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  1. So I've been playing a lot in Cambion Drift since Heart of Deimos came out, and it's got me thinking how convenient it would be to be able to climb rock walls like I can do in Breath Of The Wild, if anyone is familiar with that game. The ability to climb walls could be a passive ability on a hypothetical Warframe that activates automatically whenever you jump onto a suitable wall. Another thing from Breath of the Wild that I kinda wish I had in Warframe would be the paraglider, perhaps as a number 4 ability, it would really help when exploring open worlds, and unlike the Archwing you could us
  2. Holy crap... yes! I had just finished building a Moa before I started the quest. I had it equipped during the Kuva fortress mission. Also, during the cinematic on the orbiter there was a sentinel floating around that I definitely don't own. I had never done The War Within before so I just assumed it was part of the cinematic. Maybe that was the game trying to process my custom Moa into the cinematic and instead it put in a different sentinel as a placeholder object? IDK
  3. I think you're on to something. From what you're saying, it sounds like the addition of the Helminth, or just making changes to the Orbiter in preparation for Heart of Deimos, is what is triggering this problem.
  4. My game is freezing up and crashing at this exact same point as well. Nothing works. Is there anyway I can back out of this quest and at least be able to play different missions? The game is pretty much useless to me now until this bug gets fixed.
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