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  1. You're pretty smart. I was totally lost upon seeing my excalibur sitting in front of that starchart. Candy crush, have more interesting starchart than warframe. ============= As for the story... I'm going to piss a lot of veteran players here, but don't play warframe for the story. Basically it have one awesome moment, but nobody cares about everything else. We all are very careful when talking about that one spoiler here -because we gotta admit that one moment was pretty awesome, but I've met mr 16, 18, 20 or even higher who can't tell what's the difference between natah,
  2. Ah... If something need further cheesing beyond trying the logical approaches, i guess it'll be most appropriate to contact support. I wish you the best of luck
  3. He didn't claimed the drop. This case is pretty much closed. I wish the best of luck for op.
  4. Probably replay those quest from the codex?
  5. Not weekly... But i play one void sabotage everyday in hope of probably getting bullet dance one day. I also do 2 or 3 horrend runs everyday -depending on how well it goes, to get kavat imprints. I also breed 1 kavat every 24 hours in hope of someday i might get the head/tail/energy combination that i want. Hence why i do that void sabotage, it gives good argon for my kavat breeding. I'm also checking wfmarket everytime i logged in, just in case somebody finally sells nikana prime for a generous price.
  6. Probably that's how it's supposed to work in the first place? Probably twitch cannot track overlapping progress bars so you need to claim your first drop (and technically stop the first bar), for the second bar to start? I got two drops. Watched from very first minute. Immediately claimed it upon reaching 100%. And when stream ended i was at 13% of my third progress bar.
  7. Holy mother of god, those are some great frames for survival. Imho dude only suggested nekros so you'll get extra loots while you farm for octavia.
  8. I got TWO DROPS AND my progress bar ended at 13% If I'm getting what megan said, that progress will be saved, and tomorrow I'll start from 13% I'm absolutely lovin this new drop thing so far.
  9. Did nora came to one of baro's parties and didn't make it to work on the next day?
  10. This. What realistically got me worried with all the talks about injecting more "warframe" into railjack is they're going to force us to use warframe more. While all i want to do is sit in my godam pilot chair and feel that I'm anakin skywalker. I absolutely despise having to go out and sabotage some radiators just to go back in my ship again to shoot it, knowing that there's a second set of radiator to expose and I'll have to go back out again. It's really breaking the immersion of piloting a badas spaceship. My favorite mission in rj is actually the very first one on earth. Cu
  11. Prime got gold. And that's all the reason anyone need to own primes 😎 All jokes aside, i agree but also disagree with some of your points. Like any other noobs, i was really excited when i got my first prime. Then disappointed as i died in my very first mission. But over time, i appreciate that primes are not super saiyajin versions of warframes that are 10.000 times stronger. People still need to make good builds, have good mods, and good weapons. It also prevents warframe for being a p2w game. Anyway, i agree that prime's acquisitions feels lackluster compared to regular frame
  12. Just keep at it. Took me quite some tries as well. Btw as others have said, it drops from rotation C. The rotation sequence is A, A, B, C. One rotation is 5 minutes. So you only need to do 20 mins. and just to make sure, it's terrorem on deimos.
  13. This. Who's the genius that put a huge red FLUSH button to dump all of your resources on the forge??? Mouse players probably wouldn't know it, but since i use xbox controller on pc, i also did that. It's the only shortcut button on the whole screen, located in the middle, i even highlighted the thing that i wanted to make before pressing X (square in PS). I thought i was "refining" our resources into omni. Not dumping them out into the void. RJ is one of the best idea in warframe... but from the ship's layout to the weapon's management systems, it's one of the most poorly execut
  14. Not a rant at all. I had the same problem when i was still a rookie. I just couldn't figure out how people are casting abilities left and right while i ran out just after a couple of casts. There are some very effective energy solutions. But fortunately and unfortunately at the same time, there are no 1 magical strategy that everybody are using, we all have our own energy plans. What worked for me at earlier levels was energy pizzas. I just bought truckload of them from the syndicate and use em everytime i feel i could use some energy boost. Mods doesn't seem like much, but when comb
  15. Just want to drop by and say that rookie players should stay away from the market. At least until they're comfortable with value of items in general. Just my two cents.
  16. First of all... calm down, sir. Secondly, we don't know if they're going to nerf melee. We do know that they're going to buff primaries so those could be on par with melee. Idk about others, but If you ask me if i whether have one fun weapon or two fun weapons, imma go for the latter. Cmiiw i might be going senile -or deaf, but from what i can remember, there was a harmless conversation on stream about how good melee was, especially how fast they are, and somehow the community spun it to THEY'RE DEFINITELY GOING TO NERF MELEE SPEED TO OBLIVION. JESUS, DE!!! But this is not unexp
  17. First of all, sorry for double-posting but this make too much sense for me to pass. No need for tl;dr sir. I read everything, twice. It was a good read. I was led to believe that people have found a way, a technique to abuse shieldgate, so we can skip cc, avoidance, distractions, invisibility, or radiation altogether, and just go straight to the part where we all be gods. But apparently i was wrong. There are no 11 herbs secret recipe. No secret inazuma clan technique. And it's probably not half as abusable as i imagined it to be. I guess it prevents people from dying, where the
  18. Imma say I'm well over that post-rhino phase but not quite at the next phase. I can survive using glass cannon frames. But that is using their abilities -such as mesa's 2 & 3, and whatever parkour i can pull out of my fat butt. i prioritize threats pretty ok (considering most randoms i see don't even care if ancients or bubble boys starts to pile up on the map). Now... I've been coincidentally saved by shieldgate a couple of times. But all these talks about people even went as far as equipping dragon key convince me that they're shieldgate-bending like the avatar effortlessl
  19. Why do people talks about shieldgate like it's an invulnerability holy grail that turns everyone into highlanders and no single soul should die ever again in warframe? I understand that shieldgate prevent you die from one huge attack. But attacks in higher levels always come in abundance. I lived this whole time by putting absurd amount of armor and health on already tanky frames like wukong, shield the attacks altogether using frames like frost, or go wild with frames like saryn and hope they'll die before they can hit you. What am i missing? teach me master.
  20. You have to click on that meter. Since you don't know what it said, I'll assume you didn't. Pardon me if you did. Anyway, all of these happened on twitch. You should contact twitch support.
  21. Buffing everything else is already an indirect nerf, so i wouldn't lose any sleep. It's not like the melees are going to be straight up absolute garbage after the update. The enemies are still the same. You'll hit them pretty much the same way you're hitting them now. Worst case scenario, primaries are going to be so good, nobody bothers to use melee anymore. But it won't mean they'll suck. Don't worry. If the update suck, rest assure that everyone here and their mothers will riot.
  22. Screams internally as i set my ship's direction to horrend for the thousands of time.
  23. Would be funny if OP turned out to be the one who invented the joestar family secret technique. I mean, he posted this thread four years ago. It's not impossible that in those four years he trained and became absolutely great at it, then invented and popularized a secret technique, which picked up by a random necromancer, who accidentally suggest it to the master, not knowing who he's talking to. i know, i know. I watched too much kung fu movies. I'll head out now.
  24. Whew, glad that I'm not drop dead wrong after all... Thanks for clearing that up. You're da man.
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