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  1. While I like his theme and design, I'm not really into some of the choices made with his mechanics. I'm fine with the Cooldowns, though, I suppose, but only as a specific mechanic to this Warframe. Applying this to more Warframes, forward or backward, and I won't be as accepting. I also really like the Elemental Transmuting mechanic. Anything else I don't specifically mention I was fine with. With that in mind, here's my suggestions: Passive All of Lavos's abilities revolve around inflicting status effects, making them more aligned with aggressive play. As such, I think
  2. Indeed, it's not a compromise at all. Demanding the Necramech at all is a non-negotiable deal breaker. It's a scope-creep mechanic; a redundancy of the Warframe, and it doesn't have any room to exist in the game. This event is an exercise in making it the player's problem for the developers making game-design mistakes. Unfortunately, it's also their modus-operandi. Just means I won't play it though. Fortunately, I'm not impressed by the rewards this time around, and will miss out on nothing for not playing it.
  3. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? Very Easy, it's basically the same objective as Scarlet Spear. How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? In general, using Necramechs at all has my disproval, but on top of that, the Tileset Environments are very much trying to remind the designers that Necramechs are scope-creeped nonsense. I'm not convinced to play Necramech content ever again. Did you have any difficulty finding or using a deactivated Necramech? Finding a pile of junk, among more piles of junk
  4. We'll discover the area the Duviri Paradox takes place on is occupied by an Orokin-like faction who, in their parallel reality, are actually the culmination of 4 different precursor factions (mirrors of the Grineer, Corpus, Infested, and Sentients, given that the mechanical Dax and Horse have all sorts of designs taken from every faction), and that the old Tenno here is the real Tenno that crashed in the Zariman, and the Tenno we've been playing as is from the parallel reality. And something-something, reality and timeline splicing, the real Tenno and mirror Tenno share their spirits and their
  5. I genuinely don't know what to say to you then, if you can't grasp the... quite simple, actually, point I've been making.
  6. "...one feature was left on the cutting room floor: Spaceflight." Sinclair says. "We said, well, it would be cool if we could go into space, but we have no time. Execute on what we know we can execute on, and at that time was procedural levels with Left 4 Dead-style gameplay. We knew how to make shooters so it was like, we have the code, we know how to do this kind of thing, go, go, go." This concept was cut. This is why it doesn't matter. When they designed Warframe, they had to sacrifice concepts from the Old Dark Sector idea, and in doing so, created a new idea. This is why
  7. This isn't a good thing. You know how to alienate your player base? You completely change the game out from under them. 'Fresh' is not how I'd describe modern Warframe, I'd call it 'Identity Challenged'. We have genre descriptors for a reason; so people can find what they want to play. Imagine playing Starcraft, a real-time strategy game, for 4 years, then suddenly their developers say 'Well, to keep things fresh, we're adding an overhead shooter mode! And our campaigns are going to have mandatory missions utilizing it!' Chances are, it'd be the component of the game players would least
  8. Everyone with this 'plan' talk... DE's track record doesn't back that up, at all. Actually, it's to the contrary: they're quite known for adding things in, half-cocked, just because 'it seemed cool' or 'one of the big name games were doing it', hence the whole content island issue. They are, quite obviously, improvising, 'figuring it out as they go along', though with a lot less of 'figuring it out' and more 'going along'... Source? I wouldn't count anything that references the Old Dark Sector concept either, Warframe ended up a different game, and intentions matter littl
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