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  1. That only happens solo actually, the lich will only leave if all players are downed
  2. if you do not know your lichs combination you should be eager to try words to learn the first one, and even you have no mods. Accept your death.
  3. By the time you brute force the first, you will have revealed a word. it only takes 1 other attempt to know if that word is second or third. After that its just a 1 in 6 guess
  4. You are getting murmurs while you trial and error the first word. Theres a 1 in 8 chance for you to guess that first word if you want some hard maths. Big brain
  5. You're not trying to get the perfect combo your trying to guess the first one, by trying them all until you find it. and by then a murmur should have revealed one, which hopefully would be the second or third word. And now that you have found the first word you can see if your revealed murmur is second or third very easily. Then you just guess the middle or last. Its a huge time saver
  6. How many lichs are you up to on your method of farming all 3 murmurs first?
  7. My mission is to kill my lich, the other players in the mission intend to rule out words, you are hindering the entire team
  8. No I'm just making your progression of that mission take longer because I want to farm the mobs that spawn, its my own way of farming. Exactly the same
  9. So me joining your mobile defense and just never inserting the data mass is my way of playing and your entitled to think I'd just want to complete the mission because thats what YOU'RE there to do? You're defending that? Because its the same
  10. Farm the words first and trial and error them instead of wasting time farming murmurs? and "it gets stronger" is a very stupid reason, it barely gets stronger. You farming 150 murmurs first to get the words will take much much longer than trying words out to find them and you'll be ruining other players farm aswell
  11. Players ignoring their lichs and blocking spawns for the rest of the squad is a REALLY BAD PROBLEM RIGHT NOW. Its faster to farm murmurs in a squad so playing solo cripples your farm. Its now taking almost twice as long to complete a lich encounter because inconsiderate players ignore their lich preventing mine from spawning. There needs to be a despawn timer, a vote to kick, a something. Because players are A******s.
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