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  1. Id remove the gems from the drop tables and replace them with a rare necramech mod drop. Or have it be a thing where necramech mods have a chance of dropping from things killed inside the vaults or from chests in the vault
  2. Heres one that literally just happened to me. You complete the vault...but all the symbols hovering over the reaction crystals are the same. I was lucky that it didn't bug out for the other guy in my squad or I would have essentially wasted my time doing the vaults at all.
  3. Upon opening the vault, I consistently get kicked out of it as if I went out of bounds. And I don't know how to reproduce it but it almost happens to me 100% of the time now. The only way I can get into the iso vault is to roll into it at max speed or it'll go to a black screen and kick me out.
  4. I'm having a similar issue with getting Thaumica. I have zero issues getting literally everything else. It doesn't help that doing perfect digs just gives you more rare gems on yellow veins instead of a chance at rare ores either. So effectively every vein is a gem vein even when you dont need it.
  5. I think this would work only if there were far more varied units to deal with than we have that require different tactics. Right now most of the units are just the same guys over and over but with different guns/blades in their hands with almost no differences in behavior between them. If you flatten scaling with the guys we have to fight now, it just becomes way too easy since the encounters don't get any more complex going further on in the game since all we do is get more powerful guns and shoot everything anyway.
  6. It doesn't work at all though unfortunately for DE. When the traps are behind the wall on the other side of doors, you get hit with them whether you rush through or not. The magnetic doorways do an infinitely better job of stopping rushers. Arc traps probably should be something an enemy deploys or something really.
  7. I would love a precept designed around dealing with traps over enemy units or even hacking traps to work for me instead.
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