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  1. @GnarlsDarkleyLMAO i was so dumb i think i have one equiped when i created the others so i dont check the gear wheel for the next one I will be more attentive anyway thanks for taking the time to answer my question!
  2. I can create them but when I try to use them in a mission I get that I don't have (that is 0) when I already have done 7
  3. There was host migration and i was expelled from the game so i left the bug but lost the rewards/ al final hubo una migracion de host y fui expulsado de la partida asi que sali del bug pero perdi las recompensas
  4. I'm stuck in the open world of fortune trying to use the k drive but I ended up falling off the map and I don't want to lose the rewards, what can I do? Sorry for mi english its not my first lenguage/ estoy atascado en los valles del orbe al intentar usar el k drive y termine cayendo fuera del mapa, como puedo salir de ese bug sin tener que abandonar la partida y no perder mis recompensas?
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