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  1. My team just tested it. Can't proceeed to the Phase 2 if you have Hildryn in your squad. You will be stuck between two doors. Upvote this please, so the DE might see this :3 EDIT: Same with Valkyr... Could it be with all "exalted" frames?
  2. The solution is simple and is there for ages. Just put a checkbox under the game options "Skip cutscenes" (unchecked by default). And treat every other "cinematic/cutscene/dialogue" as following after that: First time present for an account? Never skip even if the option above is checked. Second time? Check for that option.
  3. 29/30 here. This cave gives credit only if you drop all the way to its bottom (see pic below). Can't figure out which one had broken trigger for me.
  4. Lucky you! Mine results are: 7.5k creds - 28 (longest streak 7) Grand Finale - 14 Display - 6 Nitain - 1 Wisp - 1 100x Oxium - 1 Axi C3 - 2 Neo K2 - 1 Such a profit from a MR26 perspective xD
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