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  1. I started playing warframe in July so hopefully you guys are bundling nightwave series 1 & 2 items in for the newer players i would love to work my way to level 60 to be able to obtain both series items so hopefully this is the plan! Also can you guys please bring back Scarlett Spear Soon I really need to get my hands on the Ceti Lucara for mastery & more.. + want to test out my railjack!! I look forward to seeing the return of these things thx
  2. Love the 90 day Resource Booster addition I really hope this stays in prime access.. The only one I would change is the Affinity Booster as once weapons are maxed the booster is typically useless.. I would have kept the credit boostee instead or added the 90day Resource drop chance booster as a replacement.... Other then that I love the accessory pack!
  3. Hopefully this event returns the Bat Emphera & the 2 weapons from Scarlett Spear like the Basmu as I see the Day of the Dead Basmu Skin so Hopefully the Basmu is in there too..
  4. Yeah that one but I would love the bat one I've seen videos of it & it looks really cool!
  5. Hopefully DE brings back the tactical alert on Oct 25th like last year this is how you got the emphera so hopefully its back along with a new reward!!!
  6. Totally agree his kit is perfectly fine what you said is what needs to happen The loot chance needs to be placed back at 90% like on old nekros because the amount of resources & stuff needed to build things today is nutz & while Nekros helps a ton his current loot chance at 54% doesn't get the job done.. I would be ok with DE putting his loot chance at no lower then 75% but 90% like before would be the best option.. So yes I agree with everything you said.. please make it happen DE!
  7. When it comes to warframe your incorrect i can see the Avia Prime Armor Set pieces return in some form most likely Tru baro.. I mean look DE brought back The Lotus Emphera, will be brining back that pistol from Tennocon.. both were twitch drops.. Regular ember or was it ember prime was a twitch Prime reward & is obtained in game or tru unvault Even Regular Ember is obtained in game & either way she was a twitch Prime exclusive early thud year or late last year when this started.. I'd have to go look at the dates.. So I think it will return either Tru baro or the un
  8. Since Frost Prime did not come with any accessory pack i wonder if you guys will release extra prime cosmetics to go with Titan Extractor Prime & Misa Prime since Frost Prime had no Accessory pack it would be the perfect time to re release the twitch prime Avia Prime Armor & perhaps the prime sigil as his official accessories be more so the avia prime armor for all us noobs like me who recently joined warframe that missed out on it.. plus with the prime sysndana released today it wouldn't be the same without the matching armor set.. i really hope we will get another shot to
  9. DE needs to atleast Bring back the Avia Prime Armor for those who weren't playing warframe at that time.. heck I'd be happy to even buy it from them.. hopefully someday they will re release it..
  10. Huh nothing official on them so not sure what you are talking about as nothing been confirmed
  11. Likely next 2 or 3 weeks As this current unvaulting occurred on May 19th August 19th will be the 90 day aka 3 month window.. So it should be happening soon.. if had to guess most likely 2nd or 3rd week of September..
  12. Easy peaay just use mods with enemie Rader on it & speed boost + use the Skajati & done!
  13. Thing is though people say the top tier frames are behind those bosses yes but those same top tier frames already have prime warframes so nobody is losing anything if DE made the regular frames accessible... you can't sell regular warframe pieces anyway so doesn't matter rather newer players have easier access to the regular versions because Syran Trinity Nekros & Mesa already have primes.. So removing the Beacons & points to access the regular frames bosses should not be an issue...
  14. As title says currently there are a few assassination missions that require a long boring unnecessary grind just to access I'm referring to the Kayla De Tham,Amblus & Mutlist Alad V Assassination Missions If i miss any sorry Requiring any kind of Beacons just to access those boss fights has gotten stupid 1st off The Syran system drop needs a serious Buff that said grinding points in Arenas is boring & not new player friendly at all... Besides no body ever plays Aeneas on consoles anymore because that's how boring it is.. this is
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