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  1. This is a great point. We already have more than enough options to do things to get things. I don't see the value in getting DE to focus on yet another side task just to spice up parts of the game that don't really need it. Not to say it's a bad idea but I just think it fits in that "wasting dev time" category when people are always demanding more content, lore, balancing, etc.
  2. I've always loved and hated just how much DE involves and strongly caters to its playerbase. On one hand, it's absolutely inspiring to see a company focus on a stakeholder system instead of a shareholder system. Seriously, how rare is that? From the really good revenue generating structure they use (as well as its monitoring), to its consistent and progressive mix of updates, be they experimental or traditional. On the other hand, I really hate how EVERY consideration from the playerbase is considered. Even conflicting, minor, nitpicking and overly analyzed ideas are attempted, which ulti
  3. I guess my use of zakti prime is different than some of you then. It's not meant for rushing in if you know it can stagger you so, just like the Lenz, etc, you let the mechanics do the job intended and then take advantage of the chaos and staggered enemies. For me, aerial zakti strikes followed by a melee slam by a CO modded Vitrica is insanely punishing. Toss in healing strike(forgot the actual melee mod name), and you have a virtually invincible setup.
  4. Are skin creators feeling like they're getting a bad deal though? If not then should we be discussing their compensation process? I'm only asking because, especially in 2020, misconceptions are easy to trigger people.
  5. This is why I don't like the difficulty discussions. The entire argument is for a group, not the whole. EVERYTHING IN WARFRAME IS BASED ON DIVERSITY. In fact, warframe has one of the worst boss battles(Rukus), one of the easiest boss battles(The Sgt), one of the most iconic (Eidolan series) and one of the most challenging(Profit Taker)...all in one game. The Glassmaker was fun for me and I enjoyed having to learn the patterns, listen to the clues and time the movements. More importantly, guys...please stop the whining. The game is 8 years old, has enough cheat sheets/how-tos and hand-hol
  6. That was our fault as players. People complained about not having enough time to earn the rewards. DE then extended the time intervals. People complained about the points being too low as well as having too many tasks to do per week. DE, therefore, reduced the task list, durations of tasks and increased point values. People then vets started complaining about the lack of "meaningful" rewards while others complained about "not enough variety" of rewards. DE, once again, obliged and offered special mods, rotations per week and even tossed in a good lore story for good measure.
  7. I do hope it's the three creatures though, filled with malice and yearning for death. How cool would it be to have that released on or right before the 31st.
  8. So, will it be what we heard in the grandmother story, the Glassmaker or that crazy cave place with a heart?
  9. Another "hey, let's join together and whine so DE can give us more stuff than we deserve" thread. The fake complaining never stops these days....
  10. To be honest, I think OP is too focused on what youtubers and "controversial" topic starters say. OP, keep in mind that a LOT of people, especially, ESPECIALLY, youtubers only want/need the attention for their own personal gains and views. If they can't create a controversial topic or scene then they lose viewer interest and money. In many ways, it's a leech effect I don't really appreciate because they're abusing DE's work and driving many wide narratives for selfish reasons. All in all, just enjoy the game op.
  11. Helios prime for defense/evasive frames, my smeeta kavat for my high armor/health frames and my helminth pooch for high damage frames.
  12. "Good powers" is a strictly personal topic. Decoy, for example, is fantastic at forming traps and gatherings for heavy damage frames. Chroma's 1 is my personal "useless" ability but others may find use. I just think we should be careful to understand the use before calling it trash.
  13. Now that the system is out, I just wanted to point out, exactly as it always happens, that NO ONE is complaining about the nerfs. DE was absolutely correct in finding a better balance of the powers.
  14. My tips are for aoe warfare: - Combining high stat aoe weapons with the aerial mod set provides an excellent cover fire + cc for the ground squad while also adding a layer of survivability with the sleep effect. - Use the high calibur mod with multishot to separate aoe projectiles. This increases the splash damage range while also spreading status effects to more enemies. - Bullet jumping mods are guaranteed to proc. Take advantage of this with vertical bullet jumps, followed by a downward aoe shot and ending with a slam attack. - Try running two syndicate weapons or mods
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