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  1. must admit your humor with the pug thing made me spit my water all over my screen and try not to choke while laughing
  2. ill admit i loved world on fire A LOT but i liked it for the amazing graphics, pointless things aside saryn and all other "nukers" and yes limbo counts as nuke as well, may have a fair amount of haters but what the guy who started this thread is being blind to the consequence of what theyre saying if it happened. put simply it may seem small but if this got added it would kill warframe. specifically bc as ive read many times here pple lik pub games. if this was added he'd ruin it to MANY pple, thus killing warframes popularity and setting it up for a grave
  3. cant argue with the nintendo thing, theyve made a monopoly on obsolete tech making it look new and the switch is literally best example. but they r also so much more durable than the other company brand consoles. (this being bc nintendo was and always will have their focus more on kids than adults using their crap )
  4. and a friendly reminder as a guy whos been here awhile warfames like WoW, at least in most functions as U WANT SOMETHING YOU EARN IT, this game isnt pay to win. its only pay to get things early. and mr isnt one of the pay to obtain options. literally the conversation here im seeing as a old hand is "i want this and i dont want to wait or work for it" and the rest of the pple here telling the guy he needs to reevaluate their priorities. blessings r incentives, and those who r afking r obviously not serious about getting far in this game
  5. i wasnt the only guy in modern days to b raised like that? thats a good sign..... sorta. anyway the point of blessings r more for the mr 19 or 20 pple to get off their rear and grind, i myself was mr 19 for so long i had enough affinity stored im able to go mastery rank again within 4 more mastered items, point is theyre a incentive to GET TO mr30 not much else, and ive been here since the beta, most of those who play warframe these days get lazy after hitting "the roof" of required mr which is 18 at best. 16 being the highest if u want best riv potential
  6. is ash even relatively good? i had him back when he first released and i hated him so much, i ironically maxed him instead of nyx before selling both, but ash had three THREE seconds of invisibility even when he was maxed and was worth jack to me. plus i played defection a hell of a amount so i have copious amounts of nuros and chassis. and oberon? hes amazing nay godly, but is he unable to b copied or even outshined by a different support? say like trin or even harrow? hell nidus even can count as a support as long as u let him get stacks. so im not seeing to terribly a loss unless ash became godly as a dps or Oberon became a must have support
  7. defense hasnt had that much of a issue to me even in the new tilesets, only one, keep that number in mind ONE problem has arised, and they patched the heck outta it when the second update for tempestarri hit. that was the void sinks and storms, both dont effect defense targets anymore
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