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  1. No you're wrong. See how unhelpful that was? I'm not actually saying that you're wrong, I'm just trying to demonstrate how unhelpful leaving a comment without further explanation may feel for others. So yeah, next time you try helping others, you might want to post links to back up your statements. include simple explanations about your claims. Or at the very least give supporting proofs "that's false, according to wiki..." or "that's false, I've tested it myself with x abilities..." so the people's you're trying to educate can get... educated.
  2. This week's grab bags Pros: the items are actually of the same values. Which is good. Not cool mods and color palettes vs. decorations with very little value. This week's grab bags Cons: there are 6 items for grab, with only 4 streams, and rng chance for players to get duplicates, means even slimmer chances for viewers to get the ones they want But i appreciate it. This could save 50k standings for a couple of lucky players.
  3. 'how long does a prime warframe stay available before it enters the prime vault?' very long. Let's just put it like this: octavia prime is the latest prime we got. It can be up to two years until she enters the vault, i find it just not worth it to keep track of these information. Instead of keeping track about the frames that are available, It's more reasonable to keep track about frames that are gone -because there are fewer of them. Right now we have chroma prime and zephyr prime on unvaulted, those are the ones you want to get a.s.a.p before they go back to the vault. Outside the
  4. Semantics indeed. In both end. Your side and my side. "Pretty much" gear and frame choice irrelevant. Yeah, pretty much. Not entirely. Wukong still cheese death. Titania still can fly. If you choose them, your choice will be relevant. Also as zilchy said, the nullifying of your gears is compensated handsomely with well made telegraphed attacks. If you die it's your fault not your gear's. The whole point of my post is nihil is a fair ground between still having defensive (evasive) powers, but none of our everyday godly offensive abilities that murders every living being in the m
  5. I read it and still don't understand what's his relation to railjack. In a matter of act, the whole man in the wall quest is one of the quest that i still don't get. Spoiler alert. It's about a kid who get experimented just like the tennos? But the experiment went wrong and he lives forever as a ghost?
  6. I find having stance mod that i like is as valuable as having high attack speed. A lot of people like tempo royale. I personally prefer cleaving whirlwind. Other than that, well... just put more speed mods. Primed fury, berserker, quickening, gladiator vice, etc.
  7. Nihil fight doesn't "technically" strip you off our powers like nullifier zone in OV blatantly does. Read my post about how most mods and abilities still works, they just doesn't work against him. But you're technically right, too. It still doesn't allow us fight with full strength. That's why i think the fight is a fair middle ground. But you must understand people who do speedruns even though you hate it. You said it yourself, people should be allowed to enjoy the game the way they want it. I think it's more reason why challenges shouldn't come from developer and forced at all play
  8. Lol sorry if i make you feel that way 🤣 second time reading my own post it was pretty harsh. But you took it like a real gent, I respect that. It's just we have a lot of rookies who trivialized monster hunter too. Just like here, they'll be like "CAPCOM I'VE FINISHED THE GAME EZ NOW GIMME SOMETHING BIGGER AND MEANER". The real old vets will just sigh and go "yeah mate, EVERYONE have finished monster hunter. The real challenge in this game is hunting deviljho naked solo heroics+7 with a sword and shield" The challenges are artificial. But we players artificially construct them ourselv
  9. That's why hunters create their own challenges like speedrunning stuff. Or speedbombing. Nowadays we have clusting squads. Never know that equipping leather armor is a thing, but I've did a couple of naked runs in my time. Also, a person who thinks that monster hunter is easy should be able to name drop a couple of monsters names. There are a couple of notorious names in the community that anyone will immediately agree with. Unless... The one you play is monster hunter stories. That ain't MH.
  10. There'll always be people who'll debate everything in here. But i agree, stripping players of their hard earned gear is indeed artificial challenge. Coming from monster hunter, I don't understand why warframe players can't just be happy with speed running things, we always relies on developer-delivered contents. In MH, we're also herculean people that wields giant swords as if they're papers and hunt down enormous dragons like they're nothing. Of course at some point everyone will be very good at hunting the dragons. So instead of asking for even harder dragons for the veterans, tha
  11. Definitely absolutely agree The telegraphed attack is what I've been trained for in almost 30 years of gaming, i immediately feel right at home right from the first attempt. when i die it's my fault for failing to dodge an attack that has been announced. I used to feel bad and sorry when i die in random pubs, but nowadays I don't. I don't know if players at your level can tell what exactly kill you, but i can't -or can't yet. I just die. Aside from failing to control the mob, i rarely know why. so I don't apologize anymore. I think of dying in warframe like an unfortunate
  12. Btw zilch, i was wondering, what are your stance about nihil fight? I had fun. But of course at the time my mods was pretty whack. I imagine you already have the godest of builds back then, do you hate the fight for making your builds useless?
  13. I got into an argument with a veteran once. He was trying to convince others that new players are in disadvantage. I was a new player at the time, and i was like "nope. doesn't feel anything that you say". He flipped and got angry because i wasn't as miserable as he'd like to think i should be. ========== Anyway, above anything else, warframe players will always have the most diverse opinions and get absolutely vocal about each of their own opinions. it's perfectly normal around here. You're not out of any loop. Just learn to ignore most of the opinions and you'll do fine.
  14. I love nihil fight. And i willing to fight anyone who hate it. First impression i had was it actually feels like a bossfight. We memorize some pattern, and attack when the openings were presented. That's how bossfights always work since classic megaman on NES to god of war on ps4. Not just holding fire button as hard as i can and let my 5 forma ignis wraith do its thang. Bossfights in warframe never feel like bossfights to me, it's just some other phase in a mission where i keep holding down the fire button. I agree with everything you said. Have a digital cookie, my friend 🍪
  15. Then don't make typo. There are places in life where you just shouldn't be messing around. Warframe is one of those places. It's like in some schools, if teacher hear you curse, context doesn't matter. they won't care if you're joking with your friends. to the detention office you go. some offices are pretty laid back with language, but some other offices, one curse word and to HR you go. Warframe just happen to be one of those places. If you still don't have any control over your own words, probably just stick with cs:go, you're much safer there.
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