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  1. Irrelevant. Punishing players for not skipping dialogue is an inexcusable design decision. And frankly it indicates that they never tested this beyond a cursory "do the basic mechanics function as intended" check.
  2. I've done multiple 30+ minute endless missions with nothing to show for them but a bigger pile of worthless fodder relics.
  3. I haven't seen a single spawn in my last 15 hours of gameplay.
  4. Vox Solaris the Fortuna intro quest or Vox Solaris the standing?
  5. I've also done endless missions that lasted over 25 minutes with no spawn so it's either outright bugged or there's at least one more layer to this onion of terrible design decisions.
  6. Not him but I haven't seen a single spawn in my last three hours of gameplay.
  7. It's probably going to be another Nighmare Mode. People will do it until they get all of the rewards and then never touch it again outside of Nightwave challenges.
  8. Yup. Back in the early days I had multiple missions that had to be aborted because the host was dead or stuck somewhere and couldn't interact with the console.
  9. So far today I've done my sortie and three exterminate invasion missions for that challenge with zero spawns. I knew that the things don't show up in fissures but now I'm beginning to suspect that they're restricted to generic starmap missions.
  10. Really DE? Didn't you just remove the timegate on the anomaly because you realized how much people hate that mechanic?
  11. Valence fusion requires built components. Resource drops are going up but it still seems way excessive for the amount of stat boost you get out of the process.
  12. You can also get get 4k endo up front, so the statue is basically a lesser reward that requires you to jump through hoops to actually use. Very minor hoops, granted, but they're still there.
  13. All of them? No. The ones I actually plan on using instead of just getting to 30 and selling so I can use that inventory space for something that isn't mastery fodder? Absolutely.
  14. Grendel's one should just be part of Pulverize. Hildryn's might be passable if you didn't need Haven to make it work, but it's trash as is. The damage is too low to be useful against anything above starmap level enemies and the extra shield restore barely (at best) covers the cost of keeping Haven active. Haven't had a chance to try the other two.
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