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  1. yeah, but that don't make you a god killer like chroma. All it takes is a single pierce, and you're dead.
  2. why do all of this when you have chroma with elemental ward and vex armour?
  3. it's a spy mission, dummy. You can't be seen.
  4. *laughs* If you ever hear someone using the voice function on warframe, it's most likely fapping.
  5. use loki and spam decoy, or use a tank.
  6. This post is getting friction all right.
  7. DE does have proper drops. 500 ducats is like 20 runs of hard work for me. And you can't be serious and tell me a fully assembled khora pices are not proper drops. One, it's in prep for heart of deimos, two, if this is not a proper drop, well guess what. It will save you 12 hours of build time, resources, credits, and farming time.
  8. I would say mesa, because she can basically obliterate anything in her sight, like medusa. Even so, Mesa's abilities are useful.
  9. I tihnk the problem is that some things just don't work on others. THe main use of fire blast was to cool off ember's meter. using it for anything else is just sucky. I would rather use fireball.
  10. For people who do say that we are too powerful, remember the idea behind the Tenno's character. The point of Tenno squads or units is that they were an unbeatable force, surpassing the Dax and Orokin. They were able to come back from death, can parkour with unmatched agility, and can take on sentients, eidelons, the infested, and grineer and corpus armies assigned to outposts. They are basically if you gave navy SEAL's a powersuit, steroids, the knowledge to use any weapon they touch, some powers, and a crossoff from the deathnote. The point is that we, the Tenno, are overpowered. That is why
  11. That's new to me. Okay, what I said before is void.
  12. this could work, kind of like an experiment. They give some select players or employees a time period or a session to play around with 2 versions of the helminth. Then they could use that feedack to either tweek or keep the helminth.
  13. This is a valid argument. Frames like mirage and limbo do not have an alternate way to collect their normal parts. All is good and well since prime frames are stronger in general, but this would be a problem for collectors. And this would kind of encourage players to grind out or buy platnium, which in my opinion sucks. DE, if you are reading this, make it so quest frames are rebuildable.
  14. Let me tell you something. DE has already the marketing chops. They overprice platnium payments! For example, on player base markets, prime warframes have an average cost of 3 dollars. DE sell their regular warframes for 6.5 dollars average. They also mention that there is a market in the tutorial, but do not mention that the market is where you get blueprints. This might have been just for me, but I have been rocking starter weapons until MR 6 because I didn't know where people where getting most of their blueprints. So it's safe to say, DE is already making more money. Just look on the worth
  15. Objection, mastery rank is supposed to be a marker on how far in the game you are.
  16. Decoy draws more aggro than resonator, in my experience, so nerfing is kinda pointless because they have pro and cons.
  17. Remove trade limits, kind of a pain. At least make it have more trades.
  18. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1212238-warframe-idea-quantum/ here is my warframe, his name is quantum, the unstable physics breaker.
  19. My quantum, or somethign similar. I like the chance RNG risk or lose kind of stuff
  20. I like the name, it is a play on vectors, which is the direction of energy. The only problem is, vectors also include energies like fire and electricity. Maybe you can encorperate some that in this frame>
  21. Well, the drawback is that you can get an electric damage increase. And yeah, I envision the same thing, except sometimes my mind goes back to limbo.
  22. Note: don't whoosh me if some abilities are similar to other abilities, some people can confirm that I do not know anything about warframe. At all. Warframe Name: Quantum A warframe that follows the laws of physics, then manipulates it and throws it out of the window. Use quantum to perform achievements of unimaginable heights, Passive: Unstable Presence When enemies are in Quantum's line of sight, they get a random debuff. They can have lower health, lower shields, lower armour, higher chance of status, or more susceptible to damage. Being unstable, this can
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