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  1. you are either talking about textures or the film grain effect i believe is default nvm i see the image now, its just texture
  2. if you have nidus just sit in the chair again as nidus
  3. mag gauss was already in the store though, i hope you meant gauss mag
  4. there is currently no running promotions for twitch prime
  5. when not sprinting its a short charge, when sprinting it lasts as long as your stamina (or until you cancel it)
  6. its the left shoulder button while sprinting, same as sliding on a warframe, just its more like a shoulder charge
  7. they wont put ignis back into dojo since its available from baro, which is standard for basically every other event weapon/item
  8. i highly doubt they will ever directly drop plat outside of the giveaways
  9. corpus liches will bring at least one change to kuva liches, the actual lich fight will take place in rj and likely be triggerable
  10. i think the hints are more towards corpus rj considering the sigma cosmetics last week, obviously they can release simultanously
  11. a. did you actually private message the bot instead of making a topic b. market is an unofficial service
  12. why do you need to know where it is installed if you are wanting to sell it, i know if you are ranking it and it will exceed the capacity of any of the weapons its on it will tell you which
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