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  1. I believe the biggest reasons these projects never pan out is because they often have very rarely anything to do with the game-play Warframe became popular on: the instance-based, Cooptional, gear-up and jump in, third-person shooting, slashing, and casting action game, with a living overworld that possessed situational alerts and invasions. All they needed to do was build on that, not tack on every shiny thing they get obsessed with for a given season. I'll do it right here: You know that Nemesis rip-off system they want to make? Yeah, why build a whole system around that when we already have one: Invasions. They could expand on Invasions by making them be lead by a generated Grineer, Corpus, or Infested Boss. They could then make the system less grindy or off-putting for a given player: each Tenno can choose the mission type the want to run, with different mission types providing different quantities of completion. For example, it would take 5 Exterminates to complete an invasion, but it would only take 3 Captures, 2 Defenses, or 1 Assassinate, but a player could mix and match based upon the Warframes they have and the game-play they prefer. And the Assassination for invasions would be the procedural Boss. It would require some smart design on the part of DE to make the Assassination worth being an entire Invasion, but if they played it smart, it'd work. Alternatively, they could have made Stalker's Acolytes function by this 'Kingpin' system, with their traits and equipment being not dissimilar to our Focus and Arsenal, making this set of 'Dark Tenno' carry out missions across the Origin system not unlike we do. In fact, I recommended this system for the Sentients long ago, but it would work just as well on the Acolytes: Either would use the nemesis system DE wants to replicate in a way that only serves to compliment and expand the already existing, core game-mechanics, instead of adding an entirely new game onto Warframe. The same can be said of the Plains. I was hoping the Plains was going to be a conglomeration of all game-play we have, with resource collection, squad-based combat, the availability of Archwing, and a plethora of objectives matching those of the mission types we already have. Sadly, it fell fall short of what that means, as resource collection was rendered null because all the resources of the Plains only applies to the Plains, and the spending has nothing to do with resources I already have, squads seem to hamper more than help in certain circumstances, Skywing doesn't play on any of the strengths of Archwing and is gated needlessly, and the objectives are more monotonous than their individual mission counterparts. That would be a good place to start: envisioning how to make the game whole, instead of segregated clumps of disillusionment.
  2. Microgame style grind

    I'm in agreement. As I've said a few times now, if you play Warframe for Warframe, Plains of Eidolon is not worth your time.
  3. Plains of Eidolon is its own Ecosystem

    Well, I supposed my argument would be that stances don't hardly affect the way I play either, as I don't ever focus on melee, but I suppose for the players that do focus on melee, that could be something worthwhile to them. On the other hand, though, that would also suggest that the design is incompatible, because you have to play through this entire section of the game that does not rely upon core game-play to obtain something that does apply to core game-play.
  4. Plains of Eidolon is its own Ecosystem

    Yes, and Operator Amps are still usable outside the Plains as well, however, I guarantee these weapons are really only going to be useful within the Plains, Zaws for obtaining Ostron reputation, Amps for dealing with the Teralyst, which in turn only serves to provide Quill reputation. It's still a system that only really rewards itself, hence why I would argue that it is entirely its own segregated system.
  5. Plains of Eidolon is its own Ecosystem

    I haven't abandoned the original Quake yet, because there's still incredible variety in what can be done, especially considering mods and maps. Same for Half-Life, same for older Halo games. Just because DE apparently didn't know how to expand on or fix the core game, doesn't mean there wasn't ways to do it that didn't involve shoehorning in entire games. We complain about those systems, because they have so little to do with the core game. I'm not going to be interested in any addition to Warframe that doesn't, you know, add to Warframe. We don't just want new things; we want new things that have to do with the game we're playing.
  6. This is the conclusion I came to. I have to ask, have we learned nothing? Did we, somehow, magically forget that Archwing was built as its own ecosystem, and failed? Did we forget that Conclave was built as its own ecosystem, and it, too, failed. Lunaro? Trials? Operators? This is my feedback: I don't like this segregation philosophy, DE. You've just given me a whole lot of stuff not to do, because it doesn't apply outside of its own ecosystem. Why would I invest in that which does not affect the core game? If I wanted to play a 360-degrees of freedom space shooter, I'd play Descent, Freespace, or any other plethora of games dedicated to that genre. If I wanted to play a player-versus-player shooter, I'd go play something like TF2, Quake, Halo, CoD, or Titanfall. Likewise, if I wanted to play an open-world game, I'd play The Witcher, Skyrim, Fallout, GTA, Saints Row, etc. Point is, I'd rather play a game entirely dedicated to its genre, than play a mini-game tacked onto a preexisting game. Until Plains of Eidolon has anything to do with the core game, you can expect that I will not be playing it any longer, just as I chose not to involve myself in Archwing, Lunaro, and all the other 'mini-games' that have preceded it.
  7. Wanted to Like POE, but can't

    Well, I would say it's not inherently good to add new systems, I suppose it's also not inherently bad. The problem here is DE is adding these things, without understanding how they function in their own ecosystem first, so that they may adapt them to Warframe's core design. I mean, 'Free Roam' isn't inherently incompatible with Warframe's genre, but many of DE's choices for implementing it are. However, I'd still preference fixing and proper expansion on the core game-play before they ever start tacking stuff like this on, because as it stands, the core game has plenty of issues that have not been touched on since I started playing, some 4 years ago. I had this realization as well, after I was about to be extremely angry about having to surrender quite a number of Sentient cores; nothing obtained in Cetus and the Plains applies at all to the rest of the game. Using Ostron Rep on fishing and mining only contributes more to fishing and mining. Using Ostron Rep to make Zaws only services to make obtaining Ostron Rep easier. Using Quill Rep only makes your Operator's Amp more powerful, which only really matters in the Plains. The new resources don't seem to apply to anything outside of the Plains Just about everything else is Decoration or Cosmetic If you play Warframe for Warframe, there's no reason to go to the plains. I wouldn't hold my breath; the track record with DE is to implement something like this, and then move on. We might see some more hotfixes, but I don't think DE's going to add any of the fundamental changes we're asking for.
  8. Wanted to Like POE, but can't

    It's a flawed philosophy to constantly reshape what something is, at least as far as humans go. Not even getting into how change is one of the biggest causes of stress and conflict among people, but let's look at some other games that fundamentally changed their designs: Command & Conquer, literally the direct descendant of the grandfather of most of the RTS genre, died not too long ago. Why? Well, it had a change of developer, which altered the vision for the game. It wasn't particularly egregious at first, and then finally they added a game to the series that took out several of the key functions and focused on elements of the game that the average players prior didn't even care about. It costs them big, even causing that branch of the company to be cut out. Then they tried to expand on one of the original deviations from the original formula, and that was the final nail in the coffin for the entire series. Change destroyed Command & Conquer. Then, Halo. Its original developers, Bungie, moved on to other projects, and the series was handed off to a new company. They were amateurish, and demonstrated complete lack of understanding for what made the core of Halo so appealing to its fans. In fact, I think it's on record somewhere that they deliberately hired people who disliked Halo, that they may be able to find issues in its design, but ultimately all they did was alienate their original players. People expected Halo, and got something else instead, something that may have been fun on its own, but did not live up to being Halo, and it's been pretty obvious they've been getting incredible flak and suffering huge losses because of it. Change is alienating the Halo fanbase. And what status quo is DE breaking? Their own? So far, Warframe is a game that is sustained entirely on the ideas of other games, ideas that when separated from those games don't make any sense. Flipping upside down, changing, 'evolution', or whatever you want to call it, is not inherently positive. Especially considering how many Warframe fans are getting alienated because DE does this thing where they add other systems, based upon systems in other games, and violently stab it into Warframe. I should leave the game? Right back at you; how about you leave the game, because it's you, the player with no standards, that's letting this happen. You blindly accept what DE gives, therefore DE keeps giving all of us the deviant experience. Because you have no standard, you don't join in our defiance to broken mechanics, systems that get added and forgotten, and further deviations from the core experience. You let DE alienate the people who played Warframe for Warframe. So, it's not I who should leave this community, it's you. Why don't you leave, and not bother fighting me over me giving my feedback, because regardless of what state the game is in, you'd buy into it anyway.
  9. Wanted to Like POE, but can't

    Feedback, just in its title, is giving 'feed' back to an 'input'. The 'feed' here is our opinions, the 'input' is the developers of the game. By definition, giving an opinion to the developers is feedback. Just because you specifically don't like this feedback doesn't mean it's not feedback. At adapting? Why should I be expecting Warframe to play anything other than like Warframe? Why in the world should I be expecting absurd implementations that don't build on the core game-play of Warframe? This isn't a matter of adapting or not; this is a matter of new additions to the game having almost literally nothing to do with the game we have, that instead of building on the core game-play we get tacked on mini-games that have very extremely arbitrary reasons for being implemented. I don't think it's that we can't adapt, it's that you're willing to accept anything DE does. Why should I expect a shooter to have a fishing mechanic? Why should I expect a shooter to have a mining mechanic? Why should I expect a shooter to have an open world? These are mechanics that don't suit the genre Warframe inhabits, and they don't at all complement or supplement Warframe's core design with their current implementation. Quite simply: You get over yourself; as I said prior, you don't like our feedback, great, but that still doesn't affect the validity of it being feedback.
  10. Wanted to Like POE, but can't

    I think you're mistaking not wanting Operators as us seeing Operators as not being fun; that's not the case. It's not an issues of how interesting, or how fun, or even how well Operators play. The fact of the matter is that Operators are just copy-pasting existing game-play into a new system that does very little to actually build on what we already have; a concept that has plagued most of DE's decisions for about 3 years now.
  11. Can we please get Archwing changed for PoE

    So it requires extensive time just to enable, constant grind to maintain, doesn't have any of the benefits of Archwing aside from mobility, and you're immediately kicked out of it for getting struck by the smallest of arms fire? Yeah, no, not even going to bother now. That's just blatantly incompetent design, and an attempt to just rip out other RPG mechanics without understanding the purpose of those mechanics in their own ecosystem, compared to the mechanics of Warframe. This is the only way in which it should have worked: On the Plains, your Gear menu would have a button that sits at the center of the Gear Wheel, that shows a symbol representing archwing. Pressing this button while its highlighted summons Archwing. This only exists if players have completed the Archwing Quest and have an Archwing. You strap into the Archwing, and you can engage in all the aerobatics as currently implemented. Getting too close to the ground will immediately put you out of Archwing, however the Archwing itself sticks around for a moment before disappearing, so you can re-enter. The Archwing would have its own Health and Shields; when its health is depleted, you're ejected, perhaps losing a portion of health and having your own shields disabled. As well, being disabled like this would make Archwing recharge before allowing deployment again. The Archwing would also have its equipped weapons; Arch-Melee can only target aerial enemies, such as Dropships and the Archwing enemies. Arch-Guns would be limited to their own ammo type that can only be collected from those Grineer Ammo Caches and from a deployable Gear item to replace the current one to summon Archwing that instead grants the Arch-Gun ammo. Each Arch-Gun gains 25% of its maximum ammo with each pickup. Grineer SAM-Sites would be devastating to attempt to engage, unless you're focused more on maneuvering than fighting, discouraging using just Archwing for combat. Doing anything else would just be needless and obnoxious.
  12. Wanted to Like POE, but can't

    Have to agree; I'm not feeling it. It's proving that Warframe's game-play just simply doesn't work in these giant environments, not to mention all the visual clutter getting in between me and the enemy. So, apparently, brush blocks player line-of-sight, but the Grineer have super vision? And the fact every Grineer is a sniper just baffles me; why don't they have accuracy drop-off for longer distances? And those freaking dropships... And all these new resources... isn't there a fundamental principle about making what you have more important, before you start tacking on more stuff? Did we seriously need a whole new set of resources, when I'm still sitting on stockpiles? It's like DE wants to punish me for investing time in their game earlier. Deploying Archwing being a consumable and not actually using the Archwing Weapons are just a couple of massive slaps to the face. What they should have done is made a 'Deploy Archwing' button in the middle of the Gear screen, and balanced Archwing Weapons around it's own ammo pickup that could only be restored at those Grineer ammo things or by a consumable gear item, in place of the consumable gear item used to deploy the Archwing itself. It's like they don't want me to use Archwing. Operators are just watered down Warframes, there I said it. There's no reason to play them. It'd be like if you took Halo, and suddenly if you pressed a button you turned into a mini-spartan with no shields and no weapon, but hey it's cool, because mini-spartan... I guess. I liked operators better when it really was just an extension of the Warframes. And Focus just absolutely is not worth it anymore. I hate Relays, I hate going through Relays just to do arbitrary things, and that hatred now extends to Cetus. Wouldn't be as bad if when I picked 'Solo' I could just be in my own session, but I guess that just doesn't sit right with DE. All in all, I guess I was right to be worried; Plains of Eidolon feels just like another tacked on, sub-game trying to play on trends and shoehorn in unnecessary mechanics, padding game time by being an incredible grind an having weird and unnecessary blocks to progress.
  13. In the caves of the Plains of Eidolon, I've been finding glass things that can be scanned for lore bits. Some interesting stuff; apparently Kuva can heal a Sentient, restoring its ability to reproduce.
  14. Warframe Multiverse?

    Could just be apart of his beliefs? Then again, I suspect either two things: One, DE is alluding to their other game, which I care about in such a minuscule quantity that I haven't bothered to memorize it by name, or Two, they really are foreshadowing that Warframe is a multiverse, which as much as I would want to disagree with such a possibility, DE has proven to be completely untethered in the department of consistency. I mean, if you told me after about a few months of playing Warframe that they were going to have an open world segment, I'd have told you that was a stupid idea, and that DE shouldn't be tacking on other games, but here we are. At this point, I accept that about two years from now, Warframe will probably have even more genres of games built into it, which they'll probably explain as being multiverse, so not going to rule that one out. In fact, I'm not going to rule anything out; Can't wait for Warframe: Battle for Dune Mars, in which the Tenno command armies in an RTS fashion on Mars, fighting against the Grineer and Corpus over Spice a fancy new resource that the game desperately needed.
  15. "Saya's Vigil" dissapeared

    Same; the update hit, so I exited, came back, no option for the quest anymore.