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  1. Put this on nekros & replaced soul punch used this ability & it has massive potential to be an excellent ability but there's a slight problem that should be a simple easy & reasonable fix.. I have Max 500+ range on nekros the problem is The Spark doesn't last long enough to guide you to the correct location.. Not only is the spark quick to disappear but by time I trun around its disappeared.. simply put the life of the spark is too short A simple fix would be to allow the spark to last until you reach the maximum range you have on build before it disappears + allow the spark to guide you to the exact location of where the thing is.. sometimes it will stop right at the wall in the direction say an anytan is but the aytan isn't there instead it's the next hall over.. Right direction but wrong hall this ability has massive potential for farming frames but needs a few minor tweaks to be working as intended...
  2. Really hoping to see the Eledon Emphera & Wolf Armor return two things I need as I wasn't around when this stuff was re released in intermission 2..
  3. New unvaulting has to be coming anytime now as we're officially 3 months in which is the time frame for when new one arrives Here's hoping to see the Targis Prime Armor from the Nyk Prime Acess & The Destilling Extractor Prime I really need these 2 things so please make it happen DE!
  4. Ding ding Thank You that is people problem there not modding there weapons properly & because of it there not seeing a difference.. I've been using the mods & they been very effective & actually melting enemies much better then before the mods were a thing And I don't have them maxed & still notice a big difference The crit ones with requiring headshots are only ones I've not tested The others are a game changer.. + boost your weapons stats.. people will claim there builds are fine but honestly if your not seeing improvement you messed up your builds somewhere.. For example trying to convert critical chance weapons into status weapons when the Crit chance weapon can reach 100%+ and status has 0% chance of reaching 100% status chance with any build Then you don't need to add status chance you should be modding for critical chance & critical damage.. because it's a crit weapon Otherwise the weapon won't perform to its full potential even with the new mods.. Same rule applies to status chance if your weapons can get to 100%+ status chance then why turn the weapon into a critical chance weapon unless you can get both to 100% it makes 0 sense.. So build it for status chance if it's a status chance weapon Same with crit chance like Soma Prime is a critical chance weapon u want to build it for high critical chance & critical damage The Kuva Nukor is a status chance weapon with right build you can get 200%+ status chance so why build it for anything other then status your not gonna reach the weapon full potential Try it I hope you will see the improvement good luck.
  5. I use inaros & his Aug is nice but it doesn't stop staggers or knockdowns unless you activate the Abilty. With Prime Sure-footed you don't have to activate an ability to trigger so Prime Sure Footed is still very useful on inaros...
  6. I've submitted an updated emblem with our clan name & everything like a week before sister of parvos was set to arrive the next day it was approved & we received it in sister of parvos update.. So Approval can take up to 24 hours to a week maybe longer depending on how busy they are.. but rest assured if it's approved you will get an In game message in your inbox & then it's just a matter of waiting for next hotfix or update.. hope this information helps good luck..
  7. @DEDanielle another question I have is are you guys aware of the host migration bug? This is a new one that's been going on for a few weeks now it's where the host loses connection & ends up being solo or the entire quite is separated into solo runs I never uses to have issues dropping out but now seems like for a few weeks this new host migration bug rares its ugly head every day.. And no it not my connection because when this started occurring I tested other multi player games to be sure & I'm not losing connection in them.. so this seems to be a warframe issue only.. Plus it's happening to other host too where we are in the game together & all of a sudden the host gets booted & it separates all 4 of us into the mission by ourselves.. Just want to make sure you're aware so it can hopefully get fixed as well.. Thanks
  8. Awesome thanks so much! Now that I know this I'll continue to work on getting the remaining points for the schools I plan to add the unbinded abilities too.. thanks again!
  9. What about the Passive way bounds unbind bug?? Any idea when a fix is coming?
  10. Surprised nobody has mentioned this but the store is bugged & isn't loading at all.. anyone else have this problem on Playstation?
  11. Man I seriously hope this happens as I had to close an old psn account because someone hacked it so to be safe Sony asked me to request a close to its online access.. So If what you say happens hopefully there a chance my stuff linked to my old account can finally be transferred over!!! Would love nothing more then to get back all my old stuff including my kavat to new account luckily this account I'm using now is MR28 & I have pretty much 85% of stuff back.. Mainly I want my psn exclusive cosmetics back the obsidian stuff + Targis Prime Armor,Avia Prime Armor & Destilling Prime Extractors & I'm good! Mainly I just want to get my resources & several mods back as well + I still have that account linked to my Playstation 4 even though I can't sign In +this account is linked to ps4 & ps5 so I'm hoping for best.. I hated shutting it down but it had to be done to avoid my stuff being compromised.. thanks
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