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  1. So here's some questions: 1) When is the dojo decoration rotation bug getting fixed? 2) Will we be able to build more rooms when Railjack hits? (100 is not enough, especially if you actually use things like hallways) 3) Will the new lighting system fix the character shadows going through things and glitching out when you have too many decorations?
  2. Yeah, I do mean the + and - on the number pad and R+mouse up and down. (I've resized alot of stuff over the years) Fun thing about this bug though - it doesn't always happen. As far as I can tell the bug only seems to hit after you've changed the Grid Snapping at least once. So if you've only just entered the dojo you'll be fine, but once you've changed the snap from, say, 0.10m to 0.25m then you'll be affected by the resize bug unless you've set the grid to OFF, or you reenter your dojo. Edit: just for some more info when the bug hits it doesnt completely stop you completely resizing - it just puts walls up. So for example when the bug hits for me the Orokin Bench is able able to go down in size once, when it can normally go down in size 19 times.
  3. Alrighty, so as of the last mainline patch resizing decorations are completely screwed, with the + and - keys sometimes not working, and using r+mouse movement jerking between sizes at random. So after doing some decoration I've found out that, like the random rotation bug being linked to angle snapping, it seems like the resize has somehow been linked to the Grid Snapping. Basically if you set the grid snapping to "Cycle grid Snapping [Grid: OFF]" you can properly resize the decorations with the + and - keys again. Resizing with the mouse is now also smooth too. So yeah, turn off Grid Snapping if you want to resize anything, and then turn it back on when you want to actually place it.
  4. Well at least they fixed the the unbuilt decorations (with the yellow mesh) being invisible? So it's not quite as bad as it was when the mainline dropped. Yeah, this has been a bug since at least the Chimera mainline patch. Generally rotating on the blue axis is fine, but rotating on the red and green axis gives you a random bit of rotation on 1 or more random axis. I dont think this has ever worked. I remember having to go in and manually align Orokin stairs back at least a year or 2 ago. Yet another bug introduced with the Saint mainline. Thankfully the R+mouse size scaling can still work sometimes, but it's no longer smooth and it can jump sizes to the extremes of the min/max sizes. Still it can get around bits where the + and - keys have stopped working for whatever reason. Yeah, I've never had this from donating, but it can be casued by using teleporters in dojo too. This isnt a recent bug either. Another thing that the teleporters can do is make your camera slow to a crawl. The only ways I found of going around this bug is to try teleporting again in dojo, or just by exiting and reentering the place.
  5. Character shadows are much worse in the new update, and the shadows of chests can be seen through things. Other people have mentioned this but once you start building a decoration it renders funny.
  6. That's an old bug from either the Fortuna mainline or the Chimera mainline. What's really fasinating about the rotation bug is that on some really large decorations after you let go of the buttons you can see the decoration smoothly rotate on one axis. Heck sometimes if you keep on pressing and letting go of the right click button to rotate an object it will continue to rotate untill it makes an entire 360 turn.
  7. Here's a dojo bug: The Corpus Robot Crusher Teeth decoration seems to have had its maximum size changed without warning. This used to be 2 rows of crushers filling out the entire section. Now there are big gaps in both the top and bottom row of crushers. Other problems: The Ring decoration is now really dull. Please make it shiney again as it kinda looks like plastic. Infact all the gold metal decorations look really dull. Also the new lighting has made the Character Shadows glitching and flickering in and out a heck of alot worse. It's also put a bunch of hard shadows everywhere. As other people have said, please revert the transparency of unbuilt items. This is not helpful:
  8. 1. It wasn't really clear the other week, but will Empyrean let us build more than 100 rooms in our dojo? (You said you might increase dojo capacity, but that doesn't affect the room limits.) 2. I am remembering correctly, and we will be getting a new/updated lighting system with Empyrean, right? 3. Will the new lighting fix the character shadow glitches in the dojo when you have lots of decorations? (Having shadows flickinging in and out of a room you've made is really annoying.) 4. With the new lighting, will we finally be able to put dynamic light sources as decorations? (Come on, let us actually have lanterns that actually light up the surroundings!)
  9. @[DE]Megan Wierdly enough I only got the Panoramic Display from the twitch stream. The Poster Display hasnt arrived in my inbox at all, so I don't know what's going on there.
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