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  1. Twitch drops were working and stopped working today, unlinked and relinked account twice with no effect and now can't claim reward!
  2. The new year of the ox lucky kavat Decorations only appear in Orbiter and can't place in clan dojo even after purchase they don't show up in dojo Decorations or personal Decorations
  3. Lost all rewards while in orphix venom endurance when host migration during hotfix release.
  4. I tried both as well, but my point was that you're supposed to sprinting along with to test mobility, and what's worse is that mr 26 has them again but there slower even though they climb the walls. All the mobiles run in a pattern, I'd play a mission like that too if it wasn't on a pattern and could do it as a group. It would also be easier if we could have more control of the camera in game, the console camera control are not the best.
  5. I'm not new just stating the facts of the mr 23 test doesn't have relevance to playing the game as all the other test for the most part do, and and pointing out that you are supposed to be sprinting along side the mobiles when it's physically impossible to do in certain sections due to there speed.
  6. Has nothing to do with any missions, a lot of people have problems with it, should allow longer time windows and restrict the speed of mobiles, even with glass at max speed with speed mods and Mach rush can't keep up with making the whole test way more difficult than it needs to be, it's not a test of mobility, more over a test of stupidity and needs to be fixed asap.
  7. Necramechs still lose all Affinity earned upon host migration making it difficult to level up or force people to have to level up solo.
  8. If you go into your tenno during iso vault Bounty you get frozen in place with no controls.
  9. What about us players that have already gilded our Infested kitguns?
  10. Iso vaults are still bugged, Bonewidow will show up as just the pod and iso vault shows all of the same symbols making it impossible to unlock.
  11. Iso vaults are broken, and so are enemy necramechs in third vault, they respawn health making them way more difficult to kill and after completing the third iso vault the third iso vault Bounty doesn't unlock
  12. I thought you guys fixed the new iso vaults requiring 1 old iso vault to unlock every time.
  13. Does this mean that those of us who have already forma upgraded our necramechs 8 or 9 times will get a bunch of free mastery points?
  14. After installing the hotfix update I no longer have the ability to access the news stream without the game locking up and not being able to exit or click anything!
  15. If you or anyone from the group leave you will lose all affinity on your necramech. Try running a few solo missions to level up you necra mech, I personally used the second mission of profit taker due to the spawn rate and heavier enemies.
  16. After installing the hotfix update I can no longer access the news screen without locking up the game and can't exit or do anything.
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