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  1. Apparently theres a small chance during the fight with profit taker that after getting mag procced, your UI will be scrambled permanently. I made sure to back off from the fight a bit to ensure that I wasn't getting repeatedly procced and the UI scrambling effect was essentially permanent until you leave the Vallis.
  2. (PS4)VariantX7

    Why did keys ever get removed?

    Because DE put everything in Rot C, and then some keys had WAY more of the new stuff in certain things like T3 Surv. So some keys were far more valuable than others so you had a double grind. There was also the thing of you could stay 60, 80, even 100 minutes and not get jack for your efforts even though the difficulty was going through the roof thanks to scaling.
  3. (PS4)VariantX7

    It'd be nice if the Quills price for wisps was 1,000 rep each

    Wisps were never hard to get even with the charges in play. Its just flying around lakes and ponds as much as possible for 40 minutes before sun rise and its kind of a boring thing to do. Difficulty aint the issue, fun is. I can farm Toroids all day because its fun to fight corpus as they escalate and pull out all the stops and every unit they can throw at you until you're forced to make the call and pull back to be able to cash in on your rewards. They just need to figure out a way to make the farm for these things fun.
  4. (PS4)VariantX7

    Solo players level up too slow

    To be honest, not any time soon if at all or at least its not a priority. Its been 5+ years and this has been a problem especially with warframes who are support frames and basically require them to get the most out of them by being with other players. It could be as something as simple as an flat, additional affinity reward for clearing a star chart mission that works exactly the same way that gaining rep does by doing syndicate missions or bounties. Or DE could add optional objectives for the players to complete (this already exists on Orb Vallis bounties). None of these things, if done right, are exploitable because they only pay out in a fixed amount and only on successful completion of the mission. Considering how much content there is now versus a few years ago, I really think its not going to hurt anything in the long run.
  5. I think there are so many arcanes in the game at that they deserve their own category at this point. Its already kind of a mess in the Misc. tab and the less stuff in that tab, the better and quicker it is for searching. There are 60+ arcanes in the game now. If that doesn't justify having them in their own category, I don't know what else does.
  6. $20 for the accessories and a little bit of platinum. I'm game. That's all I ever really wanted. Buying the frames and weapons seemed to be a waste to me since I can grind those out pretty quickly if I want.
  7. (PS4)VariantX7

    Dev Workshop: Spores Revisited (Saryn)

    I guess its due to the fact that the damage no longer instantly vanishes, just decays over time if there are no spores currently affecting anything. Depending on the speed at which the decay happens you have time to reinfect another group of enemies. I think the cap is too low on paper. Will have to see it demoed to get the verdict.
  8. (PS4)VariantX7

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    That air slam it speaks to me and my want to use hammers. When we get that ground slam I want something satisfying like this when I have a hammer... I don't want to see grineer get flung around and get back up again like nothing happened. I want to see nothing but blood mist and a couple of grakata clips left when I land with the speed of a comet with my fragor. When I do it with a sibear, I want there to be a glacier when I hit the ground When I land with a jat kittag I want the enemy to be bathed in flames and rocket exhaust When I land with a Arca Titron a huge electric discharge When I land with a Volnus,the enemy is shredded with an explosion of glass shards When I land with a magistar, everyone around me is stunned and opened up to finishers
  9. (PS4)VariantX7

    Hitsu San's Workshop - Syandanas maybe?

    Oh yeah, thats slick.
  10. (PS4)VariantX7

    Coming Soon: Devstream #80!

    Q: Have you thought about revamping the challenges any and expanding it into something bigger? For example, there is a challenge that simply asks you to kill "X" number of targets in "X" seconds. What if players can select a harder version of those challenges? What if players, based on mastery rank, could have multiple challenges out at once? Weapon class specific challenges? What if through progressing through the ranks of the syndicates we could get themed challenges from them to earn extra rep? Challenges issed by characters like The Lotus,Teshin, Darvo? Daily/weekly challenges? Clan/Alliance challenges? Community Challenges? Lots of little questions about essentially the same question.
  11. (PS4)VariantX7

    Coming Soon: Devstream #79!

    Hey [DE] Just wanted to drop a few questions by you just incase you want to answer them on the stream tomorrow Question 1: Are cosmetic channelling particle effects on the table in the future? Considering this game has gone all out in the player expression department, this would add yet another layer to further indivdualize their frames. Examples: Smoke, Embers, Water, Flower petals, Crystals, Feathers, Leaves, Souls, Stream of data, Swarm of Bats, etc. Question 2: Are we going to get some new melee weapons in the rapier and nikana classes? Question 3: Are more conditional mods on the way soon? Question 4: Will tenno NPC's become a thing soon? Perhaps you can eventually recruit them to help you on missions if you help them out with stuff>
  12. (PS4)VariantX7

    Coming Soon: Devstream #77!

    These are essentially non-critical to the future development of the game and are just cool and nice things to have in the future Will we get an update to the codex to allow the following things: - Full floating view of weapons in the codex/store to allow players to look at them from any angle, and an option for players to preview them with skins applied. - Allow players to view both the firing and reload animations and play them back at various speeds since warframe has hundreds of weapons and many of them with completely unique firing and reload animations. - Create a diorama/photo mode where players can take pictures of their favorite frames and customizations in various lighting and environments. - Potential lore rewards for collecting and reaching rank 30 with several weapons in the same family. - Allow players play back and view combos from stances in the codex.
  13. So refreshing we are finally getting a telegraph for ballistas. They're a pain in the butt to deal with in large spaces because you'll likely step into a room see the bombards, scorches much closer to you and focus on the visible threats, only to get downed by one of these because of how far away she is. I think some small buffs/nerfs/changes to some units are in order Shield lancers immune to punchthrough, can block LoS powers when in guarding stance for himself and any units 3-5m behind him, will try to build shield walls with other shield lancers Scorpions have an audio tell when deploying grapple, it has a much tighter deploy angle, will attempt finishers on downed players Commanders have a telegraph of some kind, it could be particles switling around the tenno before the teleport, tenno can roll or bullet jump to shake it off. Commanders are equipped with mareloks or something denoting his rank, and can teleport various kinds of support drones in to buff other units. That's all i got for now. Want to reiterate im excited the enemy units are finally getting updated
  14. (PS4)VariantX7

    The Proxy Retribution Bonus Weekend is on now!

    Definitely in for wraith twin vipers, i missed them last time due to having other stuff I had to handle.
  15. (PS4)VariantX7

    Dev Workshop: Passives, Volt, Mag & More!

    Gonna have to chime in on the Oberon passive. It seems completely worthless against corpus and the infestation on paper. Hyekkas on the derelicts? Sure, but the majority of encounters with infestation are on the solar map. Nekros should gain a small percentage of health back from killing targets, not a fixed number so it scales with both the enemy and the increasing risk of being in close proximity to the mobs. Nyx's will be good if they get disarmed after the power runs its course because it defeats the purpose of mind controlling a tanky enemy with a powerful weapon otherwise .