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  1. I do preach, not gonna deny that... Since you're such a good analyst of the subject, don't you think preachers like me normally should be the ones who want changes the most? Why do preachers preach anyway, right? Ever stop to think that probably we who have give up, are the ones who have preached for changes the hardest? But it's just a food for thought. Of course we'd still be guilty of giving up. We're probably more alike than you think: I don't sugarcoat even more. We can fight for changes as much as we want, but DE very rarely implemented any. And it's the ugly truth. At the end of the day, there are two kinds of parents: those who let their kids march, and those who want to keep their kids safe. You can't blame either. As I've said before, people can't stop others doing what they do in warframe. I've spread my message to keep people safe. You're free to spread yours for a better future. Just don't do it by attacking others, i wish your cause the best of luck.
  2. and what kind of people am i? and what kind of nonsense am i spreading? that playing solo is bad? for a self-claimed righteous person spreading good message, you sure carry a lot of sinisterness in your posts.
  3. knowing nintendo, there's a possibility that they didn't allow devs to change the logo. and since DE is actually an official dev for nintendo, they can't just edit it out like some kind of youtuber making cool thumbnails. with that said... knowing DE, there's also a possibility that they just fergot to change it 🙃
  4. lol no need to "worry" about anything. it won't be The Last Of Us. just like every other missions it will be go to yellow waypoint and kill stuff there. rinse and repeat until you get reward.
  5. the thing rotates in a super huge radius -kinda hard to position, and it just refuse to stick on most walls. i live and die for deco, and this one looks really amazing i wish they'll make more of the same type. but the halfassery is quite strong...
  6. we can't answer that since you'll be the one who need to find the next thing you want. the one time i had burnout in warframe, i bought plats and went on a shopping spree. what once boring, suddenly become exciting again since i have access to all these vaulted frames and weapons. of course i spent time with each and build them properly so i got entertained for pretty long time. i also always have like super long targets. like collect absolutely every floofs in the game. or buying absolutely everything in the syndicate stores. that'll take a while but i have purpose everytime i login. other than that, yeah you just gotta find what excites you. probably a new frame? the next update? would be better if it's not update-dependent, so your happiness is not in DE's hands. but yeah whatever works.
  7. lol no. we have absolutely zero control over other's actions in warframe. in other videogames, usually there'll be etiquettes, unspoken rules, or actual rules. people will gather and use their logic to decide which are more beneficial for the game and the community. the offenders will get (at least socially) punished. in warframe however, leechers and afkers gets mad at honest people, and wrote two pages of defense why leeching and afking is the best strategy in playing warframe. sane people bash em back, all out war happens, threads got locked, no conclusion reached, name shaming is not allowed, some people make their way into other's ignore list. then nothing changes and the stupidity will happen again tomorrow. this might sound stupid or hyperbole, but this is what actually happening in warframe everyday. people who want to exit the death cycle simply #PlayWarframeSolo so they don't need to worry about other's behaviors anymore. the eidolon community is absolutely the worst group of people that i have met inside warframe. doesn't matter what you do or how good you are, they will yell at you for doing something wrong. apparently they have agreed on one specific very strict choreography that only 5 people know, and act like it's the bible. you have one equip wrong, you're noob. you angled VS couple degrees off, you're a noob. you slide instead of roll, you're noob. you breathe, you're noob. doesn't matter if you're the most experienced eidolon hunter in the squad, you exist? you're noob. once upon a time hunting eidolon was hard. and rewarding. to hunt a couple of them in one night, people need to have good gears, and knowledge of how it's done. so people who do, take great pride. of course nowadays we have arquebex, overpowered mods & weapons, and arcanes are already everywhere. but these guys still want to feel important, so they act like they're bunch of elite squads who're doing 25x3. they act like tridolon runs are as hard as god of war on "gimme god of war" difficulty fighting sigrun naked on a no damage run, and one tiny misstep will ruin everything. no it won't as you can see from those two conflicting paragraphs, just count on random people to ruin your warframe experience. we really can't do anything about others in this game, and the real answer is to #PlayWarframeSolo
  8. Yea the whole material picker hype may or may not got blown up because of that initial steve's interview. I must've missed geoff's statement, thanks for pointing it up. As always I'll be pessimistically hopeful so I won't get disappointed. but hey, it's a great news, at least we have something to look out for!
  9. the way i got it was, material picker requires DE to change how they made these frames. since they're not willing to overhaul the "old ones" (by the time they were discussing about material picker), so they didn't change the method for new ones as well. so it's not like the newer ones are compatible, and the older ones are not. they all aren't compatible. the longer they stall, and the more "uncompatible frames" got released, it means if one day DE decide to implement material picker, the more frames they'll gonna have to redesign. but that's just me, a normal gamer with mediocre blender knowledge. not a professional videogame graphic designer whatsoever. i might be wrong and there might be some technical wizardry to do it. or i might interpreted it wrong, english is not my first language anyway. or the discussion i heard might just be one of DE's "diplomatic answers", it won't be the first time DE sounds super reluctant / uncertain about doing something but then boom surprise madafaka cross play cross save cross progression AND warframe mobile!!! pay up!!! personally i would really love material picker feature. i'm dying.
  10. We've been asking for material picker for the longest time. DE said it's not that simple because they'll need to change a lot of older frames. So with every new frames got introduced, the odds are steadily decreasing.
  11. DE: And i agree. Something are generally better than nothing. It's an effort to organize the confusing and countless items in warframe. This may be small, but the more stuff gets organized, the tidier your house will eventually be.
  12. There's ZERO LOGICAL REASON why if we stand in that spot, drone should spawn closer to the boil. Whoever found it must've tinkered with codes or logs, not told by konzu secret dialogue or something. It's 100% in the codes -not in the lore. which yes made it an exploit, but players are exploiting it for good reason. That bounty stage is boring as heck even with lokis and novas. DE well realize that players are farming PS for formas, and they should let us do it in 7 minutes instead of 10 minutes. It's only 3 meaningless minutes for DE, but that 3 minutes makes players happy and DE should allow it. Taking out something that makes players happy, just because they're desperate to prolong login time by measly 3 minutes is pathetic. If players are happy, they'll login longer. I swear to God if DE patch this i will quit farming PS.
  13. 1. Which weapon do you use? I don't see the reason the Bramma is so popular. Even with "the build" for Steel Path, I'm still need to hit them 3 times before anything dies. Why is the Bubonico so popular? I've seen one in every PuG, but no one will give up their secrets. I would love to know how an infested weapon is kicking ass in SP. bramma is good. Personally, i use galvanized chamber and primary merciless on it. When both kicks in, it should be able to start one shotting enemies. Bubonico is popular because somehow it works, combination of innate toxin, good crit, infinite ammo, and couple other stuff. Such a shame because shedu is 50 times cooler yet 100 times more useless. Melee is also a problem, as I can't SP crit builds to work the same way as they do in the creator videos. I can only assume there were nerfs at one point. there were nerfs, but not huge, what works before should still work. Understand that melee SP builds relies on condition overload and blood rush, they have to kick in before you can start to see the damage. 2. How do you farm essence and arcanes from the acolytes? How would you build a Khora or Nekros? I don't really farm SE, i simply play incursions every day that are not troublesome. Builds for those frames can take a whole post, what are you looking for, specifically? 3. Which warframe & build would you use for defense and excavation? Interception? Rescue? Capture? Exterminate? Is their a warframe / build I could use for every mission in SP? defense, loki. excavation, frost. interception, ivara. rescue, limbo. capture, nezha. exterminate, saryn. as you can see, frame choices rarely matters if you don't know how to play them. why on earth anyone play loki for defense while he doesn't have any defending abilities? why not just use the obvious gara, limbo, or frost? well, it's because i have irradiating disarm build, so i can keep casting it and maintain mobs fighting on healthy distance from my defense objectives. you need to start asking "how" instead of just "what". is there a build for every mission? you can have a favorite frame to always fall back to, but i don't think there's one key that open all doors in warframe. youtubers... sometimes they conveniently edit out the part when they need to cast roar, or covenant, or toxic lash, or the part which explains that you need to prime your targets before using your melee, just to emphasize more on the "OPness" of the weapon and make their videos look cooler. they're also hard pressed to stick with "trending" topics. if bubonico is the keyword for this week, they will make videos about bubonico as if it's the absolutely best weapon in warframe. did they do it in simulacrum? it's pretty common. SP enemies have extra stats beyond simulacrum enemies. so unless your creator is absolutely destroying lv150 simulacrum enemies, it won't do as good in real SP. you keep saying "THE build", what build? everyone who replied here have different builds. what we share is probably some common mods like condition overload, blood rush, or some galvanized mods. my advice would be to start zooming in, mate. what you really need? start building ONE good weapon. what you want to make? make one good weapon until it works. or you want to go with warframe first? then make one good frame that you can confidently bring to most missions. i get it, SP can be hard at first because it behaves really differently from normal starchart, but keep at it and don't hesitate to ask us again once you find the correct question.
  14. you can start by copying builds from trustworthy youtubers or streamers (ugh...) after a couple of weapons, you should be able to see a pattern and start tinker with your own builds
  15. well... there is no linear progress in warframe. everybody just find things that they like and do that thing. it's more like minecraft than uncharted. my suggestion would be to finish nodes on your starchart, or play the quests on your codex. learn how to mod while you're at it. if you hit a wall, remember that you can always take a detour and do something else until you're strong enough. make a new weapon, make a hoverboard, make a mech, make a spaceship! choice is yours. also, very important: whenever you feel lost, just google. warframe wiki and results from this forum or reddit will answer any of your questions. that's how we all navigate warframe, by googling it. even the veterans. welcome back, and good luck, tenno!
  16. there's no etiquette in warframe whatsoever. any attempts to set one will only be met with hostility from many people and disappointment on your end. we've seen great efforts for great causes went down in flames. warframe is the wild west where everyone can do whatever they want, and get away with it. yes, there are some generally agreed "good behaviors" such as waiting for everyone on elevators, etc. but even if you break it, nobody can do anything about it. at the end of the day, warframe is a free game, a famous top contender on its category for quite a while now, which attracts PLENTY of people. and most of its casual players have no sense of belonging nor obligation to follow any rules nor etiquettes. we have absolutely zero say on how others should play. if you want things to go your way, simply #PlayWarframeSolo like many of us do.
  17. Seems you have reached your limits.
  18. there's nothing to be ashamed of. (aside from certain diplomatic statement made by certain staff in the past) DE are a huge company that clearly understand that twitch drops brings viewers and they utilized it. heck, even bigger companies like twitch understand that and came up with the program. it would be disgraceful if then people got belittled because of it. it'll be like holding out a buy 1 get 1 promo at your store, then disrespect people who came to get it. instead of getting too busy being white knight or hater, what warframe could use more are people who provide constructive criticism for things that could be improved without bashing it. so every aspects of warframe -including the streams, can be enjoyed by more and more people.
  19. the next nonsense that DE decide needs a 99.9% damage reduction, or two hours of invulnerability and quarter second openings. or NPC giving speech for 5 straight days before we can fight it. seriously i'm starting to quesition DE's ability to design battles in videogame. the best work they've done so far is nihil. there are clear phases of the fight, clear openings, telegraphed moves, fair one-shots, yet people hate it.
  20. Yareli is NOT a surfer. I'm disappointed to find this out. When people were saying they were surfing around, sure, it's a move done in short repeatable bursts. But getting from A to B in warframe is not currently a feature but, in my opinion, should be. It has the potential to be a cool surfboard and it isn't one. Boooo. Also, way too slow and cumbersome. Yes, this is to be expected with a big cumbersome object like this, but I had to put all my speed mods on it to get it up to be useful and battleworthy. Otherwise, another fun toy that's going to sit in storage 99% of its life. It has potential to be really, significantly improved.
  21. it's kinda hard to specify how hard or how easy something in warframe is due to unbalanced contents & different player's experiences. most people commenting here are veteran players who most probably have beaten SP lephantis, so that's one consideration: if you've beaten SP lephantis, hemo should be easy. fortunately they also mentioned some things that could help: aw to evade the mob below, shattering impact, archguns, invisibility... and if i might add, corrosive element and high rate of fire really help.
  22. wiki know everything. just google it.
  23. the specters are on-theme, but they're not awfully useful. pherliac pods are straight up junk. i guess they're meant to be the "trick" in this "trick or treat" bag. problem is... the "treats" aren't that awesome to forgive them for having "trick items" in this bag. with such mediocre treats, tbh the drops should all be treats. if this week's drops are just the phylaxis and catalysts, i don't think it'll leave as much bitter taste in people's mouths. they're actually useful in plague star, everybody can use them. it's the audacity of including harsh "tricks" on mediocre "treats" bag that turns my smile upside down. it feels like a race where you'll get punished if you lose, but you won't get anything good if you win. that oughta feel bad doesn't it? less is more. we would be more okay with mediocre treats if there are no tricks in the bag. personally, i'll even take no drops than bad drops. less is more. ==================== by the power vested in me by absolutely nobody, i rate this week's drop 1 thumb out of 5 (👍 - - - -) again, the program is good. we appreciate the good intention. it still gets a thumb. but if mcdonalds gave me free dry stale inedible grainy fries i'll feel offended and dump it in the trash instead of feel appreciation for the freebies. if anyone pass this week's stream i wouldn't be mad. hopefully this inspires the guys and gals at DE to improve the stream program and its drops.
  24. prices on trade chat are decided by one dude who may looked at warframemarket for reference or might not. items at wallmart are decided by a team of economic experts hired by the parent companies for their expertise to take into account production and distribution costs, profits, and company's long term budget plans. people who insist that their price are fixed should have a message ready that says "i'm sorry but that is the best price i can give" and be ready to paste it all day every day. people who like to haggle should do politely, and not annoy the seller any further if they already politely refused. the key here is not to think that you're smarter than the other person so either party can set up some ridiculous rules, but to become more decent human being and more polite to each other.
  25. I agree that they won't give out stuff like platinums. It's just overly entitled to even expect these kind of drops. But i don't agree that players cannot have a say about the stream program. Just like every democratic countries have opposition parties to watch and keep elected governments in check, player feedbacks push game developers to keep providing valuable contents. Because at the end of the day, we are the ones who consume these contents. If you can't even have a say about what you want, might as well move to north korea.
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