFAO! Man this is where I wish we had Gifs so I could post a laughing one!! 😅
  3. In description it says it has a greater chance at retrieving rare resources However it appears the Titan Extractor Prime is bugged as it hasn't picked up any Orokin Cells for me since I begun using it when it was unvaulted last November I deploy them multiple times a day every day & have never once received any orokin cells.. Nurel sensors or any rare resources... However the regular Titan Extractor has picked me up some in the past.. but haven't used it since the Prime came back out so not sure If it's broken or not as well I know I can confirm that the Titan Extrac
  4. When the host leaves at wave 5 or any wave that allows you to leave the enemies no longer spawn after the host extracts if you choose to stay this becomes an infinite no spawn nothing you do will spawn em your only option is to leave Because of the no emenies spawn bug This last forever unless you quit the game which results in all progress lost & a failure of mission.. This is game breaking can we please get this fixed asap This happens every time the host leaves at wave 5 10 or whenever allowed to extract if anyone chooses to stay they get stuck in this bug &
  5. If you think host migration is annoying enough already try Running Haydon Sedna Defense & the host leave at end wave 5 or whenever allowed to leave & everyone except the host decides to stay Only for the game to completely break after a host migration with 0 enemies spawning therefore unless you quit your stuck for eternity with no way to save progress or rewards.. Host migration would not be as bad if things like this were fixed to were it wouldn't happen... They may not be able to fix host migration but they sure can fix the game breaking bugs that cause missio
  6. Is there any new info on how you will bring Nyk Prime & Vallyre Prime Accessories back for anyone willing to purchase? & how will we obtain the Prime noggle for these 2 primes in future??? Is there any plans to add Link Mods or something similar for Sentinels to make them be Able to survive in higher level missions??? Will you guys bring back the psn exclusive Obsidian Packs??? There so many things I would like to ask but I'll save some for later thanks
  7. Awesome thank you guys I'll check out the videos asap
  8. I'm on Console & looking to complete the Kuria Farming from start to finish to obtain the emblem & noggle However with all the new tilesets is this still even possible?? If so could someone please be kind enough to add me & help me farm this thank you...
  9. They way they talked in AMA Q&A on Friday the next unvaulting is going to be announced this week so most likely this afternoon... My hope is they will release the current planned unvault but also release the Nyk Prime & Vallyre Prime accessories packs as permanent addition to stores with a 1 time purchase per an account This will prevent exploits & also allow anyone who wants to obtain this accessories to do so.. I mean they might as well since Nyk & Vallyre Prime relics are in game permanently... + by purchasing the accessories pack you can still get the P
  10. Reset the Controller to default settings in the railjack section this fixed the issue for me...
  11. Thank you so much for getting the reset skill points button fixed now I'll be able to fix a mistake I made where I added a point in incorrect skill I didn't intend to add too... Can't wait to check this out when i get on.. Oh & whoever made the Dex Rhino Skin at DE your the 2nd coming of Jesus! That's the most beautiful & coolest looking skin released yet!! It matches my color scheme beautifully I'm super impressed! Please keep up the awesome work!!!!
  12. Here's a bug I want to report Unable to reset or remove your 3 skill points from your crew members I tried pressing triangle on ps5 to reset skill points & it doesn't work I've even tried removing manually & it doesn't work... Simply put removing skill points is broken Also unable to use powers like Therta Perftical Ram & others for railjack when pressing the corresponding button like square.. but it works when using TouchPad... I'm sorry if these have been posted already but I wanted to be sure these get fixed asap thanks again
  13. When can we expect the Dex Stuff? I'm so looking forward to the Rhino Skin & all!!!
  14. Mine had the Kuva Bramma & Vengeful Charge emphera & best of all he was named Dongi Gagg lol lol 😆🤣😂😹
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