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  1. I grew up playing metal gear and tenchu so this test was absolutely nothing special, but ironically at the same time probably one of my favorite. I did it text book, conservatively. exactly how people would expect you play a stealth game: learn the patrol route, then stealth kill when guards don't see you. Complete with all the unnecessary kill animations lol. I didn't even paused to think if i can kill them with normal attacks hahaha
  2. Although it does sound like a good idea, i guess deep down inside we all know that it's highly unrealistic. Probably in warframe ii.
  3. I'm supporting this necro because it's been two years and it hasn't been fixed yet. Green exit icon is very moody. They're most useful when appear on hud AND minimap, exactly on top of the door you should take. But sometimes they'll just entirely gone from the hud, and positions itself somewhere out of bounds on the minimap. This is huge problem when you play on unfamiliar maps. Also.. yeah, the arrived at the exit but I'm not getting extracted which probably can be considered as one of warframe's staple at this point.
  4. I have so many things to say, but do yourself a favor and stay off recruiting chat. Most people i met there are people who can't handle things on their own and just looking forward to get carried. Now for your problem, save some traces and just run rad on random matchmaking. The only rare parts are neuroptics and chassis. The former is from lith -which most players should have abundant of. The latter might be the one who'll give you the most trouble. This is where you definitely want to rad your N13s. BP and systems shouldn't be even near as hard. i just helped a friend
  5. I'm torn... I do want kids to be more interesting. but knowing DE, there's no way they could implement something without overcomplicating plenty of other unnecessary aspects. Which i would hate more, I'd rather have things the way they are. Chest beam was pretty epic wasn't it? You finished a story quest and you're rewarded with a pretty op "panic button". After the war within, i felt like i was being "punished" with a weak mote amp and all those convoluted skill tree system. I had to build standings with TWO new factions just to craft new amp that i have no idea how the
  6. In a way, yeah. Personally i don't rate a weapon per"how strong it is", but by how good it feels. You know... the combo, speed, unique mechanics, how the bullets fly, etc. So if they feel bad, I'll max them on s.o in like 10 minutes then toss em away. If they feel good, I'll take my time ranking em, probably use em here and there. If they're still good on max rank with proper mods, then I'll start thinking about investing potatoes, formas, etc. Imho there are just too many weapons in warframe for me to put extra efforts into each and every one of them. So i just do it for the go
  7. Save everything until you actually know exactly what they do. Should you decide to use them, i suggest to use em on warframe, or prime stuff. Because most weapons that you have right now will be replaced by much stronger weapons soon. Once you know how you want to use them, you'll burn through your stock like it's nothing. So better to just be patient and sit on them for a while, than to use them all up and regretted by your future self.
  8. I rank up one weapon at a time, so i just slap base damage mod and never pull them out until they hit decent mod capacity. There are plenty of ways to quickly rank up weapons even without using them, such as sanctuary onslaught using frames that kills with abilities, or even railjack. So if my initial impressions are bad, I won't bother making them good. Probably doesn't answer your question, but food for thoughts.
  9. I'm kinda disappointed that an mr30 isn't as all-knowing and overflowing with wisdom as a expected them to be...
  10. Not cosmetics, BUT THEIR FACE SYSTEM IS DYING FOR A REWORK. Seriously "chose two different faces and use a slider to mash them up"??? Who's the lobster that came up with this idea?? The whole operator creator sections really feels like a struggle to end up with decent looking face instead of creating something that we'd actually want to create. Honestly i think most of the accessories covers huge parts of the face because DE knows that operator's faces looks awful.
  11. Imho it shares the same space with "stealth" in warframe: dead and forgotten. I'm sure it started as a great idea. Mass effect was probably still huge when they implemented it. But whatever they decide to do with it in the future will piss off plenty of players. So many people never know the meaning of their choices, and if suddenly they have consequences, people will be mad. If DE decide to give the choices some weight, at the very least they should allow people to retake it when we replay the quests.
  12. Incoming "not playing warframe in a game called warframe" comments. Back to topic: mission length will be a problem for me. Incorporating three stuff and justifying the gameplays of every parts in just the right amount of length, doesn't seem like a thing that DE can absolutely ace. If we only need to do it like once, for some epic new war story, sure. But if it'll be a regular mission where we have to do it seven thousand times just to farm some items, helno.
  13. Energize. I've been selling this thing for the duration of OV to help funding my humble account and they're selling like hotcakes. I don't sell them any lower than 30p. Just like with vaulted prime parts, you can always just sit on a couple of them and wait for the prices to increase. With that said, since most players already got what they want, you'll probably gonna have to sit on them for good couple of months. Also, before the event it was 32p lowest on wfmarket. So don't expect immediate huge increase. And yeah, plenty other people probably are having the same idea.
  14. We've all suggested some kind of queue systems. But of course the main purpose of foundry is so we keep coming back to the game. They probably wouldn't change it.
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