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  1. I've been getting similar issues lately. After 10-15 minutes the game just crashes and usually hard freezes my system. I've never had the issue happen outside of playing Warframe and have had the exact same problem on two different computers with zero components in common and different operating systems, so I don't really see a way that this could be caused by anything other than an issue with the game.
  2. Isn't the Acceltra already crap in high level content?
  3. Nothing. It is the most mind-numbingly boring game mode I have played in a very long time.
  4. Valorant's primary anti-cheat measure is kernel-level spyware.
  5. There is absolutely nothing challenging or fun about Steel Path. It's just a tedious chore that punishes you for wanting to use anything other than top of the meta weapons and frames.
  6. There are basically two ways to build a stat stick now: with rivens, where you use some complete turd of a weapon like the Jaw Sword that combines an extremely high disposition with a damage augment, and without rivens, where you use either Fragor Prime (for the 2x base combo modifier) or Venka Prime (for the ability to reach a 13x combo modifier). And do note that the riven option will result in far more damage than it was ever possible to get with the Xoris. Guandao, Nikana, and Redeemer are all the same MR requirement as the Xoris and completely take a dump on it in terms of value
  7. Absolutely nothing, because that would involve admitting that they made a mistake.
  8. Rivens in general remind me of the godawful loot system Diablo 3 had at launch where literally everything was built around the auction house.
  9. No, it didn't. It was significantly weaker as a stat stick than stuff like the Jaw Sword or Mire that have a damage augment and max riven disposition. The reason that it was amazing was not having to worry about the combo timer was amazing from a quality of life perspective.
  10. When has DE ever given any sort of compensation when they've nerfed something into the ground? The only time their care about respecting people's time and resource investment is when they need an excuse for not fixing the data entry error they made with the Hema's research cost.
  11. TYPE: In-game, weapon DESCRIPTION: Stropha heavy attacks do not scale with combo multiplier REPRODUCTION: Do a heavy attack with the Stropha EXPECTED RESULT: Heavy attack with a combo bonus should deal more damage than without one OBSERVED RESULT: Heavy attack damage is that same as it is without a combo bonus REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
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