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  1. Yes posting youtube videos without any further explanations always works really well around here. We all are dying to click at random videos and just sit to watch each and every one of them.
  2. Last time i checked there are 19 kuva weapons. With that number in mind, 20 attempts can be considered ridiculously low. It's like you only tried once then complains.
  3. Did you claimed it within 24 hours of tennocon? If you did and still don't have them, send a ticket to support with screenshots proofing that you've claimed them.
  4. Probably 2 out of 10 times. Just because i want to use the gun, not because i want him to use melee. Melee a.i on wukong twin is so bad might as well consider it doesn't exist.
  5. I will buy anything if it give warframe a bit of rest. Imagine a game that's been constantly milked for 8 whole years 24/7 every day, that's warframe. And people still wonders why warframe suck here and there... Even best musicians who've been doing it for that long have a suck song or two. I remember when naughty dog hit their first peak with uncharted series. What they did was assign a new independent team to do whatever they want. That team gave birth to the last of us. Also the reason why musicians do solo projects outside of their own bands.
  6. I find your lack of faith in my optimization disturbing 🤣 That a great tip for everyone who want to farm relics. As for me... well, convincing a man who never had to work a day in his life to suddenly do so will always be a hard sell
  7. Possibility #1: morning came so eidolon ran away. Possibility #2: lure(s) too far so they didn't tether. Best warframe is the one that'll keep you alive. But if you insist, personally I'd suggest volt. Cast shield then shoot from behind shield. Then get yelled at for not placing shield on "correct" position, just ignore those people.
  8. Imho she's really good exactly because she doesn't need to use weapon whatsoever. Her main gimmick is "counterattack" so everything will die doesn't matter how hard they hit, how much health they have, or how many they are. without octavia touching them. But if you insist, yeah I'll agree with the gentleman above me, go with glaives so you can still keep your distance.
  9. That's exactly what i do, max out 4 syndicates and bunch of medallions then chill until new PA. It have allowed me to own every non-vaulted frames and weapons in the game, which quite nice considering I'm relatively still a newer player. I probably farmed for relics ONCE back when I was a total rookie and my noob butt wanted wukong so bad. It was hell and I'll never do it again. It's not about the farm, just not a fan of the odds. Chance to probably get a relic, that's probably the one you need, for a chance to open it, because it contains one item that you want and bunch of other junks that you'll probably get instead. Just wow. Haven't farmed another relic since.
  10. Why relics got totally distributed or spread over a wide area from drop?? Oh you mean "disappear"? Nah they're there, mate. Still on the same missions that wiki told you. Just case of bad luck. Also personally i think relic farming is the absolute worst farm in all of warframe, therefore i never do it. FYI i said that having farmed sibear, ivara, bullet dance, necramech, shedu, and mantis skin.
  11. If I'm DE, i wouldn't feel obligated to bring it back whatsoever. Similar gameplay already exist in rj, and what's in it for me if i make arcanes available everyone anytime? So yeah, i wouldn't hold my breath.
  12. First of all, have a glass of water, bro. Secondly, good of you for realizing that some (or most) comments are just gonna disagree -we do disagree on everything, therefore acknowledging that all of this are just rants to get it out of your system. Acceptance is always the important first step. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying you're wise. we need to stay wise in these cursed forums. HOWEVER... minmax and meta are generally worthless and only exist in the head of those who believe it. Need a proof? Answer me this: what is the absolute maximum build for kronen prime? I can absolutely guarantee that at least one person here have ir can replace at least one mod and have just as good kronen prime. There are no "one absolute maximum settings" in warframe, just "generally good" settings that youtubers make you believe is the best. My favorite example is eidolon sniper. What is the undisputed meta sniper for eidolon? Rubico prime, right. Everybody know that. But you actually can build a lanka that'll perform just as good -only few seconds slower. For me, "few seconds" will never worth being a meta slave. I will use what's more fun for me instead of what youtubers tell me. Sure there are some must-have mods that'll do better than other mods, every videogames have that one ridiculously good items. Who use buster sword anyway, we all use ultima weapon to fight sephiroth, right? But as long as we can still have some form of creativity with our builds albeit minimum, and not being forced to use one god build that the entire community is also using, imma say that "meta" in warframe is overrated.
  13. Yes you can scan them all once, just in that quest. No you cannot farm kavat codes there because the quest is not replayable.
  14. "does rank 10 mods vastly superior than rank 9 mods?" No. But "does having all max mods in a build make a significant difference than having various ranks of mods in there?" Yes.
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