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  1. Kind of a stupid question, but the platinum from this is trade-able.. right? This was a better deal over just 170, but it's kind of dawned on me that.. what if it isn't trade-able. When I grabbed the free PS+ pack nowhere said it wasn't, so that was unfortunate. (The reason I even bought it, cause hey.. resource booster. Sweet. lol)
  2. I started watching at 6:17 PM, and even posted once or twice in the chat. Nekros is the sole reason I even watched it, but I know I wont get it. I've played a bit when ps4 version didnt have trophies. Before that I dabbled on the steam version. I'm seriously tired of being told to watch a stream for a free prime, then finding out I wasted my time. (They had issues last con too) I dont make it a point to watch things "live".
  3. I started watching the con abit into it, and didnt get anything. If you're going to do these prime drops can y'all make em a bit more forgiving? I mean, 30 consecutive minutes within an hour is a bit hard when you miss the first bit. I watched all the railjack and ground support stuff, and it actually got me back to WANTING to play. Not getting these primes drops because of some technical BS just makes me bitter. I was there for last years ash prime, but got screwed because the con got me back into it so I never logged in before it for quite awhile. Mind you I did relink twitch/warframe yesterday, but before that I was linked since last con. Hoping that was the problem for next whatever - assuming I bother a third time. lmao
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