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  1. You don't fight Arlo, you fight the 'Zealoid Prelate', which does indeed drop a unique weapon and its crafting parts, called the 'Pathocyst'. It's an Infested Glaive that has IPS (primarily Slash) and Viral Damage, and it randomly spawns maggots as it travels.
  2. No one is going to outright say "I'm better than you so your feedback is worthless", they're going to imply it, more becoming a concept like "You must be bad at the game because you're complaining about it". As an example, you can just read the comment just a few posts above yours, quoted here: This entire post makes the assumption that I am unskilled and/or unfamiliar with Conclave. It implies that I haven't played or 'studied' conclave long enough and that PvE has made me (and/or players like me) complacent to 'brain dead' game-play. It's ultimately back to the point: Conclave players are dismissing feedback on the basis of skill (or the inferred lack there of, which isn't true, because I played Conclave for a couple years, long enough to get Typhoon and the cosmetics I wanted, and I think I became moderately skilled at it) His whole position is that "This player is only criticizing Conclave because he doesn't understand it", implying that providing feedback that presents Conclave as incredibly flawed must mean I'm bad at Conclave, not that Conclave has flaws, when being good or bad at a game should not (and realistically, does not) qualify or un-qualify someone's feedback, and likewise presenting feedback on the gamemode is not indicative of one's skill. So, I think I'm done with this.
  3. Weapon and Warframe blueprints being drops now is really concerning. The RNG used to be getting the resources, now it's both getting the resources AND getting the blueprints, on top of the 12-24 hour build time. This is all a symptom of DE's inability to be efficient with Warframe's game-design. Too many resource types, too many currencies, too many standings, but not enough things to actually use them for. And every new thing now has to come with it's own new resources or currency, which only makes the problem worse. They're getting pretty ridiculous with this stuff.
  4. Just wanted to thank you for immediately providing example for that. You immediately jump to the prospect that I am wrong, instead of wanting any discussion on problems in conclave. If you didn't want to be labelled 'toxic' (assuming your allegiance to Conclave, of course you should correct me if that's not true) you would have led with this following bit, instead of immediately jumping down my throat, and in fact never added this 'you're wrong' nonsense: To answer this, by that I was referring to inherent game balance issues Conclave has that players blatantly abuse to obtain victories that are cheap and 'unfair', or probably more accurately, not satisfactory. Given the topic of discussion isn't the balance of Conclave, I'll limit myself to the main problem I predominantly had with Conclave, and it's that enhanced mobility is too free and destroys a giant swathe of game balance right out the gate. Don't care if it's unique, it's imbalanced, as it allows too many available counters to a player at one time, especially considering it is not restricted by a resource like Stamina, thus destroying the viability of other genuine options. In fact, I don't think I know of a single action game that uses an unrestricted enhanced movement system that is actually popular. Plenty with cult followings, sure, but truly popular? Nah. Unique games don't always make good games. Feel free to argue that, if you really want. I don't want to be responsible for derailing this guys thread. I'd make my own thread, but, well, I'd just be encountering more of the behavior I warned about, and I'm not interested in that. Addendum: Now, I would like to point out, that even if there are Conclave players that are relying on imbalanced mechanics for their victories, that doesn't default to a player being unskilled. Truly, the issue is more that a skilled player will know how to abuse an imbalance more than an ordinary player, which is probably the easiest way you can deter ordinary players from playing a PvP game. I mean, you're not wrong. Early on, I was among Warframe's Lore crowd, and I can recall many a time where I was fought on just about every front for very minor thoughts and theories on Warframe's narrative stuff. Honestly, it's not that Conclave is the only place for toxicity, it's just the most notorious for it.
  5. I vehemently disagree with just about everything you've written there. First, while the 'failure' of Conclave does fall squarely on DE's own shoulders, it is because they are its designers and not because they claimed it failed. The majority of players knew it was bad before DE ever said anything. In fact, it's because it was bad that caused players to avoid it, which in turn caused DE to admit it was a failure, ie the opposite cause and effect of what you're claiming. If anything, DE admitting it was a failure could possibly give hope that something will be done about it. Second, Hardcore Conclave Players aren't seen as toxic for being good at Conclave, they're seen as toxic for the way they treat everyone else in regards to conclave. Offer any criticism against Conclave, legitimate or otherwise, and they'll come out of the wood work and deplatform your criticism, often on the basis of not being as good at Conclave as they are, which is easily the most arrogant thing I've ever encountered, being that, A, being good at a game doesn't qualify or unqualify a person for being a game designer or being allowed to offer criticism (get the guy in charge of balancing Conclave to fight a top Conclave player, and I guarantee he'll lose), and B, the validity of their own claims for being good at the game relies on how well designed the game is, and given Conclave is extremely flawed, I'd say even they have no say on their own skill, only on their own ability to manipulate issues in the design to forge victories they may very well not deserve. TLDR; Conclave Players are labelled as toxic for their dismissive behaviors towards criticism, and not because they're good at the gamemode. Not all, of course, but enough so that they have the reputation for it. This is one of the major reasons, as well, that people aren't just putting up with playing Conclave and trying to offer feedback, and instead just want the mode removed. And Third, and most importantly, Conclave has some really bad game-design. DE made too many inconsistent design alterations between PvE and PvP. Hardly anything relevant carries over, and the mode has been left incomplete, so there are many Weapons and Warframes that still cannot be used in the mode at all. And some Warframes in there have some completely different abilities unique to Conclave. It just doesn't complement Warframe's main game-play enough to justify it being in the game at all, which is the same problem with a lot of other, peripheral modes as well, like Archwing.
  6. I'd remove most of the Enemy Units and Bosses immunity to certain abilities and effects. A lot of Warframes fall off in use simply because their abilities may have no effect at all in certain circumstances (most egregiously and noticeably, Free Roam bosses). I wouldn't mind if they were resistant (ie, effects always have reduced duration, Armor may further reduce duration), capable of countering (ie, having abilities that take time to cast but can remove the effect) or immune only in certain circumstances (ie, Shields on Bosses preventing effects, or very specific phases preventing effects), but to just have it as it is, where it's just arbitrarily picked as to which abilities will work or not just defeats a huge portion of potential loadouts for no reason. And before it's argued "But, cheese!"... like, how is one-shotting the limbs off a Teralyst not cheese? I mean, Damage is the meta right now, almost entirely because effects are so unreliable like this. In fact, DE must be feeling like even Damage is too much of a meta as well, because the latest bosses, the Exploiter and the Ropalolyst, rely more on unique mechanics in their boss encounter, rather than what the players bring to the fight. Just how I feel, however. Maybe technically bigger than 'one thing', but oh well.
  7. On top of that, it's redundant. Why did DE opt to add in this thing, including a new character I can already tell I'm not going to care about, instead of, you know, using this kind of concept to build on the already lackluster Cephalon Simaris? Like, isn't Simaris supposed to be a knowledge seeker? Surely, this sort of thing would have been perfect to expand on his sanctuary and his character, which deserves improvement. Instead, DE chose this.
  8. And so it came to pass: the Leverian was just a tacked on method for telling us lore related information, run by a new character, all to serve as a redundancy on top of the existing systems of the Codex and Cephalon Simaris. DE steps predictably down the same path of quantity over quality. Sorry, OP, seems like we were right.
  9. If he is, great. But, the context of the announcement sort of comes off like it's going to be a completely separate thing from everything else we already have, and with DE's track record of completely isolated islands of content, or in general adding new things instead of fixing or improving old things, I can't say I have high hopes.
  10. Just another demonstration of DE's forgetfulness. They want to add this whole extra location that deals with historical lore in a museum-type setting... Why add this whole extra thing, when they could've just built more functionality onto Simaris and his Sanctuary? It's already established, familiar, and needs improvement, but nope, gotta have this whole new thing tacked on haphazardly.
  11. As I told the last thread I saw of this caliber, criticizing the game on the forums is allowed, complaining about other people's posts is not. And, similarly to that one as well, I urge that you take your own advice, and if you don't like what's being said on the forums, then don't engage with the forums, it's that simple.
  12. Don't know if it's been reported to this thread yet, but since the update, the Torid seems bugged, as its gas clouds no longer deal damage, and I've heard the Pox's gas clouds may be broken as well.
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