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  1. You dug deep into the forum post well for this one! Lol! Looking back, you could tell DE had a LOT more faith in players cooperating as a team than the players themselves. Clans on Railjacks, friends on headsets and really good role players made Railjack hella fun to play. But, just like in normal life, there will always be everyone outside of ideal.
  2. Ahhh...the best and beautiful thing about Warframe: Enough variety to please and disappoint simultaneously.
  3. Seriously though, Profit-Taker is really an awesome boss. Constant action, good damage dealer, boss-grade tanky, great reinforcements, nice mechanics and an absolute blast to fight with friends!
  4. Sooooo....I get a feeling you don't like Profit-Taker....😂
  5. How about this: Old Warframe content creators need to stop talking if the only opinion they have is based on their childhood dreams. The ones that are actually ruining the game are them. Pretty damn stupid to not consider their constant bashing about nothings or worse, just to get views, is what new players see when they search the game on youtube. That is the biggest and worst problem Warframe has ever had. If you want a "better game" op, then I suggest you tell those guys to find something else to play and let new or non nostalgia blood take over.
  6. Great ideas and observations OP! As a vet who has just about everything and has also played for a very long time, I'm always concerned about how the endgame + rewards discussions play out. Including Arbitration and ESO, Warframe's endgame modes fall victim to many players with over 1500 days worth of experience playing the same game mechanics. This is why I think DE has the right idea of building Railjack, the necromechs, new archwings and the Duviri concept. All of this combined will give vets completely new mechanics to dive into and open new doors to endgame play, raids, pvp (necromech
  7. Don't rely on steam. Also don't mistake typical player habits as manipulation. You're not weak bro. There's a difference between engagement and manipulation.
  8. Ahhh, another Tenno who has learned the ways of fireblast Hildryn!!
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't listen to anyone with opinions about her until you actually play her at max level. You might would have loved her play style.
  10. Interesting perspective. I'm curious about how you came up with the "less than 20%" stat. From what I've seen, the long term strategy works very well. Players play until they've had their fill, usually take a break after and then return when new content arrives. That's completely normal and expected. I also don't know where you got the "manipulation" stuff from. How are you being manipulated?
  11. Frost Prime, Umbra, Ember Prime and Gara round out my top list. Loving the heck out of Zaku now too! Frost has been my guy since 2016. He's versatile, reliable as a squad manager, can use defense offensively and vice versa, has perfect augments, absolutely controls the battlefield, has powerful support abilities and is tanky as hell. Umbra is Umbra. Shouldn't have to explain this monster of a weapon. Ember has become the most insane crowd killer frame for me. With a Kuva Tonkor, Pathocyst and the Aero set mods, I keep her in the air to rain down endless destruction and then hit
  12. What he said was not ignorant at all. It is absolutely true that there are people who actively seek flaws and he said he was cool with that. For him, if the flaw isn't of value enough to need addressing then he ignores it. That is all he said. You took it to an insanely dramatic level. "Victims"? "Sabotage"? Really? In truth, there's no reason for DE to tackle some of the flaws in the game. The single largest reason for that is that it wouldn't change the overall gameplay enough for 99.5% of the players to even notice. EHP balancing, AI improvements, etc are the type of "flaws" that will
  13. I disagree here and so does my experience with playing in pub as well as DE's own stats. Messaging plays a critical role in any game and, when a player is told exactly what to do to win, the experience has been lost. Companies trying to find content that can steer away from that is unfair and, in my opinion, shouldn't be done. Players self sabotaging their favorite game's experience, and then follow that with complaints about a lack of experience, is unbelievably dumb when reality sets in. Arguing it means nothing. In regard to "playing the game wrong", there is no "playing the game wrong
  14. GaaS is an acronym for "Games as a Service", not a person. Games like Warframe which are designed to run perpetually through constant content drops. MMOs, F2Ps, etc. My fault. I was referring to Gaz TTV. Misspelled completely.
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