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  1. Terrible enemies, why they suck, and how to fix them.

    I suggested this in a previous thread: Don't know if it'd work, but who knows.
  2. Decent PVP would intice a whole new market

    I'd rather not. Competitive communities breed incredible toxicity, almost invariably. Additionally, Warframe's game design is not very well suited to PvP, if the lack of success on the part of Conclave at present is any indication. I leave you with an analogy: If you want Burgers, don't go into Pizza Hut demanding they serve Burgers, just go to Burger King. Likewise, if you want a highly competitive, PvP experience, instead of turning Warframe into that, which would no doubt be to its own detriment, how about you just go play and enjoy a game that offers that experience?
  3. Volt's description is outdated, and it has been for a really long time. His abilities seem more geared towards defensive mechanics, like aggression deterrent, being quick to avoid enemies, having a great number of stunning effects, and his shield ability both absorbing the full damage of attacks and being able to be used to knock-down enemies, impairing them. In fact, the only factors that disagree with that is the description, his passive conjuring more damage, Speed increasing Melee Speed, and his Shield amplifying electrical damage, but those could be oversights or deliberate deviations to create interesting effect. If Excalibur is the Jack-of-all-Trades of Offense, and Mag is the Jack-of-all-Trades of Support, Volt is the Jack-of-all-Trades of Defense. If that philosophy is true, then I can't say I agree with the mechanics expressed by the OP.
  4. Commander stun has to go - and fast!

    Not only is unavoidable, absolute nullification of the player's agency egregious, but this mechanic is also incompatible with itself. 'Stunning' the player to prevent them from fighting back, which is an aggression deterrent, suits the mechanics of the Corpus better, and the re-positioning of enemies into range of allies is more akin to removing the range distance protecting an enemy, which is more a mechanic that suits the Infestation. Using them together and on a faction the mechanics don't compliment is just blatantly bad design. Off the top of my head, I'd recommend the commander do something along the lines of placing something on his allies that can end up damaging you. Maybe he has a device that allows him to deploy little gun sentinels that attach to allies, which attack you? Maybe he can attach explosives to his allies, so if they die they may catch you in a very damaging residual explosion? I don't think he should have the ability to buff any stats, though. As for the Switch Teleport, give it to a new Infestation unit, but remove its stunning effects. It won't need the stun then, because most big AoE attacks can't hurt the Infested very well if they have an Ancient Healer nearby. Then, give the stun to the Corpus, like maybe the Rail-Gun Moa's weapon would be powerful enough to stagger you, if its damage threshold is a certain percentage compared to your health.
  5. A Damage 3.0 Plan

    Eh... I mean, I'm all for a good Damage 3.0 plan, but I don't think this is it. A lot of this is needless and misguided, and I knew it would be when I sampled just reading some of your first few suggestions involving the Physical Damage types. (Like, do you have any idea why Puncture has Damage Reduction as its proc, and why it's actually not focused on armor reduction? The answer doesn't adhere to 'Real-Life Logic', but it does adhere to Game-Design Logic.) I mean, there's a few good things here I could appreciate, such as Elemental Damage mods converting from existing damage pools instead of adding damage, but then I have massive issues with your proposed energy economy and Faction reworks. Most of the stuff you want removed, I just want Counter-Mechanics for. (ie, getting grappled, but being able to hold your melee key to execute a move to cut the line and recover), and some of them I just outright don't think you have any right to complain about. (Nullifiers are not unfair to any degree, although I could appreciate DiabolusUrsus suggestion for the bubble putting an active ability on pause instead of outright removing it) Also, many of the enemies you want as Mini-Bosses don't fit the bill. If I had to define what a Mini-Boss was, it would be an enemy that has just as many (or very close to the same number of) options as the Player. How many options does a Napalm have against a Tenno? The Napalm has a weapon and ground slam, whereas a Tenno has 3 Weapons, Gear, a Companion, their 4 Warframe Abilities, and an Aura. But, those were just my issues with the proposed ideas. As for scaling, here's what I recommended in a previous thread:
  6. Suggestion for Electrical Shock Status

    First, DE has ridden on the mantra that Warframe is a game you can play the way you want to, as such saying Warframe is a 'fast game' is kind of a farce, given you can build the game's pace to the way you want, especially if you know what equipment to use and the ways to modify them to slow it down or speed it up. As such, expanding on mechanics that work in other paces than fast seems fine to me. Second, Not all damage types or statuses are useful against all enemy types, the same should be said for this. How useful is a Magnetic Proc on a Grineer (assuming present mechanics)? The particular mechanic of triggering abilities is not meant to counter units that just don't have an ability. Also, you defend not changing by using Warframe's present power imbalance issues as an example for why a mechanic shouldn't be changed, which seems to me like a logical fallacy. Finally, this idea would require very little change (at least, no more change than was expressed by DE), and would open up potential for other elements and mechanics both for that system and potential future mechanics.
  7. Suggestion for Electrical Shock Status

    First: Control mechanics (ie, mechanics that manipulate enemy behaviors) are a set of mechanics Warframe doesn't have enough of, yet are the mechanics I enjoy the most. Mind Control, Galvanization, Forced Misdirection, Triggering, etc; Warframe has very little proper use of these mechanics, with the few examples of such often being apart of Warframe kits they don't belong in, and what better way to begin introducing them correctly than dedicating a damage type to it? Especially because... Second: Right now, Electric is just a better Heat and Cold, at least in nuance. It does more damage to more enemies than Heat's status, and its stun has a more noticeable stopping effect than Cold's status. Instead of keeping it this way, Electric should be its own thing, so that these other elemental types can be made more useful. (For example, above I mentioned Heat damage could inherit Electric's Status chaining). This is especially so, considering talks of Status suggests DE is going to make them scale more, so freeing up Chaining and Stunning would allow those mechanics to be obvious choices for Heat and Cold, respectively, to Scale. Third: It would create incentive DE to make Radiation more powerful in some way, while retaining its AI altering ability. I recommended that, because it is Electric and Heat Combined, it would Chain when enemies attack each other, perhaps increasing their damage effectiveness against each other based upon the before mentioned scaling. Finally; I would argue this isn't much worse than Radiation is presently. It could also be considered better, in the sense that you wouldn't have to wait for the AI to activate their abilities. Instead, the proc forcibly activates them if it scales high enough.
  8. Suggestion for Electrical Shock Status

    In what way? My understanding of code suggests this status effect would just simulate the same inputs a unit would already use to activate an ability or weapon, and if DE is smart, they would have that input already tied to a simple execution variable (which would make the act of having a unit fire their weapon simpler to call upon, but also helps with syncing for multiplayer). I think animating this, particularly in a way that would both be useful and believable, would be harder than it would be to code, unless DE is using spaghetti code.
  9. So I saw on the Devstream today that Status effects are being looked at, and I just wanted to make a suggestion for the Status Effect for Electrical Damage: I would suggest that Shock Status force enemies to trigger their weapons and abilities, but treating their allegiance when forced to use their weapons and abilities like as though they are confused. So, for example, if you electrified a Lancer, he would start shooting sporadically in various directions, potentially injuring his allies. The way this could scale, as they suggested status effects would start scaling, is that it would go from affecting how long they fire their weapons, to stacking to a point where it forces them to trigger abilities, so for example you could force an Arson Eximus to unleash their heat wave with a high-powered Shock status, which would ignite and knock back all other enemies around them. A Lancer may be forced to drop a plasma grenade at his own feet. For summoning abilities, it could make the summoned unit unaffiliated, so like a Corpus Tech would deploy a Shield Osprey that won't shield them, or a Drakk Master would summon unruly Drakks that immediately turn on them. This would, of course, have no effect on Passive abilities, such as Aura's. Shock Status would no longer conduct between enemies, but that effect of spreading status could be moved to Heat status, perhaps being that every stack of Heat status added would also fan the flames onto other enemies near the target, with perhaps high scaling Heat status automatically spreading. In addition, to make Radiation Confusion Status more distinct in comparison, not only does Confusion alter the AI into fighting each other, but perhaps when they injure other units, they have a certain chance to spread Confusion Status to other enemies, making it distinctly a combination between Shock's enemy manipulation and Heat's spreading. Just a suggestion.
  10. There's actually about as many Infested light units as there are other faction light units. However, if we broadened 'light units' to 'simple units', like units that only do one thing, then the Infested don't have all the available counterparts, like there's no Infested counterpart to the Ballista and Railgun Moa. Overall, though, they are in need of expansion.
  11. Loot Tables Need an Update Game Wide

    Some thoughts on this matter I've had for some time now: Weapon Crates As an Alternative to Research, so you don't have to be apart of clan, any faction weapon dependent upon having Research to obtain can also have their blueprints obtained by finding extremely rare Weapon Crates during missions. Short Term, not guaranteed, and less expendable than the Research, but gives a player the opportunity to obtain them. Secondary Objectives Basic premise of having random in-mission occurrences that may offer additional rewards for completing, but have no risk of ending your mission for failing, just being possibly difficult to accomplish. Come across a Brig while running a Sabotage, and find a group of Ostrons? Get them out of there, for some Ostron Rep back in Cetus, and possibly some of their resources, such as fish or gems. Maybe an intelligence commander is on board, while you're running an Assassination? Hunt them down, and capture them before they escape to unlock an Alert with unique rewards, like weapon blueprints or rare mods, for you and anyone you invite. Could help shift drops into a less diluted space. Boss Loot Stockpiles Defeating a Boss should give you a selection of things to gain, with some core items that are always dropped alongside more valuable items that are regulated by RNG. For Example, by defeating Lech Kril, you would always be given the option of taking one of Frost's parts but would have additional random loot; perhaps a Forma Blueprint, or Grineer Research Weapon blueprint, such as an Ogris or Jat Kittag, or a valuable mod. A metric could be Six items in the selection, with 3 being dedicated to consistent drops (ie, usually Warframe parts), and the rest being dedicated to random drops. On DE's part, each of these random slots could have its own drop tables, so for example the battle with Vor and Lech Kril would have a slot dedicated to randomizing between Miter parts. Encourages replaying, even after obtaining a Boss's Warframe, and could help reduce dilution without increasing the difficulty of obtaining Warframe parts, by converting it from a chance into a choice with chance. (ie, if a Boss's drop table guarantees you any of the Warframe parts to choose from, but it also includes a Catalyst for this particular round, you're probably going to take the Catalyst and just come back later for the Warframe part you're after.) However, to make this system fair, Bosses should be made to be actually difficult, but fair, to defeat. A lot of the ability and status immunity do not support Warframe's game-play; Bosses should adhere to all the mechanics of the game. They just need more counter-play and more recovery options when put up against our powers. Reduce Credit and Endo Rewards I see way too many Credit and Endo Rewards, especially in locations with higher tier difficulty, intended for players who already have extremely large stockpiles. Replacing them with some sought after Warframe and Weapon mods could help offset some of the grind.
  12. New game modes for Operator's only (Operator Spoilers)

    There's already two operator specific systems, and I'm already sick of the concept. I would argue that we should go no further with "Operator only" mechanics.
  13. Why do you extract at the last milisecond?

    It was bound to happen, especially with the publicity that DE has been trying to attract alongside PoE. As well, I believe some of the game-design we've been seeing doesn't support commutative play as much as it used to, and therefore our sense of positive community has faltered. I know I certainly don't feel as much apart of Warframe anymore, and for no reason other than that the game just doesn't feel communal anymore. This was probably why, for a long time, we went with very little toxicity. Unfortunately, the winds of change don't always bring clear skies. I would have to agree, this is occurring too often. Fast Respawn is being used constantly by new players, when it doesn't need to be, and I think it's probably because the consequences aren't as pronounced.
  14. OHKO: Something I used to say during U8-12

    There's two ways to do this: If DE wants to keep up the charade of making Warframe exhibit RPG mechanics, then the design would necessitate at least admitting we have a very orthogonal RPG, and that the stats affected by scaling should be different per category. Off the top of my head, this is how I would have at least Grineer and Corpus scale, as well as some rules for universal scaling: Grineer Common Units Scale by Dealing Damage Faster (ie, taking longer attack bursts, having higher chances for Slash procs, etc) Heavy Units Scale by Magnifying Their Damage (ie, Heavy Gunner's Gorgon gains even more damage while spinning up, more devastating Bombards, etc) Specialist Units Scale by Increasing Charge-Up Rates and Decreasing Ability Cooldowns (ie, Ballista Vulkar charges faster, Flameblades teleport more, etc) All Grineer Units would gain more aggression for higher levels, preferring to charge their enemies over taking cover and in general being more vicious. Corpus Common Units Scale by Reducing Enemy Damage More (ie, having higher chances for Puncture procs, fielding more point-defense equipment, etc) Heavy Units Scale by Increasing Their Defenses (ie, having larger shield pools, more effective enemy slowing abilities, Tougher Nullifier Shields, etc) Specialist Units Scale by Increasing Duration (ie, having longer times in cloak, longer lasting Sapping Osprey orbs, etc) All Corpus Units would gain more tactical and defensive grouping and placement for higher levels, such as Moa or Bursa Blockades. Universal All Common Units would Scale with More Unit Spawns All Heavy Units would Scale with Increased Armor All Specialist Units would Scale with Increased Accuracy All Units would Scale with Additional Health, with a Hard Cap at Rank 60 and a Multiplier related to the difficulty of the Planet/Node This could help create more variety between the factions, focusing on their faction strengths as opposed to just generically amplifying them, and it still means appropriate equipment could be brought in to deal with the situation (ie, Grineer Scaling making Lancers go Grakata-mad, but Frost's freezing abilities slow them down, eliminating their rate of fire anyway). As well, scaling orthogonally like this would also put more value on different build types, putting less focus on always going for Damage or Armor Reduction. Or, as a second option, I would absolutely love to get rid of scaling entirely, because Warframe really isn't that kind of game and it never has been. The linear scaling mechanics have always felt out of place to me, especially since the Tenno don't scale linearly, outside of mandatory mods (which feel out of place too).
  15. Why I think POE is bad for WF

    I find this perspective destructive to any game. If you, or anyone else, didn't like the standard mission design and tilesets... well, then, why in the world were you playing this game to begin with? That's just blatantly admitting you didn't like Warframe's game-play, on a purely subjective basis and not because it wasn't well designed. That's like saying, I don't like Pizza, so I'm going to go into Pizza Hut and tell them to start selling Burgers. Doesn't that seem a tad ridiculous? Shouldn't you just go to Burger King if you want Burgers? Likewise, shouldn't you just play a game that has open areas, fishing, and other such unfitting mechanics, instead of having Warframe include those mechanics, despite its core game-play not supporting those mechanics? It's not another way to play the game, because it's blatantly an entirely separate game.