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  1. Thank you i did check there but somehow missed it.. man that sucks the grind it's gonna take.. wish DE wouldn't make it so grindy.. thr focus cap was a bad idea.. They should make focus unlimited since it's tied to affinity & it also requires so much to max out all schools.. This is the one thing that should be uncapped as 390k+ daily cap is just way to low.. either make it unlimited or cap it at 500k daily at MR 30 so every 2 days you can get to 1 million focus easily.. this would help shorten the grind because right now it's still terrible even with the shards..
  2. I just recently finished unbinding all schools passive ways & I'm trying to equip all 10 & only had enough room to equip 7 of the 10 & need 25 more storage to equip the other 3 however what's the total amount needed to max out the pool?? I'm currently at 87 storage. Thanks
  3. People don't read things correctly or only want to read what fits there agenda or what they choose to read.. So I'll do my best to make it very clear what others have said.. The new QOL change is a very good & welcome much needed change because it's actually a buff based on MR that allows you access to more of your abilities from the start when forming warframes... The best way to put it is you lose absolutely nothing.. Because regardless of your MR you will still have access to all your powers even at full strength even if you forma you warframe. The only difference is At MR 30 all abilities are unlocked & at full strength after placing a forma on them . That means a MR 30 can put a forma on a new frame & have access to all abilities immediately even when the warframe is at Rank 0 The same rule applies to current frames as it stands right now if you forma a warframe you reset it to level 0 & all abilities are relocked until l your warframe reaches level 10.. then you have to rank it up to 30 to be at full strength.. Now at MR 30 you put a forma Into your frame resetting it to 0 all your warframe abilities are unlocked at level 0 instead of 10 & at full strength at 0 instead of 30.. I'm currently at mr29 if I'm not at 30 when new update arrives all my abilities will be unlocked but my 4th abilities on my warframes will not be at rank 3 & full strength until I rank up my warframe to level 30.. if I chose to forma a frame I would still be strong like a MR30 player I just wouldn't be until my warframe level was at 30.. In summary the only advantage a mr 30 will have is all 4 of there abilities would be unlocked & at full strength at warframe level 0 instead of 30.. I hope this explains things better for those confused good luck..
  4. Only thing I need to know right now is will there be a way to earn the Eleidon Emphera from nightwave series one? There were rumors awhile back it could be added as a blueprint to earn in game by fighting the single & or 3 Eleidons is this still planned?
  5. My emblem was approved the day after I submitted so it only took 24 hours for approval.... But I had to wait a week or 2 for sister of parvos to have it in game Approval times can very based on meny factors such as how busy they are & more & sometimes approval can take 2+ weeks or longer good luck
  6. A must buy for me on Tuesday! As i get 2 of the biggest things I so badly wanted & needed! The Targis Prime Armor The Distilling Extractor Prime!!!! These were by far my 2 biggest requests! Sure there's more stuff I need to obtain but these 2 were at the top of my list! Definitely an early birthday for me! Only it comes out 2 days later but no doubt I'm getting the accessories pack Tuesday!!!
  7. Actually it's not sad I actually seen the armor & it's the best looking prime armor there is.. I'm glad I'm finally gonna get a chance to obtain it! Thanks DE!!!
  8. XD! Yes! My favorite Armor finally arrives!!!!!!!
  9. Yes but the DE gonna have to re release there Accessories packs eventually & even they admitted they will be brought back but we're not sure how yet.. Hopefully they figured out how as I need the armor from the nyk prime set...
  10. Because it isn't out yet silly it won't be live for a few weeks...
  11. Put this on nekros & replaced soul punch used this ability & it has massive potential to be an excellent ability but there's a slight problem that should be a simple easy & reasonable fix.. I have Max 500+ range on nekros the problem is The Spark doesn't last long enough to guide you to the correct location.. Not only is the spark quick to disappear but by time I trun around its disappeared.. simply put the life of the spark is too short A simple fix would be to allow the spark to last until you reach the maximum range you have on build before it disappears + allow the spark to guide you to the exact location of where the thing is.. sometimes it will stop right at the wall in the direction say an anytan is but the aytan isn't there instead it's the next hall over.. Right direction but wrong hall this ability has massive potential for farming frames but needs a few minor tweaks to be working as intended...
  12. Really hoping to see the Eledon Emphera & Wolf Armor return two things I need as I wasn't around when this stuff was re released in intermission 2..
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