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  1. so many pple r against cross platform, but its funny gameinformer had a article in it about ALL EXCEPT SONY agreeing to crossplatform quite funny that im the only one who ever noticed. or there r others but have decided to stay quiet. regardless crossplatform wont b a thing till sony gets their collective heads out of their rears that any, ANY progress in these things can happen. cross saves nice but like everything theres always the ones who make it difficult
  2. other than that it would come down to equipment and if tenno or artificial ai was driving the mech
  3. actually i wouldn't b suprised if the eidolon won for one reason alone hydro can cause a distortion in weather itself just by existing, which while seemingly not effective to tenno, could likely b a indicator that the vast amount of power alone could take out a couple mechs easily
  4. its actually ridiculous bc i have a ignis and amprex riven and nukor as a sidearm with either compliments the ''steady stream of death'' sets quite well
  5. so i got a mag kuva nukor now and hot dam, that thing is something else
  6. so this is literally a question to help me understand the general reasoning y most are complaining about son tokens and the like, but whats so difficult about it? in fortuna it sorta made sense as randos could ruin the whole hunt but still, it doesnt make it unbearable..... just annoying. so i would like to have a sort of understanding
  7. ive played since the beginning of warframe, its not very high on skill cap required: not unless you feel like being a idiot and try to solo a tricap with unranked beginner gear, then youd need some degree, but honestly ive only found the difficult part of this game is making builds that AREN'T META bc i prefer to make my own strength not copy others
  8. actually its not even just those 2, i would suggest getting warframe market on your phone, thats literally how you make it easy
  9. i believe i can answer that, first its going to depend on what your playing on, after that its pretty simple to understand: it will likely have a great deal of lag at first since the planet in question is a new entity, however after maybe 1 or 2 hotfixs we shouldnt have much trouble with it
  10. from what i heard they were moving the derelict vaults and lephantis to deimos, still haven't heard on derelict emissary yet tho
  11. the likelihood of what happened was they tried to get everyone their drops but bc it was rushed(yes it can b considered rushed even if it takes 3 days) there were undoubtedly errors in the processing, i was a 2012 player as well, and ive played as long as i can squeeze in time for, DE definitely cares about their community, but just like the rest of us theyre only human. after all they r listening to what the community wanted for the derelict, to get rid of the key system
  12. theres one thing i would like to point out, tech like people are not perfect, its highly likely that due to the large amount of pple watching, they tried to get everyone sorted, also if u remember in tennolive they said that they were trying to get it done while it was going, 2 years ago the servers crashed bc of how many pple were present for the tennoconn and they had to do this exact same thing
  13. im afraid u forget warframes a FARMING GAME, if u cant put the effort in then you wont get anywhere, this game has a very simple principal: you want something you earn it
  14. i think the best borrowed frame abilities will likely b rhinos iron skin and wukongs celestial twin skill just for sheer survivabilaty
  15. i only trade for what i need plat being the lowest teir on my prioritys, if i need plat i have a huge selection of rare items/mods to sell, so the subsume feature wont be much of an issue. if DE really wanted to f us over they could b like bethesda, but seeing as ive been with this game since the beginning and have seen DE always trying to create great content for their players i wouldn't complaine if something isnt the way i expected it, plus a majority of frame abilities will b useless as borrowed, it really wont b a problem
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