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  1. Gladly, I was able abusing the infinite drop of those Sentients during that endless invasive spawn of those basturds :D
  2. That's how it works. They did the same with synapse, "balancing" the status per second chance, which resulted into overall beam weapon's damage cut of 3x to 5x times, same for the glaxion, which previously was aiming straight forward, kinda not freezing enemies as always and also causing less damage (note, this weapon got released after the first status proc nerf, so there was another one, unmentioned like many other things). They always do it like this.
  3. This one here looks more like a suitable deluxe skin for frost and not that copy paste elements from rhino deluxe skin combined with goat frame with a viking man's old face from old sweden or skellige (the witcher 3 ref here). I love frost, and rather using its vanilla appearance than your "Harka" skin.
  4. Another Bubbleman (sounds like an enemy from Mega Man..) buff. Seriously DE? Remove that unit or at least make it a temp debuffer, not a complete "I wreck your azz, I am lv 100 unit brah - DISSPELL" ahole. I hate that unit since its implementation!
  5. Actually, adding new enemies, weapons, mods, pets, sentinels and others should also bring codex entries with it. This isn't the first time that DE doze about that and completely forgot or simply wasn't able to finish it in time.
  6. Just give up already. If DE wanted to fix this bagatelle, they would have done it already. It isn't a hard mess with just reallocating items ingame. It is a simple update status. I could even provide a simple query for this issue and purpose: USE WARFRAME_DB UPDATE _PlayerItems SET OwnedItemID999 = <FuryPrime_ID> WHERE PlayerCharacterVarChar = 'CewlDoodWithoutFuryPhraim' UPDATE _PlayerItems SET OwnedItemID999 = <NULL> WHERE PlayerCharacterVarChar = 'ThiefDoodWithFuryPhraim' //OR USE WARFRAME_DB INSERT INTO _PlayerItems (<Table Declarations>) VALUES (@CharacterID<OfPlayerWithoutFuryPrime>, <ItemID>, <etc>, ...) DELETE FROM _PlayerItems WHERE CharacterID = <DoodWithFuryPrime> AND ItemID = <FuryPrime> Does the job, I could even cast an inner join and declare a shorter query, but who cares. DE does nothing about it, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Looks like Nova became a Tennis-Racket...
  8. Read the patchnotes and the "preview" section: https://warframe.com/news/specters-of-the-rail-is-here " With the introduction of the new Star Chart comes a new way to acquire Prime items. The Void will now be part of the map allowing for players to freely travel back and forth without the need of Void Keys. As you play through regular Missions you have a chance to obtain a Void Relic. Each Relic has a set of items that can manifest from it. Bring your Relic to a Void Fissure Mission which can spawn anywhere in the Origin System. Search and close the tear within the Mission to power the Relic. Once you’ve succeeded you can reveal your Reward. Didn't get exactly what you wanted? Don’t worry! Every time you do this there is a greater chance to manifest a Rare item. Your Void Keys still hold value as you will find they are immediately converted to Relics in the Update! " And you, stop bullS#&amp;&#036;ting. Thanks.
  9. Seriously ... those keys will be missed:
  10. Great, you are showing off that an OP weapon can get more OP, but you are still forgetting the fact that DE nerfed a scaling ability. You won't be able to 1 hit lv 300 corpus enemies with that combo, btw.
  11. That was clear. Why should Warframe ever have scaling abilities. Just do the same and narrow down good mechanics, unless people who don't use those frames complain about it. Nice work. Another DE'ed frame, Mag. Another useless frame. Valkyr, RIP my kitty. I want a refund for those Skins on that frame! Deactivating Hysteria and being afraid of killing one's self. Who the hell brainstormed that horsecrap? Seems like we can screw over getting to Lv300+ enemies, since the damage isn't equal to your BROKEN damage resistent scaling. Killing is more time consuming and worthless compared to the spawnrate, DR, and energy orb drop rate at those high levels. Meh, luckily, I've stopped playing this game. Haven't even bothered since that Kela event crap.
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