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  1. Necramechs still lose all Affinity earned upon host migration making it difficult to level up or force people to have to level up solo.
  2. If you go into your tenno during iso vault Bounty you get frozen in place with no controls.
  3. What about us players that have already gilded our Infested kitguns?
  4. Iso vaults are still bugged, Bonewidow will show up as just the pod and iso vault shows all of the same symbols making it impossible to unlock.
  5. Iso vaults are broken, and so are enemy necramechs in third vault, they respawn health making them way more difficult to kill and after completing the third iso vault the third iso vault Bounty doesn't unlock
  6. I thought you guys fixed the new iso vaults requiring 1 old iso vault to unlock every time.
  7. Does this mean that those of us who have already forma upgraded our necramechs 8 or 9 times will get a bunch of free mastery points?
  8. After installing the hotfix update I no longer have the ability to access the news stream without the game locking up and not being able to exit or click anything!
  9. If you or anyone from the group leave you will lose all affinity on your necramech. Try running a few solo missions to level up you necra mech, I personally used the second mission of profit taker due to the spawn rate and heavier enemies.
  10. After installing the hotfix update I can no longer access the news screen without locking up the game and can't exit or do anything.
  11. Necramech loses all affinity gained if you leave a group, anyone leaves in a group or if you try to do another mission like iso vaults. also necramech mods are not dropping as they should in iso vaults.
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