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  1. That would be neat, but where do you put the ui? What button would have the option to show that resource list on pc or console? Of Course, Last of all how would it benefit the game?
  2. While, I agree loki definitely needs a buff, there's just one problem he's ok where he is balanced enough to not get nerfed or tweaked. That's probably different from what I said in the beginning and to quote reb here "It's not about out-gunning, its about Out-smarting them," Only thing really needing anything is his 1... but other than that he's fine
  3. He's a man who drop some really trash stuff, I mean to kill him would be nice but eh. I kinda like him around, he reminds That I could be suffering with kuva lich dialogue right now.
  4. The Man In the Wall if you played the Chains of Harrow quest, You know him well because of obvious reasons. After, Three or so quests he just stopped showing up weather that be because THE FREAKING FINGER THAT STUCK UP our bum in the railjack quest to power the railjack, yet still lacking in the knowledge of him. I took to Theories about this shadow of the void, or as some might say the Inner of our psyche coming out and manifesting itself to us and rell. I do want to know more than is already in the game, like a(n) event or a new quest just something that makes more sense, then a giant finger
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