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  1. New Enemys that you need to prepare for

    This idea, of more engaging and more thoughtful enemies, has been requested for about 3 years now, if not longer. And DE's attempts to execute upon this thus far don't exactly inspire confidence in their abilities to make engaging enemies, or perhaps they just aren't interested in making engaging enemies, I don't know. Either way, though, I wouldn't hold your breath.
  2. i cant enjoy warframe... and i have no idea why.

    Because Warframe's most basic game-play lacks any kind of satisfaction. You don't have to worry about positioning or tactics because of the excessive freedom of movement. Weapon mods, especially with Rivens, just make any weapon effective at doing any task, so there's no counter-play. Enemies don't have very engaging AI or abilities and just haphazardly engage us until we kill them or they kill us. Bosses are undeserving of the title, and the only true Boss, the Teralyst, is gated by a mechanic that is essentially the boiled-down basic game-play of Warframe, duplicated for a micro-system that serves very little purpose otherwise. There's no challenge to overcome, just monotonous tasks that let you get 'cooler' looking stuff to let you complete more monotonous tasks. There's a lot of avenues to go in the game, but they all ultimately boil down to the same, monotonous task. It's an ankle deep ocean. Warframe, as strange as it is to say, lacks variety. There's no variety of combat or goals. And sure, there are mechanics in the game that represent variety, but they ultimately live in the shadows, often branded as 'useless' abilities, because the game-play doesn't offer the variety to make use of them. And, because of these things, the most basic game-play is unsatisfactory, which means once you have achieved and experienced everything Warframe has, you find it has no replayability. There's no value in just playing Warframe. Sure, you can just wait, and something new will be added that you can experience, but once you've done that, you'll just be back to feeling like this.
  3. Terrible enemies, why they suck, and how to fix them.

    I suggested this in a previous thread: Don't know if it'd work, but who knows.
  4. Decent PVP would intice a whole new market

    I'd rather not. Competitive communities breed incredible toxicity, almost invariably. Additionally, Warframe's game design is not very well suited to PvP, if the lack of success on the part of Conclave at present is any indication. I leave you with an analogy: If you want Burgers, don't go into Pizza Hut demanding they serve Burgers, just go to Burger King. Likewise, if you want a highly competitive, PvP experience, instead of turning Warframe into that, which would no doubt be to its own detriment, how about you just go play and enjoy a game that offers that experience?
  5. Commander stun has to go - and fast!

    Not only is unavoidable, absolute nullification of the player's agency egregious, but this mechanic is also incompatible with itself. 'Stunning' the player to prevent them from fighting back, which is an aggression deterrent, suits the mechanics of the Corpus better, and the re-positioning of enemies into range of allies is more akin to removing the range distance protecting an enemy, which is more a mechanic that suits the Infestation. Using them together and on a faction the mechanics don't compliment is just blatantly bad design. Off the top of my head, I'd recommend the commander do something along the lines of placing something on his allies that can end up damaging you. Maybe he has a device that allows him to deploy little gun sentinels that attach to allies, which attack you? Maybe he can attach explosives to his allies, so if they die they may catch you in a very damaging residual explosion? I don't think he should have the ability to buff any stats, though. As for the Switch Teleport, give it to a new Infestation unit, but remove its stunning effects. It won't need the stun then, because most big AoE attacks can't hurt the Infested very well if they have an Ancient Healer nearby. Then, give the stun to the Corpus, like maybe the Rail-Gun Moa's weapon would be powerful enough to stagger you, if its damage threshold is a certain percentage compared to your health.
  6. I believe the biggest reasons these projects never pan out is because they often have very rarely anything to do with the game-play Warframe became popular on: the instance-based, Cooptional, gear-up and jump in, third-person shooting, slashing, and casting action game, with a living overworld that possessed situational alerts and invasions. All they needed to do was build on that, not tack on every shiny thing they get obsessed with for a given season. I'll do it right here: You know that Nemesis rip-off system they want to make? Yeah, why build a whole system around that when we already have one: Invasions. They could expand on Invasions by making them be lead by a generated Grineer, Corpus, or Infested Boss. They could then make the system less grindy or off-putting for a given player: each Tenno can choose the mission type the want to run, with different mission types providing different quantities of completion. For example, it would take 5 Exterminates to complete an invasion, but it would only take 3 Captures, 2 Defenses, or 1 Assassinate, but a player could mix and match based upon the Warframes they have and the game-play they prefer. And the Assassination for invasions would be the procedural Boss. It would require some smart design on the part of DE to make the Assassination worth being an entire Invasion, but if they played it smart, it'd work. Alternatively, they could have made Stalker's Acolytes function by this 'Kingpin' system, with their traits and equipment being not dissimilar to our Focus and Arsenal, making this set of 'Dark Tenno' carry out missions across the Origin system not unlike we do. In fact, I recommended this system for the Sentients long ago, but it would work just as well on the Acolytes: Either would use the nemesis system DE wants to replicate in a way that only serves to compliment and expand the already existing, core game-mechanics, instead of adding an entirely new game onto Warframe. The same can be said of the Plains. I was hoping the Plains was going to be a conglomeration of all game-play we have, with resource collection, squad-based combat, the availability of Archwing, and a plethora of objectives matching those of the mission types we already have. Sadly, it fell fall short of what that means, as resource collection was rendered null because all the resources of the Plains only applies to the Plains, and the spending has nothing to do with resources I already have, squads seem to hamper more than help in certain circumstances, Skywing doesn't play on any of the strengths of Archwing and is gated needlessly, and the objectives are more monotonous than their individual mission counterparts. That would be a good place to start: envisioning how to make the game whole, instead of segregated clumps of disillusionment.
  7. From where I'm standing, there's no logical reason (however, there could be a technical one, I don't know Warframe's code) to also have this information be present in the game itself. Also, there are other numbers the game doesn't share, and I hope to see those as well. DE does not have a track record of adding something, and then reliably expanding on that something. If they're going to do something right, they're going to have to do it in the first go, because, otherwise, previous cases demonstrate DE is going to forget all about it shortly after its implementation.
  8. Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    As exciting as it is to see that weapon balance has become a concern, like at all, these changes will not solve the issue, at least not by themselves. People use the weapons they do because they can kill with incredible convenience and ease of use. No precision weapon like the Buzlok is ever going to have the love of a weapons with convenience, like the Soma or other similar weapons. In fact, I usually see most players favoring either Grineer or Tenno weapons, probably because Grineer and Tenno weapons don't generally have the same nuance and flair required by Corpus and Infested weapons. More mechanics need looking at, not just the statistics of individual weapons. You want something to be relevant, it needs to have a definitive purpose. Right off the bat, I already know that precision weapons need significantly more reward, because right now, killing one guy, even if it's a Bombard, Tech, Bursa, or otherwise, does nothing to prevent or impede the several other Lancers/Crewmen/Moas/Chargers/Runners bearing down on you, which at high levels have incredibly deadly attacks. I understand that swarms are supposed to counter precision, but it's so hard set, and pretty much leaves them behind in every regard, especially considering Warframe's linear elements. I do hope there's more to come, and this isn't just a one-off alteration.
  9. As cross as I am at present, I'll bite: I was thinking of designing a Corpus throwable arm shield, but the Sentient don't really have any weapons yet, so why not get started? I'm going to pull one from my old Sentient concept thread: Ketu Faction - Sentient Grip Type - Dual Tonfa Weapon (ie, Kronen) Description - Spin attacks release short waves of radiation that inflict the Irradiated status, confusing enemies into attacking each other. A deceptively simple prospect, no doubt fitting of the insidious and manipulative nature of the Sentient. Aesthetically, it'd be interesting if it would also whisper to its wielder, as though its Sentient spark was still alive.
  10. Mission Idea Sandbox.

    Before, I posted about my viewpoint that more variants of mission types should be added over adding completely new ones, but since then I think I've managed to create a new mission type that utilizes Warframe's movement systems: Preservation Objective - There are a series of enemy Endo generators in the area. Siphon their Endo and deposit it at a Tenno-deployed Repository. Rules - Endo carried by your Warframe will slowly drain; you must siphon it from the generators and get to the Repository as fast as possible. If all the Endo in your party has dispersed, the mission will be a failure. Any amount of Endo stored at the Repository will enable extraction. Enemies may drop a unique pick-up that can momentarily halt the Endo drain, rewarding players who can still kill and collect while on the move. Obstacles - Unique tiles for this mission would be Obstacle Course tiles. These tiles would present elaborate puzzles or require proper navigation to get through. Similar to Spy Vaults, the correct method of overcoming an individual tile would change each time, as it could have the proper method of completion be apart of the random generation system. You would have to complete these obstacles courses while harassed by enemies as well. Rewards - The amount of Endo you manage to contribute to the Repository determines the grade of your reward at the end of the mission. This amount is determined based upon the rank of the node, with reward pools also being on a per-node basis. Depositing no Endo will result in no reward, aside from anything you acquired in the mission (can only happen in Coop, as not having Endo will fail you in Solo). Additionally, there could be a 'Par' amount of Endo to achieve the greatest reward for the node, which encourages players to improve their mobility skills. Side Objectives - There are enemy vaults hidden throughout the mission that can only be opened by charging them with Endo. You can risk opening them for an additional reward at the end of the mission, however if you do not deposit any Endo at the Repository, you will not retain the reward. Only those who contribute Endo to these vaults are eligible for their content, but only if the vault is opened.
  11. Anndddd it's already October.

    I have to agree with those stating that the flaw is that you're biting off more than you can chew with this whole concept of presenting a cinematic experience. Not only that, but I didn't come to enjoy Warframe for being cinematic in the first place; why would I enjoy that now? The moment the game started presenting chronological events, such as Quests that take place at a specific time, was when it started interesting me less. You know what I liked about Warframe from the get-go? The persistence and the concept of an actual living world. I know the intro was pretty linear, as every player fought Vor at a time when Vor was attempting to capture Warframes, but everything else in the game was considered on-going. It treated events like as though masses of Tenno were attempting to put a stop to the aggression of our foes. Now, we have quests that treat the player like they're the first to even do something. I like Events better than Quests, because they reflect Warframe as being a living world that actually bends to the actions of the players. I like that feeling of persistence; that the game acknowledges I'm one of many, and that I'm not the first to discover something. That's what I liked about Warframe; this non-linear, non-chronological, living world, and I was hoping that it would evolve to explain why when we kill bosses that they come back for more, and that it would expand upon the concept that the bosses you've fought have already been killed or victims of attempted assassination by other Tenno, as well as give us more in-universe things to discover and realize, that the community would drive the plot of the game. Instead, it evolved into a story, and that just makes it dramatically less interesting for me. Instead of making Warframe more free and more alive, it has been made more static and less involving. That's not to say I didn't enjoy The Second Dream, and that's not to say I won't enjoy The War Within, but just know, I didn't come to enjoy Warframe because I expected a cinematic experience; the aspect I loved about it was the persistence of its fiction that reflected the actions of those who got involved with it. It was the potential I saw; could DE make a full, fourishing, world with depth, without tying me down to a linear plot? I feel like somewhere along the way, that concept was lost. It felt like it occurred somewhere after the Suspicious Shipments. Therefore, I would not be disappointed in the slightest if it was decided to move away from the overburdening cinematic quests. But, if it's where Warframe is going, then I suppose I will just enjoy Warframe for a different reason, but definitely not as satisfactory a reason.
  12. The Silver Grove: U2

    I didn't suspect that incessant suggestion of giving the Secura Lecta bonus credits would get in, as it's such a dull and ineffective ability, but it appears it somehow got in. I'm sitting on more than 4 million credits, do I need more? No, not in the slightest. And, honestly, the average player should easily be swimming in credits by the time they max out any of the Syndicates, so that bonus is just so... useless. It also doesn't match the role convention of the Perrin Sequence, who field the Defensive Corpus equipment (and their variant name, 'Secura', is obviously a play on the word 'Security'). There were definitely better suggestions than this. On the brighter side, I'm happy to see my suggestion for the Synoid Heliocor was included (reconstructing the enemy into an ally with the intended role of Support), which is kind of funny because I'm not aligned to Cephalon Suda so I'll also never get to use it (also self imposed denial to ever get caught up in the drama of trade ever again). As well, all the other functions seem reasonable. Plus, it's cool to see that the Corpus Announcer is apparently back, though I have yet to hear it myself. Overall, I'm just very passionate to argue that the mechanic provided to the Secura Lecta is absolutely useless to the players that should be able to acquire it.
  13. Mission Idea Sandbox.

    Well, personally, I would prefer more depth in the existing game-modes over adding new ones. I mean, here's the thing, we already have what could be argued to be a full roster of mission types. What they need more of is depth and variation. We've seen this with Sabotage: there's four variations of Sabotage (Ship Reactor Sabotage, Generator Sabotage, Toxin Injector Sabotage, and Hive Sabotage), and it came with the additional depth of having resource caches that could be sought out for additional rewards. In other words: I believe the present set of missions already fulfill a broad set of possibilities, it's just a matter of expanding upon them, providing more variations of each mission type while adding additional depth. So, if I could, I'd recommend the following (within a spoiler tag, for space convenience):
  14. Codex Art Contest 3.0

    I'm actually scared whether or not this is relevant to the theme... I've seen nothing but Tenno related things... My interpretation of 'Synergy in Warframe' is the entire Infestation faction; they are a group that not only excels the best at, but entirely rely upon, the synergy of their various units. A Tenno could always achieve their objectives alone, through their Warframes, but the Infested need each other. I was hard pressed on time, so I wasn't able to include all the Chargers, Runners, and Mutalist Moas I had sketched out, but I feel like the Ancient Healer is the Infested unit that embodies the concept of Synergy. Without it, the other creatures' survivability plummets, and the Ancient Healer itself becomes a non-threat without other Infested. So, to me, Synergy in Warframe is represented best by the Infestation's most supportive unit, the Ancient Healer.