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  1. Can you please give a visiblity when equipped switch to the shield, it's getting in the way of my cosplay
  2. ok, I understand now, but that other guy was saying that he thinks necramechs are completely useless at least that's how he phrased it, which isn't true, hense my reply
  3. take away Loki's radial disarm he's just as useless, take away Khora's whipclaw and/or Venari just as useless, take away spores from Saryn just as useless take away mesa's peacemakers, just as useless, I'm not trying to cause a whole arguement, but I want you to see the full picture, many Warframes would useless if you took away a single ability, some abilities define certain things. Good recommendation for Ironbride, though, sadly it won't be added.
  4. You obviously haven't used voidrig's arquebex then, it's one of the best things in game atm, when they bring necramechs to regular missions it will be a beast
  5. These changes will help bonewidow become more survival orientated, which isn't what she was supposed to be, she was meant to be a melee necramech, but the archmelee (ironbride) still sucks in damage and speed, that is what needs to be buffed more than anything, these changes were needed but ironbride needs buffs too, please don't forget them. Also please add arch melee to be equippable as a normal melee for necramechs you said you were, even showed a veritux with a necramech in the tennocon showcase, but when asked about y'all said you were talking about, but you just forgot it again. I know I
  6. yes please... wait they won't. Why? The exalted would be worse than its normal melee *clears throat*.
  7. any news on deimos arcana and/or tennogen round 19? also thank you for ps5 compatability with ps4 remaining as well
  8. OS build: 18363.1198 specs: 64-bit operating system, ARM-based proccessor
  9. So i recently downloaded warframe on my computer, however it says i have a 32-bit operating system, even though i checked my settings, and it says 64-bit.
  10. wtb venka prime set, (reasonable price please)
  11. ps plus is bugged, when i try to renew the subscribtion it doesn't work, when i try the website doesn't work, and their support isn't answering, can someone please help??
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