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  1. I can get with this, because there is so much about this iteration of Railjack that makes me not want to play. I'm not even going to talk about the bugs because we're all still discovering them and the full scope of that won't be known for awhile anyway. Its also par for the course whenever they do a major change to the game and we went through this when DE added open world maps. The biggest issue with this mode is straight up things that weren't thought through or things that didn't have time to be properly tested combined with the release timing (right before going on a winter break) making everything worse that it should have been. At least the community is taking it better than it did the last time DE dropped something before a winter break.
  2. https://twitter.com/VariantX/status/1207477511174676487?s=20 Pretty sure this aint supposed to happen. It also is able to fire at you and do a little bit of damage
  3. I feel like these things need an update that's way past due since the game has evolved so much since their debut. Can these things in addition to the 4 drops you would get on the tileset get like a little of everything?? Doesn't make sense that the extractors cant get things like vestan moss, ruk's claw and lunar pitcher drops too.
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