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  1. then you would just get people not running relics really because half of the time im just running relics to get traces and get stuff other people bring if they pop a vaulted or they just get a rare reward, i have just about everything in lith/meso/neo thats currently available (except for nezha) so getting 4 runs of the random relic that i have 20 of is not really a worthwhile run because then im literally just farming ducats and nothing else i guess
  2. so would you have 7 options or would you not be able to choose other people's relics?
  3. you are a bit late, deimos prex cards was a few weeks and would have been given watching any warframe stream, but now they are being released on baro ki'teer's inventory
  4. generally you want to radshare, aka 4 people get together and open a specific radiant refined together, it can be 1 relic it can be many relic depends on what your group agrees on
  5. wraith and vandal weapons and possibly other now exclusive to baro weapons are not shown by default but they are all aquirable, i believe the only currently unacquireable mr if you missed it is scarlet spear, athodai and founder
  6. yeah chains is definately doable without anything other than mote, and you dont need to complete any of that to do heart of deimos either
  7. the power core blueprint is just from the market you can put "incubator power core" in the search but completing the junction also gives you a fully built one, if you have an egg and a power core you can interact with your incubator and start incubating your first kubrow
  8. you can check it yourself without owning the skin by checking the skins for the given weapon
  9. plat can either be bought directly or traded between players 'farming plat' is farming for desirable tradable items and trading them for plat with other players
  10. they are extending the ranks though, it was mentioned earlier in this thread too
  11. its a decoration, i believe it was probably related to the release of liches
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