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  1. How about we just make it so mandatory mods are, well, just not mandatory anymore, and by extension, make lesser used mechanics that mods upgrade or add more important. Like, maybe raw damage shouldn't be universally rewarded anymore. How about that, instead of just creeping up the power in the game? Make the trade-offs more appealing, rather than just letting us have it all.
  2. Sniper Rangers use it like a burst-fire rifle and Machinists use it like a flamethrower. It'd be cool if it was both, where you could switch between burst-rifle mode and flamethrower mode.
  3. Personally, I like reactionary mods. Here's some similar Mods I've wanted: Rifle and/or Shotgun Mods that increase damage, critical chance, status chance, and/or reload speed as you empty a weapon's magazine Shotgun Mod that stores damage taken and converts it into multi-shot for its next attack (with a cap) Weapon Mods that grant buffs or other effects when switching between weapons (ie, like switching from a Sidearm to a Shotgun gives the Shotgun guaranteed crits for a few seconds, with the normal crit roll improving the critical damage, like from yellow to orange crits, etc) Warframe or Weapon Mod that cause your weapon to inflict the damage types of any Statuses you may be suffering from. Warframe Mods that inflict effects when your shields are broken (like Mirage's and Revenant's passives), something like inflicting an elemental status to all nearby enemies when your shields break or something. Warframe Mod that, when taking health damage, uses a percentage of the health lost to heal your teammates when they're in team range. Similar to the above, a Warframe Mod that transfers a portion of the energy you used for an ability to your allies when they're in team range (channeled abilities would transfer over time as well)
  4. I think there is some sort of a glitch or unintended thing going on with it, because I do distinctly remember it firing really fast from other people's Sentinels about a year or two in of me joining Warframe, and then after some random patch, it just sort of went away. Either that, or they nerfed it so they could make the Prime Variant more powerful. Wonder if anything could be found by going through some patch notes.
  5. I disagree, on the premise that the Exilus concept is a bandaid to an overarching problem: certain game mechanics are way more rewarding across more content than others, so therefore we always build our equipment to amplify those game mechanics. Saying we need more mod slots to make up for the imbalance of mechanical reward completely fails to address the issue, and is borderline power creep, which is already bad enough in Warframe. Instead of adding Exilus Slots, I think DE should add more content and rework existing content to reward those mechanics over the ones that are currently always used. IE, Adding endless stealth mission types, where being undetected is apart of the reward and difficulty structure, improving the rewards and challenge of mission types that are easier to accomplish because of these mechanics, implementing combat system reworks that make underused mechanics more feasible and/or necessary/efficient, with some buffs and nerfs to both sides, etc. In summary, I think it's a more proper solution for DE to make these mechanics necessary and wanted than it would be to just tack on Exilus slots. But, that would just be my opinion and solution by comparison.
  6. In general, ammo recovery rates are poorly designed, given that the quality and quantity of attacks for weapon classes vary greatly, yet they usually share the same ammo recovery amount. Different Weapon Classes that use the same ammo drops for ammo recovery should have different recovery amounts, dependent upon their class (and possibly manufacturer, like Grineer Weapons having greater default Ammo Recovery or something...), with things like machine pistols (and other full-auto weapons in general) getting much larger ammo recovery, semi-auto / burst-fire weapons getting the median amount, and heavy hitting, specialized weapons like Shotguns / Handcannons, Snipers / Magnums, and Launchers should have the smallest. To use examples for Sidearms: The Dual Cestras would recover 40 Ammo from a Pistol Ammo Drop The Arca Scisco would recover 20 Ammo from a Pistol Ammo Drop The Detron would recover 10 Ammo from a Pistol Ammo Drop The Angstrum would recover 5 Ammo (or perhaps even just down to just 1) from a Pistol Ammo Drop It'd probably also help if they introduced non-Aura mods for weapons that improved ammo recovery for each individual ammo type, and they should convert all the different Ammo Recovery Aura Mods into a single Aura Mod that improves the ammo recovery for all types of ammo. Alternatively to all that, perhaps they could make Ammo Recovery be a percentage of a Weapon's Magazine Size, and then introduce a mod that can increase that percentage. (Though, I do still feel like all Ammo Recovery Auras should just be combined). That's all just what I would suggest, anyway. (Also, DE probably won't find this topic here in 'General Discussion', probably would've been more appropriate in feedback...)
  7. Well, honestly, all that starts at first, reigning in scaling for both players and enemies (like nerfing some mods, getting rid of rivens, capping enemy scaling and adding faction-specific scaling) and second, reworking some of the combat functions (ie, replacing most instances of Status Immunity with Status Resistance, that would reduce status duration, or for things like the Sentients, being vulnerable to a status's effects but gaining bonuses while being afflicted by a status; making ammo and energy economy an actual thing to worry about; tweaking some of the elemental damage and status effects; implementing bonuses to weapon classes to encourage their role, like Shotguns getting Finisher bonuses against unprotected or otherwise vulnerable enemies, Snipers getting 'Strike' bonuses against unaware targets and weakpoints or protected targets, and Launchers getting a mix of both, etc). Also, I'm pretty sure the Infestation need close to a full rework at this point. I expect, though, that any offer for a sweeping rebalance of the game-design like that would insult many of the players with time investments in learning how the systems work now and all the effort made to acquire the equipment they have to counter those systems, resulting in gridlock where those players don't want a better game, yet want a 'better' game.
  8. Sniper Rangers seem to also carry this weapon, though theirs fires like a burst rifle. Either its a placeholder, or Burst Rifle / Flamethrower combo weapon inbound xD
  9. Don't know if it's been reported to this thread yet, but since the update, the Torid seems bugged, as its gas clouds no longer deal damage, and I've heard the Pox's gas clouds may be broken as well.
  10. Hey, if it's possible, I could go for this! It'd also be nice to have as an option for Dojos and in Relays as well
  11. I've been recently thinking about wanting a Launcher-specific corrupted mod that increases Critical Chance or Critical Damage at the expense of Blast Radius. Could call it "Direct Hit".
  12. It's becoming a trope for them at this point; status immune, overly-tanky enemies that have really simple and really underwhelming abilities, designed more to drag out fights than represent engaging game-play, all thanks to a poorly thought out method of scaling for both enemies and players. Something is really off when it's much faster to take down things like Thumpers and Orb Mothers than it is to take down this one angry convict in limited power armor.
  13. Maybe a replacement for Nyx's third could be an aggro-draw ability? Like 'Radial Vexation' or 'Radial Provocation', which will force all nearby enemies to only attack her? Could synergize well with Absorb. It would also distract enemies away from your Mind Control targets, which would allow them a bit more survivability. You could probably even make that more of a debuff by making it so all enemies under this effect are also more vulnerable to your allies attacks, so other Tenno in your squad, specters, companions, or mind controlled targets would all deal more damage to vexed/provoked enemies. Just an idea, though!
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