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  1. Just a heads up, the people who stream aren’t developers, they are part of their community department. Stop calling anyone who works on video games developers, that’s like calling a boom operator a director.
  2. The streams are based off of the platforms they are supposed to be streaming on, Xbox ONE , Playstay FOUR, NinTENdo Switch, also they used to stream out of their office studio before quarantine so for them they were doing it during work hours because it’s literally their job.
  3. I find it to be a double edged sword to give the prex cards as drops on the Warframe twitch streams. On one hand people don’t have to watch a bunch of different streams from various WF Creators but on the other hand I thought it was actually a nice idea to allow these items to drop when watching them because you promote your audience exploring and interacting with the Creators especially after having just unveiled the new program. It’s kinda like why watch them if I can just watch for 30 mins and get them instead of the hour I have to watch anyone else?
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